2015 Promotion of the Year

This is a Recap of the Lucha Underground episode on the El Rey Lucha Underground sept-oct 2014 flyer 2Channel on Wednesday, January 29th 2015.

The show kicked off with highlights of the previous weeks episode as the Crew (Bael, Mr. Cisco & Cortez) took out Big Ryke & blinding one of his eyes with his own cigar plus Prince Puma’s title defense against Fenix until Cage comes out to destroy Prince Puma. Lucha Underground Owner Dario Cueto watching Cage working out & is impressed of what he has done over the last week. Cueto informed Cage that he’ll receive a championship opportunity this evening as Cage said Prince Puma will lose the championship to Cage because “I’m a Machine”.

Matt Striker & Vampiro welcome everyone to the show as we head into the first match.

Fenix def Mil Muetes (w/Catrina) after Muetes Superplex Fenix from the top rope but he was able roll a small package on Muetes for the victory. Muetes was very upset on the lose to a smaller competitor as Fenix celebrated with the fans.

Matt Striker talks about the Championship match set for later this evening & show a video package of The Man called Cage.

6 Man Tag Team Match:
The Crew (Bael, Castro Cortez & Mr. Cisco) def Superfly, Argenis & Aerostar as The Crew hit a Double Team Lung Blower on Aerostar for the win.

As they return from commercial, Vampiro has a sit down interview session with Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma & his mentor Lucha Libre Legend Konnan. As Vampiro asked Puma about his feelings about being champion, Konnan cuts him off from speaking & speaks on his behalf. Saying that Puma is P.O’d after outlasting 19 other luchadors to become the champion not being able to celebrate because some “Wanna be” jumped him from behind.

As Vampiro continues to interview Prince Puma, Konnan continues to speak on his behalf & not allowing Puma to speak for himself which ended in a heated verbal altercation between Vampiro & Konnan which almost became physical as these two legends have had some serious battles in their past careers.

Main Event for the Lucha Underground Championship:
Prince Puma (w/Konnan) def Cage via Disqualification by pushing ref Marty Elias & a low blow from Cage on Puma. After the match, Cage continues to attack Puma until Konnan comes in & hits Cage with his cane. Cage would attack Konnan & uses the belt to bust him open & an act of disrespect, Cage would rip the Lucha Underground championship in half. As Cage leaves, Prince Puma looks down at his broken championship as Referee Marty Elias & the trainer took care of Konnan.

While Dario Cueto in his office as he looks upon the destruction Cage has inflicted, the mysterious woman who’s been seen in the temple watching the luchadors for the last few months, comes into Cueto’s office saying she’s looking for a man who owes her. Cueto says he’s paid all of his debts but she’s free to question whoever she likes but he asked for a name which she simple says “Matanza”. Cueto says that word doesn’t have any meaning to him as she looks at him in disgust & mysteriously disappears as the show ends.

Ever since the debut of Lucha Underground in October 2014, it has become one of the most popular wrestling programs on cable/satellite television in the short time its been on the air. The matches are hard hitting, fast pace & in your face giving those in attendance much more than they anticipated which brings the fans back wanting more. Each taping runs a little over 3 hours which will be about 2 episodes each taping. They do have an intermission which will give everyone a chance to stretch & to meet some of the Luchadors back in the warehouse waiting area.

I had the pleasure of attending some recent tapings for the first time & I can say that if you’re a fan who regularly attends the tapings, no explanation is needed but if you’re thinking of attending for the first time, it’s definitely a must see for anyone in the Los Angeles area. The building they host the events is the same building they show on TV with the Lucha Underground banner on top of it. The atmosphere to use a better word is “Electric” & “Super Charge” as you see on episodes how vocal & rowdy the fans get in every match as they cheer/boo their favorite luchadors…the fans really get into it. The fans are very passionate of this show & respect the entire roster from the Luchadors to the Referees to the Beautiful Ring Announcer Melissa Santos and to Matt Striker & Vampiro…even Dario Cueto.

I encourage everyone to please tell anyone who loves Pro Wrestling to watch Lucha Underground because its just good..plain & simple. Trust me, If you haven’t watched it put on an episode & you’ll be hooked.

And at Lucha Underground, you never know who may show up in attendance or in the ring. Lucha Underground did announce that former WWE Champion & Current AAA Champion Alberto El Patron (FKA Alberto Del Rio) is now part of Lucha Underground. More & more of our So Cal Indy wrestlers have started making appearance in the ring as well as celebrities have been seen enjoying the show including Actor Danny Trejo (Machete) & at the recent tapings I attended, Former Los Angeles Laker AC Green & UFC Fighter & Pro Wrestler Josh Barnett were in attendance catching the action.

As of now, unfortunately reserving your seats for the tapings of Lucha Underground in the month of February are all gone. I did receive an email from Lucha Underground that if fans who want to attend a taping for February can still submit an email to them on the chance that those who already reserved their seats may end up cancelling & the possibility of seats may open up. The Dates for the next tapings are:

Feb 7th, 8th, 21st & 22nd

To try to reserve a seat you must email the info to LuchaTickets@gmail.com w/following info:

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Date of Filming
Number of people in your group (Not exceeding 6 or more)

So, there is a chance for you to see Lucha Underground ONLY if those who already reserved their seats for a taping decides to cancel the taping. Lucha Underground will email you if you are able to attend the taping for the dates you have selected & will give you info on location, time to arrive as well as a dress code for you to honor (if you do not honor the dress code, you’ll be denied entry to the show). For those of you who wonder what they ask:

*All clothing MUST be plain and/or blank; NO artwork or pictures on clothing (e.g. No Mickey Mouse)

*NO LOGOS (e.g. Lakers, Nike, WWE, Puma)

*NO Sports Jerseys (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc)

*NO Hats

Only exception to printed shirts or hat to be worn is if you purchase a Lucha Underground shirt/hat.

So in conclusion, Last night’s episode was another great episode as in two of the matches, you had a David vs Goliath feel to it & the three matches they aired will be the Matches of the Night. But the 6 man Tag Team match was definitely the fastest pace, hard hitting with great spots that I’ve seen out of all 6 luchadors since watching Lucha Underground & Its matches like this which made me a fan of Lucha Underground.

We at Socaluncensored will try to post recaps on all episodes of Lucha Underground for you to read & once we hear about the next tapings, we’ll pass the info along to you.

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So until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!