2015 Promotion of the Year

Hello SoCalUncensored fans, this is Mike Draven here to give Lucha Underground Logo 2you a recap of Lucha Underground which aired on March 25th 2015 on the El Rey Network.

Amanditita once again is playing for the fans inside the temple as Matt Striker & Vampiro welcomes everyone to the show & they break down tonight’s TWO Championship matches as Lucha Underground Championship is on line as Prince Puma defends against Cage in a Boyle Heights Street Fight & Alberto El Patron defends the AAA Championship verses Texano in a Bull Rope Match.

Son of Havoc (w/Ivelisse) vs Angelico kicks off the episode as in the past few months, Angelico has been the thorn in Son of Havoc & Ivelisse’s side & tonight S.O.H. has the opportunity to defend her honor in this highly anticipated match up.

Both men would trade holds on one another until we thought we might have seen the victory as Ivelisse would demand S.O.H. to go to her as she pulled his beard & practically scolded him until Angelico tried to interrupt them only to be on the receiving end of a kick followed by a double foot stomp & a standing moonsault for only a 2 count.

As it seemed S.O.H. finally has his opportunity to win, he grabs the mic & addresses the crowd that the reason he’s been on a losing streak is because of Ivelisse. He would officially “Dump” her on national TV, gave her a “Up Yours” salute & hit his “Shooting Star Press” finisher.

Son of Havoc def Angelico via Shooting Star Press Finisher. Ivelisse would come into the ring to confront S.O.H. only to get a blown kissed goodbye as S.O.H. celebrates with the fans as they chanted “You Got Dumped”. Angelico still trying to hook up with Ivelisse after she just got dumped only to get a spinning round house kick from her, knocking him out.

We see Dario Cueto officially signing the document for Lucha Underground’s newest acquisition, a man Konnan spoke highly of & Cueto promises that he can show the world what he’s made of..welcome to Lucha Underground Former Mult time TNA Tag Team Champion…Hernandez.

Next contest is a Bull Rope Match for the AAA Mega Championship as Texano faces the champion Alberto El Patron. Both men are tied to one end of the bull rope to use against each other & the only way to win is by pinfall or submission.

Texano would take advantage of using the rope & the cowbell in the match but it doesn’t stop the former WWE Champion as he continues to take it to the youngest AAA Mega Champion in history. Texano would take advantage of a table he set up in the ring & powerbombing Alberto from the top rope for only a 2 count as the fans in the temple go crazy with excitement.

We would see Texano using the cowbell on Alberto but one time too many as Alberto was able to catch Texano & put him in his Armbar submission over the rope to make Texano tap out & Alberto retaining the championship.

AAA Mega Championship Match:
Alberto El Patron def Texano via Armbar Submission to retain the championship.

We would see a training session between Prince Puma & Konnan until Hernandez would come in as he pays respect to the champion as we’re ready for our main event the Boyle Heights Street fight for the Lucha Underground championship.

Matt Striker would comment the fact that Prince Puma comes into the match minus the championship belt due to Cage ripping the belt in half some time ago. But we see Dario Cueto emerge from his office holding the NEW Lucha Underground Championship & presents it to the fans as the winner will be awarded the championship.

Cage shows his power as he tosses Puma around like a rag doll but Puma’s heart won’t be denied. Using a trash can lid, Puma would eventually put Cage down to the mat as he would search for more weapons to use in this match. Cage would return the favor to Puma as he hits him with the same trash can lid as Hernandez looks on.

Puma would show the world why he’s the champion as he would execute a shooting star press onto Cage & then would place him onto a table & hit a 450 splash on Cage on the outside as the fans in the temple go nuts including Hernandez.

Cage would recover & drive Puma to the post on the outside as well as attack Konnan who was jaw jacking Cage. Puma would come back & suplex Cage onto a chair but would end up missing his 630 splash on Cage. Cage would deliver his discuss clothesline but would end up getting a 2 count on the champion.

Cage would go for “Weapon X” on Puma as well as powerbombing him onto a trash can but instead of going for the win, he would turn his attention to Hernandez. As Hernandez made his way to the apron, Konnan would hit Cage over the back with his cane setting up for Puma to hit is 630 splash for the win.

Lucha Underground Championship:
Prince Puma (w/Konnan) def Cage via the 630 Splash from the top rope to retain the championship.

Konnan would enter the ring to present Prince Puma the brand New Lucha Underground Championship as Hernandez looks on with approval as the show ends for the week.

Another fantastic show from everyone at Lucha Underground with non stop action & suspense on this episode. Match of the night goes to in this order:

Puma vs Cage
Alberto vs Texano
Son of Havoc vs Angelico

The word going around is that Lucha Underground will be having 4 tapings in April. No word yet on when fans can officially request seats for the next taping but as soon as we at Socaluncensored hear, we’ll put the info on our event calendar as well as look out for our Facebook posts & tweets about Lucha Underground tickets.

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