XPW – 22 October 2022 – Results

XPW held its Halloween in Hell III event on October 22 in Pomona, CA. Shlak defeated Angel in the main event. Click for full results.

Xtreme Pro Wrestling
Halloween In Hell III
October 22, 2022
Derby Room
Pomona, CA

Ludark Shaitan over Mickie Knuckles in a death match.

Drake Younger over Hardbody in a death match.

Dirty Ron McDonald over Pagano.

Kat Martini over Willie Mack, Joe Dred, Human Tornado, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper, and Biggie Biggs in an elimination match to win the XPW Fite TV Title.

Necro Butcher over Terex.

Sage Sin Supreme over Sawyer Wreck in a Pumpkin Patch Death Match.

Masada over Vampiro to retain (or win?) the XPW World Championship. (Who knows).
-Prior to the match Rob Black said he was stripping Masada of the title and awarded it to Vampiro. Then Masada came out with the title and defeated Vampiro.

Shlak over Angel to retain the XPW King of the Death Match Championship.

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