[Results] MPW on September 23rd 2016

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena
September 23rd 2016
Moorpark, Ca

The evening began with MPW Owner, Triple X inviting out the MPW World Champion Danny Divine. Divine called out Just Judas, who has been stalking the champion the last several weeks. “The Number One Contender” Daniel Moon attacked Divine from behind, and Judas joined in on the assault. Hot Young Briley would come to the rescue, and Triple X would make the Main Event for the evening a Tag Team Match between Divine/Briley and Judas/Moon.

In the opening match, Osiris Mittens, who seemingly has escaped from his captors in The Echelon, faced off with Auntie Hydie of Figgy & The Sweetfish. Mittens was on his way to victory until Bulletproof emerged, and pulled Mittens out of the ring during his pin attempt. Winner via Count-Out, Auntie Hydie.

Dan Joseph came out and challenged “Mad” Murray MacIntosh to a match. But when he was told that MacIntosh already had a match, he said he’d wrestle anyone. El Quetzal came out to accept the open challenge. Joseph dominated the match, and won the match by submission with a reverse Dragon-Sleeper.

Tanaka of The Echelon took on Manny Mastodon. Bulletproof and Lex Icon came out with Tanaka at ringside. During the match, when Tanaka had the upper hand, Lex Icon tried to assist Tanaka with Icon’s lettered stick. However, Tanaka took the stick and bent it in half, essentially breaking the stick. Bulletproof was beside himself and attacked Tanaka from behind. The referee called for the bell. Osiris Mittens came out to aide Tanaka by attacking Bulletproof, but suddenly Manny Mastodon removed his own mask, and joined Bulletproof by neutralizing Mittens and putting the boots to Tanaka. Master Flame would come out and clear the ring, helping Tanaka to his feet. Winner by Disqualification, Tanaka.

“Mad” Murray MacIntosh was scheduled to face Johnny Lords – but his manager, B.S. Cohen came out to inform the audience that Johnny Lords was gone and was not coming back. However, he would reveal that the old-school “Hellkid” was back. Hellkid would emerge with his face painted, and get himself disqualified shortly after the match began. Dan Joseph would come out and execute the same reverse Dragon-sleeper he applied earlier in the night, but this time on MacIntosh. He would not let go until MPW Owner, Triple X came out to give Joseph what he wanted – a submission match against MacIntosh. Triple X agreed as long as Dan Joseph left the building immediately. Suddenly, Hellkid struck Triple X from behind with a chair. Hellkid then hooked Triple X in a double-arm DDT, Amazing Grace. He put Triple X in a sharpshooter until B.S. Cohen finally convinced Hellkid to relinquish the hold. Winner by Disqualification, “Mad” Murray MacIntosh.

The No Holds Barred Match featured Master Flame taking on Jimi Mayhem of Maximum Mayhem. However, Mayhem came out as “Sho Nuff” the Master Shogun. The two brawled in and around the ring with various weapons including a kendo stick. In the end, Hellkid came to the aide of Sho Nuff with a chair shot from behind. Sho Nuff would strike Flame with a big boot and take the victory. After the match, the two continued their assault on Master Flame until Tanaka returned the favor from earlier in the night and rescued Flame from further injury. Flame and Tanaka would shake hands and leave the ring as a new friendship was made. Winner by pinfall, Sho Nuff (Jimi Mayhem).

In the Main Event, Just Judas and “The Number One Contender” Daniel Moon took on Hot Young Briley, and the MPW World Champion, Danny Divine. Moon and Judas worked together well into the match. Until miscommunication enraged Judas to abandon his partner who would ultimately go down to a Hot Young Briley inside-out DDT for the victory. Winner by pinfall Hot Young Briley & Danny Divine.

Next week, in the Main Event, Danny Divine puts his MPW World Championship on the line against Just Judas! Also, the return of Brawlin’ Bo Cooper! And, the Submission Match between Dan Joseph and “Mad” Murray MacIntosh! Don’t miss out!

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Results Credit courtesy of MPW