XPW TV Recap – August 4th, 2001

–XPW TV starts off this week with the usual musical introduction.

–Larry Rivera welcomes us to XPW TV, still without Kris Kloss. He’s still under investigation by the United States for internet hacking. Rivera goes over the main event for the second year anniversary show, that will feature Rob Black/The Messiah vs. Josh Lazie/Sabu. If Black & Messiah win, Sabu and Lazie are gone from XPW. If Sabu and Lazie win, they get control of XPW and the World Title. Also, on the day of the show, XPW will be holding a special fan fest where fans can meet their favorite XPW personalities!

–We see Supreme and Kaos talking, and now we can notice that Kaos has a broken & burnt hand. He says they’re everywhere, and he doesn’t really want the TV Title, he wants The Enterprise. He says that they both burnt and broken, and that’s the worth that can happen. Supreme says that’s not the worst that can happen, his wrath is the worst that can happen. He says to go to Rob Black and tell him that he wants them one on one. Then when Supreme’s ready, they going to rip them apart.

–We see Kevin enter Rob Black’s office, with a package from KJLA, the station that hosts XPW TV in Southern California. They’re mad that Rob Black keeps making fun of Hispanic people and how some sell oranges. They sent a contract agreeing to enter a Hispanic wrestler in the TV Title tournament to make up for it. Rob doesn’t know who to enter into the tourny.

–Tickets for the Second Year Anniversary show are available at TicketMaster.com or XPWrestling.com. Don’t miss the fan fest at this show a few hours before the event goes down.

–We see Kaos comes into Black’s office and starts yelling at Rob. He says he wants The Enterprise, but Black says he’s in the tournament so that won’t work. Koas grabs Kevin Kleinrock and chokes him until Black puts The Enterprise in the tournament! First round match: Kaos vs. The Enterprise!

Match One: New Jack vs. Homeless Jimmy
New Jack grabs a stapler! He staples KRONUS! Then he nails Kronus in the balls, then Jimmy hits him with a keyboard, and then hits New Jack. New Jack gets up and breaks apart the rest of the keyboard! New Jack breaks the broom over Jimmy’s face! He stabs Jimmy in the face afterwards! New Jack brings in a small pool table top and breaks it over Jimmy’s chest! Jimmy is on the top rope, dives off and nails Kronus with a record! New Jack comes in and completely takes care off biz to a chant of his name! Kronus gets up out of no where and gains back control! Jimmy hits a clothesline on Kronus in the corner, goes for the 10 count punch, but New Jack recovers and hits Jimmy in the nads! They spill out to the crowd where New Jack nails Kronus with a chair and pan! Jimmy goes ringside and nails both men with an XPW cookie-sheet! Kronus goes back to the ring while New Jack and Jimmy continue on the outside. They get to the ring where Kronus nails a 540 on Jimmy! Jack comes back and nails Kronus with a piece of table! He goes to the top rope with that piece of wood and breaks it on Jimmy!
WINNER: New Jack

New Jack continues to punish Kronus in the ring for no reason! New Jack continues the punishment until the XPW secruity have to get in the ring! But Kronus and Jack beat the crap out of the guards! Both men staple the guards… are they a team? These guys are insane! Even Dorko Dude comes out, but even he doesnt help. Kronus leaves while New Jack grabs a mic in the ring. He tells Dorko Dude to f*** off! Calls Kevin Rob Black’s f*** boy! He says he wants a title shot against MESSIAH! He says he’s gonna kill Messiah in front of us mother f**ckers! Holy sh*t he chased Kevin to the back! Kevin runs to his car and drives off! Then New Jack steals a UHaul truck and chases him out of the Grand Olympic Auditorium!

–Now that 6 spaces are left in the TV Title Tournament, Rob Black says that they’ll be members of the Black Army! He wants to bring prestige to the Black Army along with The Messiah’s World & Deathmatch Titles.

–Kevin runs into Rob Black’s office concerning the TV Tournament and KJLA. Kevin says Rob signed the wrong contract, and now KONNAN IS IN THE TV TITLE TOURNAMENT! Black can’t believe it, KJLA HAS SCREWED THEM! Konnan will be debuting in XPW at the Second Year Anniversary Show!