Chaos Column: Recap of SoCal Pro’s Ladder Match II 08/13/2011

SoCal’s own btwnchaosnorder gives a recap of SoCal Pro’s “Ladder Match II” at the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club.  Good-sized crowd for the 6-match card that could’ve brought a little more energy to it:
P – Joey “The Bone” Barone p. Carlos Castillo w/ the Top Rope Elbow Drop. Carlos looked ok, but could use some more training and seasoning.

1 – Lovin’ Nick Lovin p. Johnny Yuma after Peter Avalon hit his Enziguri on Yuma while Referee Everett Scott was distracted.

2 – Damage Control (Destro & Duke) def. Ryan Kidd & Pulpo Dorado when Duke p. Pulpo Dorado w/ a powerslam, and Destro threw Ryan Kidd over the top rope, and out of the ring in a Gorilla Press hold.

3 – “Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel p. Johnny Goodtime w/ a shot to the head w/ his Mirror Image Belt, again while Referee Everett Scott was distracted.

4 – Johnny Paradise p. “Radiant” Jason Redondo w/ a counter-blow to Jason’s top rope move.

SM – After intermission, Kid Caramba p. Peter Avalon. Lone babyface winner of the night got the p. after Peter got his face smashed into a steel chair held by Nick Lovin…accidentally…then finished him off w/ a powerslam.

M – SCP Heavyweight Championship ladder match between Tommy Wilson & SoCal Crazy that started well, then turned into a brawl between SoCal Crazy’s allies, and the Mirror Image Megastars (Tommy Wilson, Ricky Mandel, Peter Avalon, & Nick Lovin). Tommy took advantage of SoCal Crazy hitting a cluster from the top of the large ladder to grab the belt to retain. The SCP Commissioner wasn’t happy about it–even though, to me, that was a fair win under the stipulation, and set up a renewal of the 4-on-4 tag team match from the July show…in a Wargames Steel Cage Match…for the 9/17 Super Clash 2011 show.

2 ok cards, in which the outcomes of both main events could’ve been better IMHO. Only time will tell how long Ryan Taylor’s latest EWF reign will go, and how much longer Tommy Wilson’s SCP reign will go.

For more of my shots from the event, check out my gallery