B-Boy Interview

B-Boy interview
by Steve

Credit to SoCal-Wrestling.com

In just about two years B-Boy has become one of the top wrestlers not only in Southern California, but the entire world. There has not been a single month where B-Boy wasn’t ranked in SoCal UNCENSORED’s Top 15, and he was ranked #230 in the world in Death Valley Driver’s most recent DVD 500. I recently had the opportunity to talk with B-Boy. In this interview we discuss his start, his feud with Super Dragon, working for UPW, being selected for the prestigious Revolution Jtournament, and more.

Steve: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, lets get started shall we?

B-Boy: Okay.

Steve: When you were growing up you kind of fell in with the wrong crowd, can you tell us a little about that and what it was that made you decide to change your life?

B-Boy: Well like any other kid, you can sometimes choose the wrong choices in life, with me I did I was with the wrong crowd. I was in and out of juvenile hall. I did everything in the book man. At something happened in my life where I had
a serious picture of what I was in ya know? Thought to myself “damn man I need to get out the lifestyle” So I got my stuff together and tried to changed my past or erase my past ya know, but everyone has a past you can never forget it, I try to stay positive and just go on with what I’m doing day by day. I’m just happy on what I’m doing now and enjoying life as it is.

Steve: You trained at CCW’s Palace of Pain, how did hook up with CCW and what made you decide to go into wrestling?

B-Boy: Well I’ve always been a fan of wrestling ever since I was like 4 yrs old man. So I was always the biggest mark when it came down to it, but never really said anything lol. I got hooked up with CCW by a flyer that was being passed out
at a WCW PPV down here in San Diego. I’ve always dreamed to be a professional wrestler, so I called up the school the next day and the rest was history.

Steve: How did the B-Boy gimmick come about?

B-Boy: Well I always was a B-Boy. B-Boy is someone that was a breakdancer, use to spin on the turntables, graffiti as well as rhyme on a mic. I always use to go to this thing out here called the B-Boy Summit, which was sort of a gathering
of all the B-Boy’s up and down the West Coast. One day I was at work, thinking to myself that it would be a good name, and a good gimmick. (Too Cool stole the gimmick) I ran it by the promoter at first he didn’t like it, but fans started responding to the gimmick and it stuck ever since then.

Steve: Back to CCW for just a moment. CCW is where you debuted and where you started to make a name for yourself with a great series of matches with guys like Cruiser Eddie Willams, James McFarlane (Chip Adams) and Jason Redondo.  What do you feel was your most memorable moment in CCW?

B-Boy: Actually there have been a lot of memories in CCW, with having matches with those guys as well as others. I have a couple that were of course the series matches with Eddie Williams, which is probably THE person that got me the exposure. I also had a memory of having the first “big” crowd to work in front of as, but I think the best memory I have there was probably winning my first title there against Eddie Williams, which was the cruiserweight title.

Steve: CCW’s end came pretty suddenly. What do you think of the way Charles Gibbs (CCW owner) handled the end of CCW?

B-Boy: I really in all honestly thought he dealt with it the wrong way, I know the trouble of running a promotion with the money and everything, but I seriously think he did not think of the fans especially ones that were with us from start to finish. I really think that he should’ve told fans that it was the last show, if not I think he should’ve had ONE last show just for the fans to give CCW the proper sendoff as well as leave SoCal respectably.

Steve: Yeah. CCW had one of the most loyal fanbases of any fed in SoCal and the way it was handled was pretty much a slap in the face to the fans.

B-Boy: I seriously don’t want to start heat, but it is the definite truth.

Steve: Ok moving on to other things. You pretty quickly made a name for your self in SoCal. You were named socal-wrestling.com’s 1999 rookie of the year. How did you feel about that honor and how do you think it helped your career?

B-Boy: Well in all honesty I was shocked, real shocked but at the same time really happy. The honor was great because it was fans that voted for me, it was one of my highest achievements I have had in wrestling. I believed that it helped my career because at the time socal-wrestling.com was the spot to go on the Internet. I guess promoters and workers saw that I was and wanted to see me work, to see if I was hype or if I was real.

Steve: When and how did you get your first booking outside of CCW?

B-Boy: Well it was actually the “whole ref’n show” in Adam Marantz. Adam just started to go to a promotion that was tearing it up around the Ventura area in UIWA. One day Adam just asked if I would like to go down there and see if I
would like to work, I went down there In December and wrestled up in the dojo against Demento and I guess the UIWA brass liked the way I worked and continued to book me.

Steve: How did you hook up with UPW (WWF developmental territory)?

B-Boy: Well again it was a good friend of mine in Samoa Joe, he told me about UPW and told me to try out on one of their lite shows. I went up again, decided that I wanted to try out because Joe was telling me that it was one of the best
things going in southern California. I went up there met Bassman and Schwag and I worked the lite show against Joe. I guess they saw potential and liked how I worked as well and asked me to be on a galaxy show and I have booked ever since. When I first went into UPW, Joe told me that there would opportunities of a lifetime, I didn’t’ know it was gonna be like this.

