[Results] Knokx Pro on July 16th 2016

Knokx Pro
Vault Tv
The Domain
July 16th 2016
Sun Valley, Ca

Best Two out of Three match-“The Slick Back Heart Attack” Pedro def Synpes
1st fall to Synpes via roll up
2nd fall Pedro via roll up
3rd fall Pedro via pin fall

Bison comes out and slams both Synpes and Pedro after their match

Otto Von Clutch def Dragon

Women’s match:
Tuna (w/Oddba1l) vs Harley Kiss ended in a Double Count Out

Europe Cruiserweight Championship:
Jezette Marie def Prince Shergill via Disqualification as Prince hit Jezette Marie with the belt to the face. Jezette Marie is still the Champion

Just before intermission Black Pearl brings up a fan by the name of Dania. After the Domain sings happy birthday, the #PurgeOfWrestling comes out. They are about to attack Black Pearl when Knokx own producer Robert Washington comes out. He takes out two members of the purge before being tazed by OddBa1l. Oddba1l is thrown out. As Dania goes to check on Robert, he proposes and she said yes.
The Supermodel def Freekshow (W/ Bennett and Vicious Val)

After the match Vicious Val body slammed Freekshow and walked off with the Supermodel.

Urban Empire Championship Match:
Maverick def K-Dubb (W/ Oddball) via disqualification due to members of the Purge of Wrestling interfering and Eyez in Disguise comes out to help out Maverick and clear the ring.

Main Event:
The Purge of Wrestling (Devious Bear, PBA & Paco) def Syko Stu, El Presidente, and VIP