Interview with Jacob “The Riot” Diez

This is a Special Draven UnScripted interview with Jacob “The Jacob The Riot DiezRiot” Diez. The Riot was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to do this interview.

1. How are you doing today??
JD: I’m pretty good Mike thanks for asking and yourself? How are you?

MD: Good as well, thank you

2. Tell me about the 1st time you saw a Professional Wrestling match, do you remember who was in it?

JD: I barely remember watching a wrestling match for the first time so let me tell you my first live wrestling show experience. It was at a PCW show at the Anaheim marketplace and the main event was Messiah vs Hardcore Kidd, it was a pretty awesome match. But there was a point in the match where Messiah whipped Hardcore Kidd in to the guard rail and I happened to be leaning against it so it sent me flying to the concrete floor. Everyone gasped but being that I was a show off I kipped up and everyone applauded me, and that’s what made me really want to wrestle and was also my first live show experience.

3. What made you decide that this is what you wanted to t do?

JD: In the last question I kind of answered this but a little more back story I was a part of IWL since we were all in the backyard wrestling in a make shift ring. I wasn’t with them for very long as I started wrestling backyard at 15 and by the following summer for my 16th birthday I started to train at WPW with Little Cholo and on January 4th 2004 I had my first match. I always loved wrestling but it was wrestling backyards that made me want more cause it wasn’t enough for me.

4. How many years have you been in the ring?

JD: I’ve been wrestling for 10 years. I made my debut January 4th, 2004 at 16 years old against WPW’s Stryker at the Anaheim marketplace. But technically I had a match a few months before that with Doom (Eric Cross) for a guy by the name of Vince dammit or that’s what we would all call him at least. He was a “backyard” promoter who rented legit venues and used real Indy talent like Brian Kendrick and Scorpio sky when they were still relatively new.

5. Where did you train to become a professional wrestler? Who taught you & who were some of the students in your class?

JD: I trained at WPW under Martin Marin. Mostly Little Cholo was the one who taught the classes but Steve pain really helped me out a lot as well. We became really good friends and he would teach me more advanced things on the grass outside of my house since we both lived in El Monte along with a guy by the name of Clay who no longer wrestles. There were 3 of us when we started, myself, Alen and Clay but by the time any of us were ready to wrestle I was the only one who stuck with it. Other people in my class were Shelly Martinez (Desire at the time), OG Playboy, Amazing Junior, Bobby Rios, Infernal, Eric Matlock, Silver Tyger, Chippy Sanchez and a few others that would randomly show up. I also had the honor of training with Tj Perkins from 2007-2008 and I was sort of like his second in command and I had a hand in training Johnny Saovi, Willie Mack, Justin Ryke and a few others.

I’ve been blessed to be a part in helping many people develop in to good wrestlers including helping out at the Mach 1 school in 2010 with Joey Ryan and being able to help amazing talents like Nick Madrid, Ryan Winterton, El Ridiculoso, Angel Santos and many others. I was giving a good foundation from WPW and the desire to help people and feel accomplished in others success.

6. As a 10 year veteran, talk about your previous personas? Talk about Markus Riot and where did he come from?

JD: Markus Riot was just a name I made as a kid when I was just putting names together and it stuck. But I had made so many bad choices and burned so many bridges as Markus Riot that I wanted a fresh start. My middle name is really Jacob and my last name is Diez so Jacob “The Riot” Diez was a naturally transition. To me, Markus riot was a kids name and Jacob “the riot” Diez as a name shows my growth into an adult.

7. Well as unfortunate as burning bridges are under an old persona, I understand the fresh new start. When did Jacob Diez make his “debut”?

JD: 4 years ago for Mach 1 against David Flex (I think that was his name) and I defeated him in about 4 minutes and switched from baggy shorts to hand me down Joey Ryan tights.

The story with the gear change was that my car was broken in to and someone stole my gear bag right out of my car, so when I got to the show that night, it was gone and Joey gave me a pair of his old tights.

8. And for those who don’t know, talk about where Nik Luxary came from?

JD: Nik Luxury was never really a name that I went with. I was still Jacob Diez but since I was teaming with Rik Luxury, Alexis Darevko decided I should be called Nik Luxury and even though I was never officially wrestling under that name he just told everyone I was and called me that.

9. So as a veteran who wrestled under different personas, is there any matches that stood out as your favorites & brought out the very best out of you?

JD: Yes there are definitely people I love to wrestle and have great matches with. My best “TV” style match was against Peter Avalon at Mach 1 as we went about 8 minutes but everyone was raving about it after but we kept it simple and everything was executed perfectly which I was very proud of it.

