[Results] UEW “Sovereign of Slaughter” on December 5th 2015

Underground Empire WrestlingUEW 12-2015 flyer 1
Sovereign of Slaughter Death Match Tournament
UEW Arena
December 5th 2015
East Los Angeles, Ca

First Round:
“Under the Crimson Sea” Fish Hook Death Match:
JD Horror def Michael Kruger

“Shattered Screams” Light Tubes & Tables Match:
BC Killer def Carnage

“O..Bloody Night” Christmas Themes Death Match:
“The Ultra Violent Beast” Masada def Homeless Jimmy

“4 Corners of Pain” Glass Shower Door Death Match:
Corporal Robinson def “Thw Hardcore Kamikaze” Max X

Second Round:
Barbed Wire Boards & Bed of Glass Match:
JD Horror def BC Killer

Tapai & Cinder Block Match:
Corporal Robinson def Masada

UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Mike Rayne def “Blackhart” Fern Owens to successfully retain the championship

Finals-No Rope/Barbwire Rope Match:
Corporal Robinson def JD Horror to become the 2015 Sovereign of Slaughter winner

Credit: Dashawn2cents