[Results] MPW on August 26th 2016

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MWA Academy
August 26th 2016
Moorpark, Ca

Hot Young Briley defeated Austin/Judas in the opening match that wowed the crowd. In what seemed to be a speedy count by the referee, Gordon Flash, Hot Young Briley was able to score the victory with a roll-up pin. Austin/Judas then approached the injured “Prodigy” Preston Moseby, who was in the crowd with a broken wrist and struck him twice in effigy of the referee’s fast count “That was two.”

Bulletproof of The Echelon defeated Manny Mastodon with the assistance of Lex Icon’s lettered stick. With the referee being distracted, Bulletproof was able to utilize the object to knock Mastodon out, and notch the pin-fall after ditching the evidence.

Brawlin’ Bo Cooper answered the open challenge of newcomer Aleister Corvus, who came out to challenge anyone from MPW to a fight. BBC defeated Corvus after using the Spicolli Driver and mark the pin-fall.

Master Flame defeated Jimi Mayhem by Disqualification in what was essentially a street fight inside the ring. In Mayhem’s frustration, he ended the brawl by connecting with his MPW Tag Team title belt to Flame’s face which was caught by the referee and resulted in the disqualification.

After the intermission, Daniel Moon and his manager Aurora Starr came out with Moon’s cardboard “MPW #1 Contender” championship belt and challenged for the MPW Championship.

Hector “El Chido” Canales versus “Mad” Murray MacIntosh was an epic battle – one for the ages at MPW. In the end, MacIntosh was gaining momentum until “El Chido” forced the referee to break once Canales reached for the ropes. While MacIntosh was being held back by the referee, Canales snuck MacIntosh’s loaded flask – MacIntosh pushed the referee aside and went to headbutt Canales, but was met with the flask instead.

Canales ditched the flask before the referee regained his footing, and executed a 5-star frog splash across the ring on a fallen Murray MacIntosh to chalk up the victory. Hector Canales defeated Murray MacIntosh via pin-fall.

The Main Event featured the MPW World Championship match between the defending champion “Hellkid” Johnny Lords versus the challenger, Danny Divine. The beginning of the match featured a see-saw match-up with Danny Divine out-performing the champion.

When Divine went for a diving forearm splash into the corner, he inadvertently took out the referee. While the ref was down, Jimi Mayhem attacked Divine with a strike to the face with his MPW Tag Team title. However, Master Flame would emerge, and chase Mayhem out of the building. When the referee regained consciousness, he found Hellkid draped over the body of Divine and counted for a near-fall.

Hellkid went on the offensive and sent Divine to Hellkid’s Suplex City with six vertical suplexes in a row, and then finished the sequence off with his “Amazing Grace” double-arm DDT and the referee counted again to a near-fall with Divine kicking out. This enraged Hellkid, who attacked the referee and gave him “Amazing Grace.” Shortly after, Divine was able to reverse the momentum with a Sling Blade clothesline, and a “Divine Intervention” Cutter. With the referee completely knocked out, Divine covered a lifeless Johnny Lords to the sound of the crowd chanting the count. Suddenly, MPW Owner – Triple X emerged wearing a referee shirt, slid under the ropes and counted the 1-2-3. The winner, and NEW MPW World Champion, Danny Divine.

Next week’s Main Event will feature the two top blue chips out of the Millennium Wrestling Academy in Daniel Moon versus Danny Divine for the MPW World Championship. Don’t miss the action this Friday, September 2, and EVERY Friday at the MPW Arena!

Credit courtesy from MPW