[Results]IWL Enters 2012 Feb. 17th

Results Courtesy of the Chaos Column

IWL Enters 2012
Friday February 17th 2012
American Legion Post #299
13759 Central Ave. Chino

IWL Tag Team Title Tournament Final
Justin Ryke & Eric Watts def. The Mixtape Kings (Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Jacob Diez, w/ Christian Cole)

Intergender Match
“Pretty” Peter Avalon def. Buggy by DQ

Ground Zero (Joseph Knox & Riki De La Paz) def. Simon Lotto & Steven Andrews.

Chris Kadillak def. Eric Cross

IWL Anarchy Championship Match
Ray Rosas def. Famous B (C) to win the Championship

Johnny Saovi’s Gauntlet Challenge #2 of 4
Saovi def. T.J. Perkins

B-Boy & Tyler Bateman (w/ Raze) fought to a time-limit draw.

5 Man Free For All – IWL Heavyweight Championship Match.
”BIG NASTY” Eric Watts def. Willie Mack, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, & former TNA X-Division Champion Amazing Red, to win the vacant IWL Heavyweight Title.