XPW TV Recap – September 22nd, 2001

» XPW TV this week starts off with the familiar musical video montage.

» D walks into the XPW offices, Angel stops him. He tells him to leave because Rob Black is busy. D says he’s here to work-out, Angel tells him to leave, he doesn’t know D. He only knows Mr. 80’s Dynamite D, and he must leave. D gets him in an armbar, and makes him say D is his bitch. He leaves Angel crying and goes to workout.

» Tickets for Halloween in Hell 2 on October 14th at the Pico/Rivera Sports Arena are on sale through XPWrestling.com and Ticketmaster.com. For the best seats including ringside, visit XPWrestling.com. Expect many surprises, including Kaos defending his XPW Television Title.

» Kevin Kleinrock is sitting looking at a Britney Spears magazine, saying to himself that he’s not gay. Damien Steele walks in and says he’s been soul searching for the past 2 weeks in his 3000 foot home. Dorko Dude doesn’t believe he even has a house. Mid-way through conversation, Steele knocks stuff off his desk for no reason. Kevin walks out, and as Steele is looking at the Spears magazine, he calls it kiddie-porn!

» Veronica Caine and Kaos are talking about a future photoshoot, but Kaos is just thinking about what he’ll do at Halloween in Hell 2. He says they need a body building competition at the next show. TJ Rush says he was watching something called “XPW TV” on KJLA, and they say he has to defend his title against the disgruntled New Jack. Kaos can’t believe it, and Caine says she’ll fix everything.

» Kevin runs into Ro Black’s office, and says that Damien Steele is finally back. Black gets pissed off that he didn’t bring him with him. Kevin leaves, and Black begins to yell at Angel once again.

» Veronica Caine calls up the XPW offices, and she’s put on hold. The receptionist says he’s in the bathroom, but she can talk to Kevin. Caine says she doesn’t want to talk to Kevin, she wanted to talk to Black.

» Kevin goes back into his office, and Damien Steele isn’t there! Rob’s gonna kill him! He gets to Black’s office, and low-and-behold, Damien’s there. Black says Kevin looks rediculous with the Deathmatch title and tells him to leave. He starts talking to Steele about getting a new waredrobe, something colorful. Damien says colors are unneccesary, but Black insists that Angel take him shopping. He says Angel is gay, and that’s not good. Rob Black tells him to go with him and he agrees.

» We see Veronica Caine yet again trying to call up Rob Black. She gets Kevin Kleinrock again, and says he can’t do anything for her. Kevin says he’s still in the bathroom… is there something wrong with him?

» Johnny Webb is shown in Rob Black’s office, looking at football sheets. Webb says he gained a job with 20/20. Black & Kleinrock think he works for ABC’s show, but he means the drink. Webb says he talked with the 20/20 liquior company and they need any exporsure they can get on television. Black says he owes him $485, so how much is 20/20 paying him? Webb changes the story, and asks who his mystery opponent is at Halloween in Hell 2. Black tells him not to worry about it, he’s part of the Black Army.

Easily one of the best technical bouts in XPW’s two year history. The two started out cordial going move for move. Kaos, the risk taker, and D the innovator, give it their all. Highlights included D’s torture rack into a top rope guillotine and a new version of a backbreaker that starts as a vertical suplex! Kaos hits an array of moonsaults and attempts a 450 splash, but D moves. D locks on the same Fujiwara armbar that got Kronus to submit, but Kaos got to the ropes. A second armbar attempt is also thwarted when Kaos reaches the ropes again. A series of near falls wears both the wrestlers and the ref out, but garners applauds from the crowd. After over 15 minutes of back and forth action the match ends almost out of nowhere when Kaos reverses a huracanrana attempt into a piledriver and scores the pinfall.

» We see Kaos calling G.Q. Money about the body building contest idea being rejected, and him having to defend the TV Title against New Jack. Maybe in time someone will be worthy of a title shot, but not now. He tells Money to take care of it, and he agrees. We’re then shown Veronica Caine’s office, where she’s trying yet again to call Rob Black. She’s put on hold…

» We see Rob Black and Kevin Kleinrock agruing over the Deathmatch Title, and him being gay. Kevin shows him some phone numbers, and says he has hoes in all the area codes. Damien Steele and Angel come in, with his new clothing. 3 black t-shirts, 2 pairs of pants with white stripes, and one pair with red stripes. They have color don’t they? Tomorrow Rob Black and Damien Steele are going shopping, but he cannot go because Steele has a grave mission. Damien just leaves his office… what in the hell?

» Veronica Caine has been on hold for 8 minutes, and think she’s being avoiding. She’ll have to do this in person…

» G.Q. Money walks into Rob Black’s office, and is completely digusted. He says he’s the Donald Trump of the Porno Business, he’s the Forest Gump of the Porno Biz. Money begins to talk about Kaos’ body building competition, puts his feet on Black’s desk, takes out a contract… and gets yelled at! Get your dirty feet off Black’s desk! Who signed the contract about the competition? Some Pico Rivera guy, which doesn’t work for him unless it says Rob Black. Black says he’s wrestling New Jack, and if he doesn’t leave, Money will be wrestling someone. Kevin wants to wrestle him at Halloween in Hell 2, but will he?

» After everything settles down, Supreme storms into Black’s office. He says he wants to get a shot at the Deathmatch Title against Kaos. Black says he’s got it, and as Supreme is walking out, he tells him to clean up his sh*t.

» As Kris Kloss begins to talk, Rob Black tells him to step aside. Black says he’s going to explain why Pico Rivera, why outdoors, why bullring? He says it’ll be Vicious Vic Grimes vs. Supreme in a Exploding Ring Deathmatch! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD!

» Rob Black it wasn’t a coincidence that they’re at Pico Rivera outdoors. Let Kaos and New Jack have their thing, but let Supreme get his deathmatch. After the match is done, Vic Grimes will become champion, and Supreme will be blown up!