[Results] MPW on September 16th 2016

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena
September 16th 2016
Moorpark, Ca

Auntie Hydie of Figgy & The Sweetfish was led to the ring by her partner “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan to square off against El Quetzal. The start of the match was interrupted by a brawling pair – Just Judas and Hot Young Briley fought their way to the ring which led to Just Judas hitting a Tombstone Piledriver on the concrete floor. Briley was then carried out and taken to the hospital for further observation. The referee continued the opening match, and Auntie Hydie would take the victory via a Showstopper Leg Drop Lariat. Winner by pinfall, Auntie Hydie of Figgy & The Sweetfish.

Master Flame of Tang Soo Do University took on “The Number One Contender” Daniel Moon. Soon after the match began, Jimi Mayhem and his manager B.S. Cohen came down to ringside to witness the match up close. This proved to be a distraction to Flame, but evidently, Mayhem’s presence was not enough – Flame looked to be taking home the victory until Jimi Mayhem jumped into the ring to attack Master Flame.

Daniel Moon thought he’d won the match claiming to be “And Still Number One Contender,” as he escaped while Mayhem and Flame continued to brawl. After the referee failed to break the two up, MPW Owner – Triple X would come to the ring and help separate the two. In order to convince Mayhem to back off, Triple X announced a “No Holds Barred” match between Jimi Mayhem and Master Flame set for next week. Winner by Disqualification, Master Flame.

Ryan J. Morals made a return to MPW and faced “Mad” Murray MacIntosh in a match scheduled for one fall. As usual, MacIntosh stumbled out to the ring unaware that he was scheduled for a wrestling match. The crowd got behind MacIntosh who’s been on a winning streak as of late. However, Morals was determined to take home a victory – and he did so with a low blow kick from behind when the referee was putting away MacIntosh’s flask. Winner by pinfall, Ryan J. Morals.

The first Main Event of the Triple Main Event Extravaganza featured the MPW Tag Team Championship bout between the champions Maximum Mayhem of Jimi Mayhem and Max Ammo with their manager, B.S. Cohen and their opponents, The Echelon led to the ring by manager Lex Icon. Icon was faced with a decision to make in choosing which two out of his trio would challenge for the Tag Team Championship – Bulletproof, Tanaka, or Osiris Mittens.

Icon chose Bulletproof & Mittens. Tanaka reluctantly accepted this decision and would watch closely from the outside. Towards the end of the match, it looked like Osiris Mittens was getting close to gaining a victory for the Echelon as well as the titles. However, B.S. Cohen was prepared. He had a wind-up mouse toy that he sent in the direction of Osiris Mittens, who got excited – as the referee was on his way to the three-count, Mittens chased the mechanical mouse back into his corner where Bulletproof tagged himself in, and was met with a vicious big boot by Jimi Mayhem to go down for the 1-2-3.

Tanaka grabbed a microphone and gave Lex Icon a piece of his mind – He felt that it should be Tanaka and Mittens for the championship, and if it was so, we’d probably see new champions. This led to a pushing match between Tanaka and Bulletproof. Icon would separate the two, and convince the trio to work out their problems in the backstage area. Winners by pinfall, and still MPW Tag Team Champions – Maximum Mayhem.

After the intermission, MPW Owner – Triple X came out to announce that Hot Young Briley was in the emergency room, and it was not looking so good for the Main Event finale. Triple X assured the audience that he was working at finding an opponent for Just Judas in the Two-Out-of-Three-Falls Main Event.

In the second Main Event of the Triple Main Event Extravaganza, the MPW World Championship was on the line between Champion Danny Divine with MPW Owner – Triple X, and challenger, former two-time World Champion “Hellkid” Johnny Lords, with his manager B.S. Cohen. When Danny Divine was announced, he made a running entrance and started a brawl with Lords.

The two fought in the ring – where the referee was unable to break up the fight in order to start the match. Divine and Hellkid spilled to the outside where Divine was thrown into the first row at ringside. The fight then led outside, through the front door, and into the street. Triple X would lead them back to the ring, where the referee would finally ring the bell to start the match. When B.S. Cohen tried to get involved, Triple X pummeled Cohen into the floor to equalize the match. In the end, the Champion would finish off Johnny Lords once and for all with a Divine Intervention (out of nowhere). Winner by pinfall, and still MPW World Champion, Danny Divine.

In the Main Event Finale, Triple X came out to address the audience and Just Judas regarding the status of Hot Young Briley. Triple X was unable to find anyone available at the last minute to face Just Judas. So Judas told the referee to start the match – that he was okay with a count-out victory. During the count, Hot Young Briley emerged from the front door, head bandaged, but still freshly bleeding from earlier in the night. Briley hit Just Judas over the back with a steel folding chair (which the referee did not see), and immediately put Just Judas in an ankle lock submission.

After Just Judas tapped out, the referee called for the bell and the first fall. However, Briley would not release the hold. The referee counted up to five, and tried to wedge himself between the hold – when he was unable, he called for the bell for the second time. Winner of the second fall by disqualification, Just Judas. Triple X then announced that the third and final fall would be a street-fight rules match.

In the end, Just Judas would capitalize on the no-rules stipulation and finish off Hot Young Briley with a Tombstone Piledriver onto the chair. Winner of the Two-Out-of-Three Falls Main Event Finale, Just Judas.

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Results courtesy of MPW