I Don’t Have A “View”

Okay, so there haven’t been many shows going on lately. so I’m going to do something fun. Umm, I’m going to review each group in SoCal with both “pros“ and “cons“ listed. Keep in mind that this is purely based on personal opinion, and not that of SCU. Also another thing: I know shit about wrestling (yeah, it’s true) so I may say some shit you might not agree with, if so, send all hate mail to:

Let’s start. . .


Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW)
Brief intro: XPW started off in July of ’99 by putting on shows in Reseda, with an ECW-style of production. The wrestling was never good, with the exception of Messiah (now gone), Dynamite D, and sometimes Kid Kaos. Tracy Smothers, Candido, Rizzono, Abby, and everyone else they brought it, did nothing to help XPW. But XPW made headlines when Sabu and Douglas joined up. Sabu stayed longer than Franchise, and not to anyone’s surprise, became XPW’s “franchise”. He held the XPW title for more than a year, and did do XPW some good. Just recently they acquired some new stars in ICP, Vampiro, New Jack, Vic Grimes, Konnan, Nicho, and the return of Damien Steele.

CONS: It’s seems as if they condone backyard wrestling. Just recently, they debuted Leroy, who before making his wrestling debut, was a glorified backyard wrestler. Along with that, they set their own guys on fire, put their guys through tables of everything, and run a show that doesn’t even compare to shows put on by other groups. But then again, if you say this to an XPW fan, he’ll toss you over 3 rows.

PROS: XPW has a strong fanbase, who defend everything they do. Their fans are the only reason they’re still running today, because without them, they’d be nothing. It’s too bad the majority of their fans consist of backyard wrestlers, and garbage wrestling fans who want to see “some dude set on fire like a pig“. I mean, you can’t talk shit about someone about their wrestling likes, but damn, that’s some fucked up shit to want to see.

Overview: XPW is going to be around for a long time. There’s no doubt about that, but you can’t always expect to see the best wrestling. XPW seems to enjoy the fact that their world champion is someone who can’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag, and couldn’t wrestle to save his life. But XPW fans like it!


Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW)
Brief intro: the “big dog“ in SoCal. UPW is a developmental territory for the WWF, and they make sure you know that. Rick Bassman is leading the UPW charge with a business standpoint, and so far, it’s worked. He’s gotten himself into the “WWF circle“ by showing Vince what he wants: big motherfuckers who can’t work for shit, but look good in the ring. Just recently, UPW TV made its review. but it sucked. The editing was horribly done, along with the quality of skits. To read a review of UPW TV, go here: http://www.socaluncensored.com/reviews/walters091601.htm

CONS: Let’s be honest, there aren’t many CONS when it comes to UPW wrestling wise (with the exception of a few wrestlers). I mean, they do have some of the best in the region. BUT you may consider Rick Bassman a con. A few months ago, he applied the “6 day rule“ in which none of his wrestlers can work a show in a range of 6 days from their next show. This was to prevent Frankie Kazarian and many others to stop working at MPW. Afterwards, he avoided the bullshit and simply said, “You can’t work MPW if you want a WWF tryout.“ Much to his pleasure, they obliged, and didn’t work MPW. Now rumors are circulating around that they may have lost their deal with the WWF, but if you visit the UPW site, it doesn’t seem that way.

PROS: The wrestling. UPW truly has some of the best in the region in their group, with Frankie Kazarian, Adam Pearce, Nova, B-Boy (whatever his name is now), Prodigy, Samoa Joe, Mikey Henderson, Lost Boys, Ballards, Tom Howard, Christopher Daniels (now head booker) . . . and I think that’s it. And let’s not fuck around, if you’re good, you will get opportunities. For example, just recently Samoa Joe, and Tom Howard got the chance to fly overseas and work a few Zero-One shows.

Overview: their time is coming down to a close. Unlike last year, their heat with the crowd has REALLY gone down. Smaller groups have made their way, and took their heat. And not only that, but I’ve heard LOTS of shit about UPW possibly getting into money trouble. Be on the lookout for their fall!