But my favorite match of all time is against Jack Evans from Epic about 7 years ago. He was my idol at the time and we told an amazing story and went over 20 minutes in the main event and I won which cementing myself as rightful champion & I’m still proud of that match to this day. But I’ve had many great matches since then but those two are my absolute favorite. My favorite guys to wrestle are Jack Evans, Peter Avalon, Ltp, Cedric the Hitman, Steve Pain, Junior, Eli Everfly, Tj Perkins, Charles Mercury and my new favorite Amazing Red.

10. The 1st time I got to see you in the ring was your time with LTP as the Mix Tape Kings in IWL, How was your time teaming up with him before your split?

JD: Ltp was my best friend. It was a great opportunity and I was blessed to be able to team with him and have so many good matches with so many different teams. Maybe one day there will be a mix tape kings reunion because I don’t think we got to achieve all we could. As two time IWL tag team champions we were very dominant but I think being with Christian Cole led to our downfall, if we were to ever team again down the line it would just be about us and our talent. He is a hell of a talented Individual and he pushes me every time I’m in the ring with him whether he’s my rival or partner.

11. Yes, I remember that night in IWL where the Kings broke up & it seems that this rip has followed you to other promotions. How does it feel now that when you see LTP, he out to do you harm instead of making amends?

JD: Well it’s a travesty he is the godfather of my child and yet he’s here trying to fight me. We have always been rivals but it was always in a more playful way, but I guess the jealousy finally got to his head. I’ve made peace with myself about the whole thing and have taken this as an opportunity to finally see who is the better wrestler, we go back 10 years but now at AOW we get to settle it once and for all.

12. It seems its best to be a single’s competitor rather than a tag partner or part of a faction as of late. Recently you successfully won a gauntlet to become #1 contender to Famous B’s submission championship at Santino Bros & in the end you were decimated by your former partners in the Army of Truth. How do you feel about this?

JD: I really believed in Sarge’s message. But I’ve realized the one person you can really count on is yourself. That’s why the only person I’ve let get close to me lately is my family plus being able to have my girl by my side has done wonders for my career. My former partners wanted me to lay down for Famous B and I don’t do that for anyone, I’m not gonna give up my shot at a title for people who treat me like in below them.

I’m just as good as Famous B and I proved it by taking him to the limit, he got the win this time but next time things will be different. The Army of Truth showed they have no loyalty to anyone and before long, Robbie and B will suffer the same fate, it’s only a matter of time. Even though I don’t necessarily like the fans of Santino Brothers I consider myself sort of an antihero, I don’t want to do it for them but I won’t let my fellow wrestlers be taken advantage of by the Army of Truth and I will continue to fight until they are defeated.

13. Since you said that you don’t like the fans from Santino’s, what makes them different from the fans of other promotions you work for like Alpha Omega & Vendetta Pro?

JD: Fans at places like Santino’s and Vendetta are jaded. They have seen everything there is to see and so much talent come in and out and tear the roof down that I just don’t feel that they deserve me to cater to them. I’m in this for myself because no one else is gonna make me successful unless I do it myself. Alpha Omega fans appreciate everything because they’ve never seen it before so if I go out there and steal the show where they react and they appreciate it. They’re good hard working families versus wrestling fans that have been spoon fed quality match after match. That’s why at Vendetta and Santino’s I can come off as more of a jerk versus AOW where I am a fan favorite. Every company has their own market which is different than the other and I react accordingly but over all I am always The Prince Charming of The Hippie Commune, Jacob ” The Riot” Diez.

14. Speaking of Vendetta Pro, even though you’re not very liked among the fans you’ve had some great quality matches verses guys like Bo Cooper, Vintage Dragon & your mentor Little Cholo. Any matches stand out in your time in Vendetta Pro?

JD: All of the matches you listed really stood out for me. The only other match you didn’t list were my matches with SoCal Crazy and another masked wrestler I can’t remember the name of and made short work of. My match with SoCal Crazy was nominated for Vendetta Pro Match of the Year which I am very proud of and we almost won too. But this year, I want to dominate in Vendetta pro and with my girl Lizzie by my side I’m unstoppable. So to finally answer your question my favorite of all of the matches that stood out to me the most was my match against Vintage Dragon and it’s the biggest victory of my Career in Vendetta Pro. Now that Vintage is the Triforce champion, I intend to repeat history and the Hippie Prince Charming will slay the dragon once again and I will win my first championship for Vendetta Pro!

15. Since you mentioned her, tell us about your manager Jacob The Riot Diez 2Lizzie Sunshine & will So Cal see more of her presence in other promotions?

