[Results] UEW “Vicious Vortex” on June 4th 2016

Underground Empire WrestlingUEW Vicious Vortex
“Vicious Vortex”
June 4th 2016
East Los Angeles, CA

The event was scheduled to start with a women’s division match but instead an enraged Tony Raze would burst through the curtain and demand Tito Escondido come down to the ring and fight after stealing the tag titles and putting his hands on his son.

Instead of Tito, H.A.T.E’s Ray Rosas and the “Emo Behemoth” Pinky would come to the ring which would cause Raze to attack and start an all out street fight between himself and Pinky.

Security could not separate these two as they both beat each other bloody until H.A.T.E uped the numbers by bringing out Che Cabrera, Rico Dinamita, Peter Avalon and Tyler Bateman to overpower and beat down Raze. Finally some of the UEW lockerroom would come to Tony’s aid and chase off H.A.T.E

1. “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme defeated Ashley Grace

2. H.A.T.E (Peter Avalon & Tyler Bateman) defeated David Rage & Dmarco ” Rocketboy” Wilson

3. The Insaniac with Daniel Ramirez defeated Ryan Morales via submission in an “Underground Catch Combat” match

Jimmi Mayhem hit the ring and announced he had officially found a new addition to Urban Discipline and introduced us all to the new Guy Cool. These two made it clear that Urban Discipline is back and ready to clean up the Underground!

4. Lawrence Taylor with Ryan Clark defeated Michael Krueger with Daniel Ramirez. After the match Michael Krueger hit another package pile driver on Daniel Ramirez and it was later that night announced that in July at “Pledge Your Allegiance” Michael Krueger will go one on one with The Insaniac in a “Death Match”!!!

5. “The Submission Technician” Bobby Venom defeated Daniel Sanchise, Crescenzo, Fern Owens, Max X andBobby Hollywood in a Sadistic Six-Way one fall match to become the number one contender for the UEW UITV Championship

6. H.A.T.E’s “Bad Dudes” defeated the Classic Connection (Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro) to retain the Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Tag-Team Championships

7. Human Tornado defeated “Jungle Boy” Underground Empire Wrestling Internet Television Championship in the main event

Underground Empire Wrestling returns to Los Angeles California on June 25th for “Stand and Dismember” and tickets are available NOW via www.UEWwrestling.com

Credit: Kyle Wylde

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  1. Hello Mike Draven, I would like to know why ANDREW always cusses when he talks about CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING FROM HOLLYWOOD. He didn’t this time but he is always saying the F word and never has anything good to day about then. Maybe you should have someone that likes the product do it, it is a free event show you should not expect perfection plus it is on TV weekly how many of the local promotions can say that

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