Millennium Pro Wrestling (MPW)
Brief intro: okay, I won’t fuck with you: I work for MPW. I do their website, and I do the sound at the shows. So you might think this will be a biased review. . . and you’re right! I KID, I KID! MPW started back in March of 2001, but that wop bastard Paul was planning it ever since we worked at RF. I’ll admit it, I said it would never work, and he’d waste time. But hey, if he needed help, I WAS THERE! At first, MPW had Frankie Kazarian as their world champion, but UPW put a stop to that (read the above review of UPW for more info), and all that. Just recently, Messiah made his debut in MPW, a week after he left XPW.

CONS: They don’t run enough shows. That’s one of their main problems, in which they MUST FIX! And some people have been saying MPW is nothing without RevPro, but I don’t think that’s true. MPW uses 3 of RevPro’s guys, and they don’t wrestle every match on the card. Especially on the last card, MPW proved RevPro isn’t the only reason their shows are good.

PROS: Hey asshole, IT’S MPW!

Overview: MPW has a bright future. As of late, they’ve been having great matches, and with the addition of Messiah, they can only get better. They’re crowning new tag champions at the next show, and should open more doors.


Revolution Pro (RevPro)
Brief intro: Can’t hop on a plane to Japan every week? This is your best option then. RevPro’s been running strong for the past year, with weekly shows. When I first started going (June of 2000), they were running at their first Dojo. Then I stopped going in October, and I think they moved buildings. Then after a few shows, I think they moved to the Norwalk Swapmeet (“keepin’ it gangsta“). Now they’re preparing to run their “J“ show, which is a variation of the J Cup in Japan, except they don’t have a cup. Thus making it “Revolution J”.

CONS: Everyone except Super Dragon, Rising Son, and Excalibur. Yeah, I know you’re all going to talk shit, but c’mon. . . IT’S TRUE! Okay, not really. But in some cases, it’s true. When I was going to shows (keep in mind this is about a year ago), I thought the main events saved the shows. The undercard matches were never that good, but the mains ALWAYS were.

PROS: Super Dragon, Rising Son, and Excalibur. That’s it.

Overview: their popularity will only continue to grow, but how long will it be before Dragon gets hurt and can’t wrestle anymore?


United Independent Wrestling Association (UIWA)
Brief intro: it’s dead.

CONS: it’s dead.

PROS: it’s dead. THAT’S A PRO!

Overview: it’s dead.


Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF)
Brief intro: Once again, I’m going to be honest: I don’t know much about the EWF, other than they make assholes of themselves on SoCal-Wrestling.com’s messageboard. EWFJeff single-handedly annoys everyone on the board, and talks shit like crazy. They run shows, and according the EWFJeff, they’re the greatest ever.


PROS: I guess there’s potential in this group. One thing that could help the EWF is telling EWFJeff to shut the fuck up, and not talk shit to people who have opinions. I mean, sure, he can counter someone’s opinion. . . BUT THAT’S STILL THEIR OPINION!

Overview: won’t last with EWFJeff.


All-star Championship Wrestling (ACW)
Brief intro: Run by Freddy Valentine, ACW is the circus act of SoCal. You want alligators? You want lightbulbs? You want 50-year-old chics walking around wearing almost nothing, and whipping me in the leg so I can sue them?! ACW IS FOR YOU! Freddy gives you more bang for your buck, and that’s why when he does run, it’s a REAL fun show with lots of good shit. Everyone likes working ACW from what I hear, cause the pay is good, and it’s fun. Their last show had Abdullah The Butcher. . . and I had to put on his fuckin’ boot for him.

CONS: they don’t run enough. Some of the matches suck, if not all.

PROS: even though some matches tend to suck, they’re still fun. All-Star isn’t known for it’s wrestling, but for what kind of animal they place in a match each month.

Overview: they’ll be around for a while, popping up every now and then.


Various backyard feds (SCWA, any fed Blade is working in)
Brief intro: they’re stupid.

CONS: everything about it.

PROS: when they get hurt, they’ll stop.

Overview: it sucks.


Well that’s it. I mean, I’m surprised you read that! Personally, I think it sucked. . . and I’m probably right. If you disagree with me. . . THEN YOU SUCK COCK! JUST LIKE RICK BASSMAN SUCKS MIDGET COCK! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU LIKE THAT, HUH RICK?!

Until next time. . .


Franco Zamorano