JD: Well she was a fan that was crazed, in love with me, valued my morals and view on life. I’m big on the little guy getting his chance to shine and I think it should be about ability and not looks which she’s a firm believer in it too. I think she is a game changer for me as she is willing to put her body on the line to protect me. She will go with me wherever I go, once I’m done with LTP at AOW, she will be coming with me there as well. She’s not a trained wrestling but she is dedicated to the cause and the slightest distraction can be the difference between winning and losing and she provides that.

16. Over your career, you must have attain a massive amount of championships. How many titles have you hold & were any of them hold a special meaning to you?

JD: I think naming them and then doing a tally after is easier for me. Battleground Pro Max title, EWF Cruiserweight Champion 2x, AOW tag team Champion w/ LTP, AOW Heavyweight Champion, 2x Epic War Champion (current), WPW Tag Team Champion /w Infernal and WPW Cruiserweight Champion, PPW Tag Team Champion w/ Rik Luxury 2x, IWL Tag Champion 2x w/ LTP, Lions Cup Winner 2x for EWF, and HRW High Desert Champion 2x. So 15 titles including ones that I’ve won more than once and the ones that definitely stand out for me at my EPIC War title reigns because I worked so hard starting as a 17 year old kid there and rising my way up to be champ. And also my High Desert title win because it was the first title I had ever one and I was so happy that The Young Bucks had faith in me at the time and I was able to carry it both times with pride.

Oh and also my AOW title win over Scorpio Sky which cemented me a a main player in AOW and I was proud to tear the roof off with Sky in memory of our dear friend Mark “Sumo” Sagato…R.I.P.

17. Have you had the opportunity to wrestle out of state or out of the country & if so where? If you haven’t, where would you like to wrestle in?

JD: I’ve wrestled in Vegas a few times for Vendetta and Adrenaline Unleashed and I’ve also wrestling in Arizona a few years back for a company in Phoenix but I can’t remember the name of it…sadly I think it was RPW or something like that. But I’m working on New York this Summer thanks to a friend I recently met out here and was able to impress when we wrestled but I won’t name any names. I would love to go to Europe or Japan to wrestle as those are my dream places..oh Hawaii too.

18. Do you watch WWE/TNA & if you do what do you think of their product?

JD: Yes of course I watch TNA/WWE. TNA has a great roster but doesn’t seem to really know how to effectively use them and they let guys like Joey Ryan, Mason Andrews (sky) and The Bucks pass right through with out ever really giving them their fair shot. Honestly after they released Aj Styles and Bad Influence, I stopped watching and really just watch the high lights on my DVR.

I think WWE has a much stronger product and even though sometimes they don’t use the talent the way we would like they are definitely giving the young talent a chance to shine recently. HHH being in charge of talent was probably the best thing to happen because he knows who can really go in the ring and he balances that with innovative gimmicks. Vince has been doing this a long time and at some point the new idea well must run dry, but I’m excited for the future with so many of my friends being signed and already being there I hope to get there myself one day and at 26 I still have some time.

19. Who would your “Dream Match” be against & why?

JD: My dream match? Hmmm that’s a tough one to answer. Amazing Red was always a dream opponent because I love to wrestle against guys that are smaller than i am because I’m able to always put on the best matches with them and he’s one of the best. But my all time idol is Kurt Angle, he was always an inspiration to me and the reason why I wanted to be a professional wrestler. He’s getting a bit older but he still wrestles as close to the same style as he can, and I think he would be the biggest test of my career and I would love a chance to make it happen. Other possible dream matches are with Dragon Kid, Christopher Daniels and Bryan Danielson.

20. Hard work in the ring has paid off since its seems since last year to now that fans have nominated you & some of your matches in the Socaluncensored monthly rankings in particular your match vs Tito Escondido from Santino Bros in March which ranking #1. How do you feel about being part of the monthly rankings?

JD: I love being part of The monthly rankings it just shows that my hard work has paid off. I’m excited for the more recent match rankings as I have been working very hard to put on great matches and I feel much more motivated than usual.

21. What do you think of the wrestling scene here in So Cal? Would you change or improve anything or is it good as is?

JD: I think it’s great as it is although we could use more good speakers. But as a wrestling community, we are the top actually California as a whole is the top wrestling state in the world.

22. Let’s do some word association, I’ll give you a name & you tell me what you think of them..ok?

Brawlin Bo Cooper

JD: Bo can really entertain a crowd, he kicked my ass a lot but it made me tough.

Martin Marin

JD: Martin is the man that gave me my start. He’s a little unpredictable but I have much respect for him inside and outside of the ring.

