SoCal Pro Gold Fever 3 Recap

Shot of the Night: SoCal Pro Gold Fever 3

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of  SoCal Pro’s Gold Fever 3 on 2/18/12 from the Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA.  Large crowd on hand for this 6-match card on a day where I met w/ former WWE Superstar John Morrison–alongside Melina–at the Frank & Sons Collectibles Show in the City of Industry, CA, across the street from where the Alternative Wrestling Show used to be held prior to the drive down the I-5. As the doors opened, the fans were treated to the sight of Tommy Wilson in the ring, sitting there. At the start, Tommy Wilson claimed that he was left off the card, instead of getting a rematch w/ Kid Caramba for the SCP Heavyweight Championship. Well, it seemed like Johnny Yuma had a similar situation too, and an inpromptu match was set to open the 2-hour show.

1 – Tommy Wilson rolled up & p. Johnny Yuma w/ a handful of tights.

2 – Joey Barone p. SoCal Crazy w/ an Orton-like DDT onto a steel chair, taking advantage of a distraction from the new Chimaera. (The original Chimaera here, of course, is current WWE star & Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez)

3 – Nick Madrid p. Lovin’ Nick Lovin w/ a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam, followed by a Top Rope Splash.

4 – Kid Caramba successfully defended the SCP Heavyweight Championship–which seemed to have gotten a facelift w/ the white leather, ala Cody Rhodes’ WWE Intercontinental title–in making Ricky Mandel tapout to a Fujiwara Armbar. Not surprisingly, Tommy Wilson ran in after the bell & attacked Kid Caramba, but was cancelled out by SoCal Crazy. Kid Caramba & SoCal Crazy will now take on Tommy Wilson & Ricky Mandel in the main event of the 3/10 “March Madness 2012” show.

SM – After intermission, in which 2 lucky fans won raffles to take home autographed posters of Johnny Yuma & SoCal Crazy, and one other fan got a signed SCP tee as a birthday gift, Duke p. Todd Chandler w/ what looked like a Facebreaker or Flatliner. 1/2 of the SCP Tag Team Champion & member of “The Scorpio Sky Experience” at NWA Hollywood won this match w/ authority. Maybe Destro would be a nice addition to NWA Hollywood & the said stable.

M – NWA World Heavyweight Championship match between 2 men who were facing off for the first time in over 10 years. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce successfully defended the “10-lbs. of NWA Gold & Leather”, pinning B-Boy w/ the Piledriver, countering the Backslide attempt in what was the match of the night. Although Pearce is going villain again, especially in NWA Hollywood as part of The Family Stone, he still gets plenty of support from the SCP fans, which is essentially his “home promotion”.

Shot of the Night: SoCal Pro Gold Fever 3

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