[Recap] AOW “The Valley Rumble” on September 18th 2016

Alpha Omega Wrestling
The Valley Rumble
Hilton Garden Inn Convention Center
September 18th 2016
Victorville, Ca

Good morning Socaluncensored.com faithfuls, Mike here with a full recap of last night’s AOW “Valley Rumble” event.

AOW Heavyweight Championship:
Ron Kilbourn was totally upset at the fact that we started off the show with a championship match as the champion demanded to know who was in the decision making process for this match but his challenge would make his way for this match.

Ron Kilbourn def El Hype via “aRONd the World” Spinning Sidewalk Slam to successfully retain the championship.

Still upset at this championship match, Kilbourn would continue to destroy El Hype with several Spinning Sidewalk Slams as AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg would call for help to aid El Hype but the champion attacked anyone who stepped in the ring.

Rudy Luna would come to the aid as he proved to be a man who wouldn’t take the champion’s tyraid as Rosenberg explained the reason he was on first was because of the rumble match later in the evening. He would then announced that if the champion demanded to be on last, he’ll get his wish as Ron Kilbourn would defend the AOW Championship against Rudy Luna.

Mathias Starkey (w/MJ) def “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews with a school boy pinfall with a hand full of tights.

Cash in the case contract match
(Winner can challenge for ANY AOW championship at ANY time):

Bad Dude Tito Escondido (w/”The King of the Streets” Mondo Vega) def “Pretty” Peter Avalon via his “Fade to Black” Double Knee Gut buster to win the contract

“Big Nasty” Eric Watts def Former WWE/TNA star Mike Knux after Knux attempted his Roll of the Dice finisher, Watts executed two Bicycle Kicks to knock out Knux for the victory.

Hudson Envy def “The Wounded Owl” Lufisto with a “White Noise” Finisher for the win. As AOW Women’s Champion Ashley Grace was sitting at the commentary table, Hudson Envy would address the champion as she defeated the one who stole her AOW Women’s Championship in Lufisto this making herself the NEW #1 contender for the championship as she stared at Grace.

The Valley Rumble match:
Mike Knux would win the match last eliminating Blake Grayson to become the NEW #1 contender for the AOW Heavyweight Championship & will get his match at Unleashed.

Order of Participants:
1. Ryan J. Morals
2. Blake Grayson
3. Anjul Stone
4. Doc Shady
5. Rudy Rodgers
6. Captain Frey
7. Bobby Rios
8. Yuma
9. Damien Smith
10. Jacob Tarasso
11. Angel Ateu
12. The Human Tornado
13. “Hot Lips” Lonnie Laguna
14. ” Big Nasty” Eric Watts
15. “Miracle” Mike James
16. Riki De La Paz
17. Sexy Chino
18. Ashley Grace
19. “Perfect Manager” Toom E Guci
20 “Blindman” Mike Chapman
21. Biggie Biggz
22. Ruben Iglesias
23. Mike Knux
24. Scorpio Sky
25. Andre Machievski
26 “Pretty” Peter Avalon
27 Mikey O’Shea
28. The American Oni
29. Johnny Kai
30. Johnny Manson
31. Mondo Vega
32. El Hype

Order of elimination:
1. Ryan J. Morals eliminated himself
2. Doc Shady by Grayson/Stone
3. Rudy Rodgers by Grayson/Stone
4. Captain Frey by Grayson/Stone
5. Anjul Stone by Bobby Rios
6. Damien Smith by Jacob Tarasso
7. Jacob Tarasso by Blake Grayson
8. Lonnie Laguna by Watts/Grayson
9. Mike James
10. Angel Ateu by Watts
11. Human Tornado by Ashley Grace
12. Toom E Guci
13. Riki De La Paz by Bobby Rios
14. Sexy Chino by Mike Knux
15. Biggie Biggz by Mike Knux
16. “Blindman” Mike Chapman
17. Bobby Rios by Blake Grayson
18. Peter Avalon by Scorpio Sky
19. Ruben Iglesias by American Oni
20. Johnny Manson
21. Ashley Grace by Eric Watts
22. Johnny Kai by Andre Machievski
23. American Oni by Eric Watts
24. Mondo Vega by Mike Knux
25. Andre Machievski by Eric Watts
26. Mikey O’Shea by Eric Watts
27. El Hype by Knux/Grayson
28. Scorpio Sky & Yuma eliminated each other
29. Eric Watts by Mike Knux
30. Blake Grayson by Mike Knux

AOW Heavyweight Championship:
“The Veteran” Rudy Luna def Ron Kilbourn via a Death Valley Driver to become the NEW AOW Heavyweight Champion. Just as Luna was about to celebrate, Bad Dude Tito Escondido would bring AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg and cashed in his newly won Cash in the case contract for a shot at the championship.

AOW Heavyweight Championship:
Bad Dude Tito def “The Veteran” Rudy Luna with a Superkick to become the NEW AOW Heavyweight Champion.

After the match, Mike Knux would come out & stare down the new champion in the ring as the show ended for the evening.

This event was broadcast on the Alpha Omega Wrestling Facebook page in several parts. If you wish to see it, visit Facebook.com/AOWRESTLING

Your commentary team were “Hot Lips” Lonnie Laguna, Stepdaddy Roscoe P. Tucker & Christian Cole with myself Mike Draven as ring announcer.

AOW returns on Saturday October 15th for their next AOW LIVE in Twentynine Palms, Ca & on November 20th in Victorville. Make sure to visit the Socaluncensored calendar for details.

Thank you as always for your continuous support for Pro Wrestling in So Cal!

Until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!

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  1. Outstanding show last night, I am still in shock over Ron Kilbourne losing his coveted Championship Title, then Rudy losing the Title to Tito.
    Tito, could be champion for a long time to come.
    Ashley Grace, in the Valley Rumble was a stunner, great job with the use of Ashley in the Rumble.
    Mike, you did a good job as our ring announcer, keep up the good work.
    I can’t wait till November 20th gets here, I will be there!!!
    Kudos to the entire show, from beginning to end.


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