Little Cholo

JD: Little Cholo is one of the best in the business. He’s a true professional who always know where he is in that ring and is a true general who can make anyone look good, he’s criminally underrated.

Jerome “LTP” Robinson

JD: LTP my former best friend and truly once again one of the most talented guys in the business. He is one of the most agile and creative wrestlers I’ve ever met and the person I have the best matches with.

Vintage Dragon

JD: Vintage is great and very underrated which seems to be a trend with most talented Southern California wrestlers. We always kick each others asses every time we wrestle. *laughs*

“Big Nasty” Eric Watts

JD: Watts is the most talented big wrestler around. Its a crime that he’s not signed, he has a great look and can really move.

Scorpio Sky

JD: Sky has helped me out a lot in my career and has been a great mentor and friend. He’s moved on to UFC for now and he’s in great shape so I’m sure he’s gonna do very well.

The Young Bucks

JD: The Young Bucks..I started with them in the backyard and they are dear friends of mine. I’m happy for all their success and it couldn’t have happened to two more awesome or talented people.

Amazing Red

JD: Amazing red is one of the most humble names I’ve ever met and had the honor to wrestle. I’ve watched him since I was about 14 or so and if was a dream to work with him and I was very pleased that we had natural chemistry in the ring.

Joey Kaos

JD: Joey Kaos is a true talent. And he is vastly underrated it’s a shame that he hasn’t had an opportunity with WWE or TNA but he runs the most successful school arguably in this business. And he has created more potential stars in the last few years than anywhere else. The talent there is out of this world!

Famous B

JD: Famous B..a very talented up and coming star. He’s another guy I have natural chemistry with and he is bound for great things.

Robby Phoenix

JD: Robby Phoenix a good friend of mine that lost a ton of weight and became one of the hardest workers in Southern Ca. He’s very talented and has helped Kaos run some great classes, I think he’s the bees knees.

Sgt Major Alexander Paul

JD: Sgt is in incredible shape, he looks like the terminator or something. He has a way of getting everyone in the room and he does it so well, it was great to be able to pick his mind while I could.

Brian Kendrick

JD: Kendrick is one of my favorite people in this business. He’s a former WWE star but has absolutely no ego and works very hard to make young talent look awesome. He is truly very humble and I look forward to wrestling him in the near future.

Eli Everfly

JD: Eli Everfly is the best rookie around. I completely forget this is his first year constantly and I can’t say enough good things about the kid. He is gonna be a huge deal some day and he is one of my favorite people to wrestle.

Seville the Thrill

JD: Seville is great at making people hate him. Sometimes he gets a bad rap for the way he says things but he has always been very nice and humble with me. I think he has a good future if he is able to work with the right people.


JD: Shady and I wrestled on the first FUW and completely blew me away. He’s very talented and we had a great match I hope he is able to branch out and show So Cal that he never lost it

Fan United Wrestling

JD: FUW is an awesome place to wrestle. The owners aren’t wrestlers so it’s a nice change of pace then the usual backstage drama.

Insane Wrestling League

JD: IWL..I started with then in the backyard 10 years ago! It’s insane how far we have come together and it has been an amazing journey I can’t wait for the comeback. I think IWL and FUW would be a match made in heaven.

Alpha Omega Wrestling

JD: Alpha Omega Wrestling is a fun, family friendly promotion. They use many different wrestlers who otherwise wouldn’t have a place to wrestle and they get the opportunity to show what they can do, I really enjoy working with the promotion.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling

JD: Vendetta had the biggest crowds outside of PWG and is constantly bringing In big name talent. I just recently was able to become a part of their roster and they have a very strong mix of homegrown and outside talent. I am very happy and proud to wrestle for them.

Santino Bros

JD: Santino Bros is another place I love to wrestle. The fans there enjoy the action and it’s a very Intimate setting. The students work very hard and they are able to put on a strong show that differs from other companies in So Cal.

23. Do you want to promote any upcoming appearances as well as do you have a Facebook, twitter or instagram you want to say so your fans can follow you?

JD: I’m on Facebook under Jacob “The Riot” Diez. And yes FUW on the 27th, and Vendetta Pro this Saturday, they should be very fun shows.

24. And finally, do you have anything to say to all your fans &/or haters in So Cal?

JD: Just that I’m learning and improving every day and I hope to find something that works for me. I promise this will be my year and I will continue to try and impress as often as I can.

Again, I want to thank Jacob “The Riot” Diez for this opportunity for an interview & if you haven’t seen him in the ring, be sure to catch him wherever he’s booked. This coming Saturday with Vendetta Pro in Simi Valley, Ca & FUW on the 27th in San Diego, ca.

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Until next time, this is Mike Draven…signing off.