Santino Bros. Wrestling – Final beginners class of the year

It’s been one hell of a busy week so far. I’m not too sure last week actually ended yet. The Santino Bros. were in full effect this past weekend spreading the word about Indy wrestling, Wrestle Reunion 6, and of course The Pro Wrestling School – Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy.  While we had some tryouts on the inside of the Staples Center, we had over a dozen strong passing out flyers outside. Thanks to all who helped out.

to Andres Cabrerra and Daniel Ornales for completing the beginners course at Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy. Robby and I worked really hard this past 8 weeks getting this two to this point. Intermediate class began today. Good luck!

The final beginners class of the year starts Monday September 12, 2011. Just $25 per session! Don’t miss out. email me andI’ll waive the enrollment fee. Subject DA NAYBAH HOODZ

I’m working with the World famous Lucha VaVoom this coming Thursday. I look forward to popping my LVV cherry.

XPW vs Perros Del Mal this coming Saturday in Mexico City, Mexico. It’ll be in my first DeathMatch since 2009. I hope to one day teach my students the art of the DeathMatch. It’s not just all blood and guts with me. 

And finally come check out the dojo for yourself, we’ll do all the wrestling!
3, 2011 we present another night of awesomeness with LIVE Pro Wrestling
at the Dojo!  Already announced in the main event A Taste of Perfection
Joey kAos & Rico Dynamite vs. Los Chivos’ Kayam & Robby Phoenix & a special ladies match of Santino’s own Jezabel vs. So Cal’s own Chloe.

Oh almost forgot. Jezabel has been working hard on launching Check it out!

I’ll let you know how LVV and Mexico go next week. Until then here’s some videos from our Youtube page Thanks for reading.

Robby vs Phillip Martinez
kAos and Rico break in the students.

New Student Byron
Joey ‘kAos’ Muñoz