[Results] MPW on September 2nd 2016

Millennium Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena
September 2nd 2016
Moorpark, Ca

The Big Banana of Low Hanging Fruit defeated “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan of Figgy & The Sweetfish. At the end of the match, a frustrated Auntie Hydie entered the ring and executed a Showstopper (Standing Leg Drop Lariat) on The Big Banana, and then countered a springboard assault from The Masked Papaya into a choke-slam.

Clubbin’ Cody returned from injury (from when Hellkid and Daniel Moon attacked him during an in-ring promo a few weeks back). He would face Bulletproof of the Echelon. When Clubbin’ Cody came out to the ring, Triple X would come out to welcome Cody back and make the upcoming contest a # 1 Contender’s Match for the MPW World Championship. In the end, Clubbin’ Cudy would execute a springboard bulldog to end Bulletproof’s win-streak, and become the #1 Contender.

Dan Joseph took on “Mad” Murray MacIntosh. As usual, MacIntosh wrestled drunk/hungover and this fact frustrated the professionally determined wrestler, Dan Joseph. Things got started with Joseph as the aggressor. When MacIntosh gained control of some offense, Dan Joseph would regain his focus by strategically exiting the ring. When MacIntosh continued his offense, he ultimately sat and strattled Joseph’s face. This enraged Dan Joseph who gathered his bottled water and gym towel to abandon the match. Winner by count-out, “Mad Murray MacIntosh.

Osiris Mittens managed to evade his captives, The Echelon (Lex Icon & Bulletproof) to have his match with Austin/Judas. Unfortunately for Mittens, his plan to have a match without his ringside captors present did not pan out very well. The kitty (Mittens) was able to out-maneuver Austin/Judas early on, and so an irritated Austin/Judas convinced Mittens to have a “wrestling match” by eliminating chops, punches, and kicks. Austin/Judas double-crossed the unsuspecting Kitty by breaking his own rules – Austin/Judas quickly defeated Osiris Mittens via End of Days.
Austin/Judas went onto attack Mittens after the bell, but Hot Young Briley came to the rescue and challenged Austin/Judas straightway. Austin/Judas declined the challenge indicating that he already had a match. But Triple X would come out to his theme “Whatever You Like” by T.I, and gave the crowd and Hot Young Briley what they wanted by making the match. Hot Young Briley defeated Austin/Judas for the second week in a row via inside cradle.

MPW Owner, Triple X ordered a hired gun to take on former MPW World Champion “Hellkid” Johnny Lords, via a “Bat Signal.” Lucha Wrestler, Bat Boy responded to the signal and defeated Hellkid with a series of high-impact maneuvers. After the match, however, Hellkid ambushed Bat Boy by hanging him outside of the ring with a tree-of-woe. Hellkid struck Bat Boy with a steel chair. When Triple X came out to put a stop to the attack, Hellkid attacked Triple X, and put him in a Sharpshooter. Hot Young Briley, Osiris Mittens, “Mad” Murray MacIntosh, and Clubbin’ Cody came out to save Triple X from injury by neutralizing Hellkid’s assault. Winner: Bat Boy

In the Main Event, The self-proclaimed “Number One Contender” Daniel Moon challenged the MPW World Champion Danny Divine to a title bout. The match saw many pin attempts and pin combinations from both sides. This series was followed up by spectacular showing by the two competitors with many high-impact maneuvers that made it difficult for the referee to remain in position and keep up with. At one point, Moon’s valet, Aurora Starr got involved in the match by attacking Divine while the referee’s attention was averted. In the end, Danny Divine was able to secure his title reign by defeating Daniel Moon with a sunset flip/bridge pin combination.
At the end of the match, Clubbin’ Cody who was in the audience observing the match entered the ring to congratulate Divine on the victory, pointed at the championship and indicated that he’d see Divine next week in the Main Event. However, Daniel Moon raised his cardboard championship and declared that HE was the Number One Contender. Moon was then met with a super kick to the chin by Clubbin’ Cody, and then fell into the Divine Intervention (out of nowhere) by Danny Divine.
Clubbin’ Cody entered the ring, and Austin/Judas came out to congratulate the champion as well. However, as soon as the champion’s back was turned, he was spun around and greeted with End of Days.

Next week in the Main Event, Clubbin’ Cody will look to take the MPW World Championship from his good friend and champion, Danny Divine. But will Austin/Judas get involved to determine the outcome? Find out next “Friday at the MPW Arena!”

Credit courtesy of MPW