[Recap] EWF in Azusa, ca

This is Mike Draven with a recap of the Empire Wrestling Federation event at the VFW in Azusa, ca on Friday, June EWF 6-20-14 flyer20th. This event I viewed through Livestream.com.

Ring Announcer Ben Tomas welcomes everyone & introduces tonights commentary team “The Expert” Matt Sinister & Walt “Wizeone” Zeman

“Mr. Entertainment” Joey Barone def “The Overnight Celebrity” R.J. Ruiz with a Cutter finisher & some help from Brute Baretto. Afterwards, Ben Tomas asked about the dog coller he brought to ringside & we learned that next weeks event in City of Industry will be a Dog Collar Match with Brute Baretto vs RJ Ruiz.

Kensho def The Viking Warrior via Dragon Sleeper submission. Viking Warrior was pretty much upset since he loss to a “Blind Man”.

As we get ready for the next match, RJ Ruiz joins Matt Sinister joins the commentary team as Walt Zeman is no longer there.

EWF American Championship:
“Sunset Blvd Bad Boy” Richie Slade def Che Cabrera with his “Standing Stage Dive” finisher to retain the Championship.

Footloose (Dan Joseph & Todd Chandler) def Triangle of Terror (Prince Raccid Najjar & Ukleja & Abu the Terrible) with a Double team finisher on Najjar.

Friar Juan Roman def “Uptown” Andy Brown when the ref was putting Roman’s holy water away, Roman spatted water into Andy Brown’s face & rolled him up for the pin.

EWF Heavyweight Championship:
Tyshaun Prince (w/Walt “Wizeone” Zeman) & “Ironman” Mike Maze were both DQ’d due to pushing the ref. The entire locker room came out to separate both men as this battle continues. Deputy Commissioner Johnny Star announces at July 11th event in Covina, Ca Mike Maze & Tyshaun Prince will face each other in a Light’s Out Match with Walt Zimmerman chained to the ring post.

This EWF event was a decent show with a good crowd in attendance. As to the Livestream, this event ran well this evening as the last few times EWF aired on Livestream, there was issues with the feed but this event’s feed was perfect, no issues at all. To the Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:

Richie Slade vs Che Cabrera
Footloose vs Triangle of Terror
RJ Ruiz vs Joey Barone

If you would like to watch this event in its entirety: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/6638062/events/3117115

Until next time, this is Mike Draven…signing off.