[Results] MPW on September 30th 2016

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena
September 30, 2016
Moorpark, Ca

Friday Evening began with Just Judas coming out to the ring. He called out the MPW Owner – Triple X and accused the owner for helping Danny Divine win the championship last month and wanted assurance that Triple X would not have anything to do with the outcome. Hot Young Briley’s music hit, and Briley offered himself to be the Special Guest Referee in order to guarantee a fair match. The crowd liked it, but Triple X wanted to make sure it was okay with the champion, Danny Divine, who came out and also agreed to the stipulation. Briley, Divine, and Triple X all exited while a frustrated Just Judas taunted the crowd.

In the opening match, Aleister Corvus was introduced. He announced that he was tired of seeing the Echelon abuse the kitty, Osiris Mittens. Mittens came out and would be Corvus’ tag team partner in a match where the crowd began to chant “Free the Kitty” from the Echelon. Lex Icon came out to introduce Bulletproof and the newest addition to the Echelon (formerly Manny Mastodon) “Road Block”. When it appeared that Osiris Mittens was achieving the victory, the new team of The Echelon proved to overpower Mittens and Corvus. Bulletproof’s “Equilibrium” (Knee/Curb-Stomp) was the finish and Mittens would be once again captured by the Echelon. Winner by pinfall, The Echelon.

The following match saw the self-proclaimed “Number One Contender” Daniel Moon with his manager Aurora Star taking on the MPW newcomer, Jugo Kong. Moon had the upper-hand for a good portion into the match. When Kong started to show face, Moon distracted the referee to allow his manager Aurora Starr to interfere – which might not have been a luminous decision. Kong would catch a kick from Starr, and then drop her with a DDT. Shortly after, with Moon’s weapon on the outside neutralized, Kong would capture the victory after a German Suplex and monkey flip converted DDT “Coconut Smash”. Winner by pinfall, Jugo Kong.

In the match that was scheduled for Max Ammo to face Tanaka, Maximum Mayhem were nowhere to be found. So Triple X ordered a replacement opponent for Tanaka in Duke Bennett. After a strong impact match, Tanaka would gain the victory with a knee-bar submission. Tanaka would then get on the microphone and call out Maximum Mayhem for no-showing the event. He talked about their past friendship and their new attitudes in the new MPW, and made known that he wasn’t going away.

The MPW Owner – Triple X was set to make an announcement regarding the All Star Spectacular Event on October 15 at the Moorpark Boys & Girls Club, but he was jumped from behind by The Hellkid. The two exchanged punches on the way to the ring, with Hellkid sending Triple X into ring face first. Once they entered the ring, Triple X fought back and drove Hellkid down with a Michinoku Driver. However, after a low-blow and a kick to the face, Master Flame came to the rescue. Flame and Hellkid went immediately into their match brawling throughout the match. In the end, Hellkid would score the victory by way of a big boot to the face. Winner by pinfall, The Hellkid.

Brawlin’ Bo Cooper made his return to Friday Nights at the MPW Arena taking on MPW Luchador, El Quetzal. Cooper made quick work out of his opponent and finished the match with a Spicolli Driver. A familiar face dressed in a three-piece suit came out applauding BBC’s performance. The Punk Rock Powerhouse was not too pleased when he realized it was former MPW Maximum Champion, Mario Banks. Banks verified that the two have had a rocky past in old MPW programs, but he wanted to turn a new page and shake hands with Brawlin’ Bo Cooper. The two shook hands, and the crowd applauded – until The Hellkid emerged from the front of the building to attack BBC from behind. Banks was in on the assault. The Hellkid brought a chair into the ring. Mario Banks gave The Hellkid some cash, and would take the chair to Cooper’s legs and lower back. Mario Banks is back in MPW. Winner by pinfall, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper.

Dan Joseph was set to take on “Mad” Murray MacIntosh in the pre-main event, which was a Submission Rules Match that Triple X had granted for Dan Joseph in last week’s show. “Mad” Murray MacIntosh stumbled out to the ring as usual in a drunken haze. Both men showed an arsenal of submission holds as well as forgetting at some points during the match that there were no pinfalls allowed. In the end, Dan Joseph would force MacIntosh to tap out with a Boston Crab, and not willing to break the hold after the bell had rung. Jugo Kong would enter the ring, catching Dan Joseph’s attention. The two would size each other up, and Joseph pushed Kong out of the way as he exited the ring. Winner by submission, Dan Joseph.

In the Main Event, we saw Just Judas challenge the champion Danny Divine with Hot Young Briley as the referee. In this made-for-TV matchup filled with high risk and high impact maneuvers, Hot Young Briley was proving to be a good call as the Special Guest Referee. Divine injured his neck midway through the match, and Briley signaled for Triple X to make the decision to call the match or proceed. Divine convinced Triple X that he could continue, and so the match went on. After several near falls and more devastating action, Divine would hit the Divine Intervention and looked to have Judas beaten. However, before the three count, Briley froze, checked under Judas’ shoulder (he hadn’t kicked out), and then pointed a two-count. Danny Divine and Triple X were stunned with the bold move. Briley would kick Divine in the mid-section and drive him down with a Pedigree. Austin would capitalize and add insult to injury with a Tombstone Piledriver. When Judas covered Divine, Briley dropped a fast 3-count to crown the new MPW World Champion. Triple X tried to intervene, confronting Hot Young Briley – but Triple X would meet the same fate as Danny Divine in getting kicked into a Pedigree. Winner by pinfall, And New MPW World Champion, Judas.

Don’t miss next week’s action as it will be the last Friday Night at the MPW Arena before the MPW All Star Spectacular event scheduled for October 15 at the Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark – A lot will happen this coming Friday! Join the action and witness the fallout from this week’s show this Friday, October 7 at the MPW Arena!

Results courtesy of MPW