Chaos Column: Recap of EWF 08/12/2011

SoCal’s own btwnchaosnorder gives a recap of Empire Wrestling Federation’s show at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Covina.  The Starry Mega King Shines, & The Return of The Fallen Empire.  Decent, but rather quite crowd for the 6-match card, featuring the “Royal Mega-Wedding”:

1 – “Ironman” Mike Maze successfully defended the EWF American Championship, p. Liger Rivera w/ the Top Rope Elbow Drop. Mike wanted a restart & got it after an initial countout win, and went on to beat the former EWF American Champion soundly.

2 – Blindfold Match between Terex & Vizzion. Vizzon got the win by DQ when Terex removed his blindfold and unloaded on Vizzion.

3 – Bachelor Party Tag Team Match. “Mega-King” Tommy Wilson & Ein Idol (w/ Dave The Bruiser) def. So Cal Inferno (SoCal Crazy & Espiritu Infernal). Tommy Wilson p. Espiritu Infernal w/ the Mega-Kick. That would only be the start of a big weekend for Tommy Wilson.

4 – “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger p. Danny Ghost w/ a Gutbuster. See-saw, high-energy match made this the easy choice for match of the night.

* – The “Royal Mega-Wedding” of “Mega-King” Tommy Wilson to Ashley Hollywood. Matt Sinister presided over the “wedding”, a good number of heel wrestlers as “witnesses”, SCP Promoter Jeff Dino as the ring boy, & Ring Announcer Josh Austin “gave Ashley Hollywood away”. Things went smoothly as it would be for a wedding, but then Brandon Gatson ran in, attacked Tommy Wilson, then took out just about everyone else except Matt Sinister & the ladies. Looks like the Gatson/Wilson feud just reignited.

SM – After intermission, Rico Dynamite (w/ Damien Arsenick) p. “Project 56” Joshua Dunbar (w/ Bonny Isle). Rico scored the pin after Damien smacked Joshua up the spine w/ a metal pole. Rico & Damien did more beatdown on Joshua Dunbar, then D.K. Murphy, who tried to make the save, went after Bonny Isle. That drew out…THE A-LIST (Jeremy Jaeger, Roger Ruiz, & Liger Rivera). Roger had plenty to say to Rico & Damien afterwards. “Boosh!”

M – EWF Heavyweight Championship match between Johnny Starr & Ryan Taylor, w/ Shaun Rickers as the Special Guest Referee. Things went ok and down the middle at first, but then Shaun refused to do a 3-count after Johnny Starr nailed his finishing facebreaker. Shaun hit his T-Bone Suplex on Johnny, and Ryan scored the winning pin to regain the EWF Heavyweight Championship, then got decked by Rickers. Ryan Taylor should have Mondo Vega in his corner again as part of “The Fallen Empire” for his 9/2 match w/ Rickers.

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