Twisted Sisterz win the NWA Western States Tag Team titles

twistedsisters‘by Joseph Duncan

Holidead & Thunder Rosa–The Twisted Sisterz–defeated the team of Alexander G. Bernard and Jimi Mayhem to become the new NWA Western States Tag Team Champions at Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s September To Remember VII!

This is significant not just because of a title change–which itself is significant enough–but for a couple of additional reasons:

* The Women’s Wrestling Revolution: The Twisted Sisterz have become the first women’s team to win the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship, and ANY version of the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship

* International Implications: The Twisted Sisterz are scheduled to head to Japan this month to compete for World Wonder Ring Stardom.

No sooner than when they made it backstage to hold their first interview as the new Champions were they interrupted by “The Voice” Donovan Troi.

Troi, who also serves as the lawyer/manager for NWA Western States Heavyweight Champion “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury, is managing a team of ‘mystery opponents’ already scheduled to face the Sisterz at the upcoming Sabotage event in Covina, California on October 7th. This match has now been made for the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship. NWA Vendetta Pro Commissioner Joseph Duncan, a well-documented adversary of Troi (seriously, there are legal papers documenting this), quickly approved this title defense in an effort (perhaps, a futile one) to shut Troi’s mouth.

In the event of a successful title defense, the Sisterz will then take the NWA Western States Tag Team titles with them to Japan, where they will be competing as part of Stardom’s annual Tag League Tournament.

As for the team of Alexander G. Bernard and Jimi Mayhem, Bernard made good on his promise of voiding Mayhem’s contract. Bernard has owned Mayhem’s wrestling license and contract with Vendetta Pro Wrestling since the Winter Wonder Slam: Black Friday event last November when Bernard tricked an overzealous Mayhem into signing what he thought was a contract for a match. Since then, Bernard has belittled, used and abused his contractually obligated servant and bodyguard under threat of voiding his contract, and leaving Mayhem unable to wrestle in the United States. When the duo won the NWA Western States Tag Team titles at Vendettaversary VII, Mayhem had a little bit of leverage as now, Bernard could not fire him unless he wanted to vacate the Tag Team titles. Unfortunately, with this title change, Mayhem is now out of Professional Wrestling.

For now, at least.

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