Steve: Yeah, you are even the current UPW cruiserweight titleholder. What is it like knowing that UPW is getting it’s own TV show, and being one of the promotions title holders knowing you will be featured on TV a good deal?

B-Boy: Hell yeah it’s a good deal. With the television show going on, I’m just fortunate that UPW chose me to carry the lightweight title going into the television show because now I know for a fact that I will be on TV, which is the
best exposure you can get, and I know I will be UPW for a long time. I’m just excited that I will be able to do what I love to do not only in front of fans that will be in attendance but people watching at home as well.

Steve: What is it like wrestling in front of WWF scouts at UPW? Does it feel any different going out there and knowing guys like Jim Ross will be watching and evaluating you?

B-Boy: wow, the feeling is phenomenal. Going out to wrestle in front of fans is everything to me, but to know that guys like Bruce Pritchard, Paul Bearer and Jim Ross are out in the audience basically looking over what you got and evaluating you is like only what a indy worker can dream about ya know? Your
game has to be on top notch going into your match and during the match, I try to bring something new everytime they are there, so at least I will be notice some sort of way and looked at.

Steve: Speaking of getting exposure, you started working for Revolution Pro, and among fans on the Internet Revolution Pro became a hot commodity. Your matches there has gotten you national recognition and even has gotten you ranked in the Death Valley Driver 500. What are your feelings on that and how have your experiences in Revolution Pro been?

B-Boy: My experiences in Rev Pro have been good, they have always treated me with respect and have put me against their top guys. Being ranked on the 500 was a great accomplishment. I was seriously shocked to see my name on there being ahead of other known wrestlers out in the world. To me it’s one thing to bring an audience to their feet by performing, but it’s another for the same people in the audience to say and recognize to talk about your ability. It’s the best type of compliment any worker can get.

Steve: More than likely your best known match is your singles match with Super Dragon, being that it is talked about as a serious Match of the Year candidate and it was included on Super Dragon’s tape, Evolution. What are your thoughts on that match?

B-Boy: I really enjoyed working with dragon in contrary to belief. It was our first singles match and I loved the whole angle as well as the match in  particular. It had a special feel, for the 70 people that were there know what I’m talking about. I can’t wait for our MPW match coming up; it will be a test for both of us to see if we can do better.

Steve: Yeah, the angle that played out last MPW show with you attacking Dragon was really well done, and in my opinion should bring in a nice sized crowd to see the match.

B-Boy: Yeah a lot of people in southern California wanted to see a rematch if they missed the first one, in my opinion I hope the match goes even better then me and dragon are expecting it to be. The angle was great and the delivery and the end went well, people really thought I was shooting, so I mean it could’ve
been better. I’m hoping we get a lot of people to show, that’s when we will probably perform out best is in front of a bigger audience.

Steve: My personal opinion about MPW is that they are booking for the fans. They are putting together matches that people want to see, but for that the critics have said MPW has no identity of its own, and others have referred to it as a kind of SoCal All Star Show just using others talent, what is your take on MPW?

B-Boy: Well MPW has an identity and it’s a SoCal All Star Show. MPW is a fan based oriented fed, they bring to the table that no one has in SoCal. They put together cards that people would come out and see. I love working MPW because they are getting a good fan base and the fans are good to perform
for. I have no problem w/them and I like Paul and Adrian, they are both straight up and are really cool cats. I hope to continue working for them for a long time.

Steve: OK, where do you see yourself going in wrestling? Some of the guys you work with in UPW are wrestling in Japan right now, is that one of your goals? If so what promotions would you like to work for?

B-Boy: Dude totally, I would love to work in Japan, I’m so jealous of Joe and Tom right now because it is one of my goals, I’m just glad that they are both doing well over there. I’m especially happy for Joe, we always used to talk about it one of us made it to Japan, and what would happen and all.  Well I would like to work a lot of promotions, some would be, Zero One of course, New Japan, Torymon, Michinoku Pro…. Osaka…. I mean I’m a big fan of all those promotions….

Steve: How about the WWF? Do you ever see yourself there?

B-Boy: Right now they have so much talent I don’t think I can see anyone there unless ECW and WCW break away and do separate shows. I would love work in any one, but right now it’s really impossible to do so.

Steve: In your promo on Dragon at the last MPW show, you said you “were upset that Dragon gets to wrestle the big names MPW brings in”. Obviously its a work, but does it ever upset you when guys like Horseshu and Nathan Jones get WWF dark matches based on their size, when you are levels above them talent wise?

B-Boy: Well I believe I’m better than no one, but it does upset me that all the “big” guys get everything, It kinda just upsets me because lightweight like myself, Reyes, Romero, Frankie Kazarian and others don’t get that type of push
or anything. This business is real hard on us guys (lightweights) for the simple fact that this business is a big man business, on the other hand though it makes us want to work harder and want it more than ever so we when or if we do make it, we can look back and say we did it.

Steve: One thing that separates you from a lot of the cruiserweights out there is the ability you have to have good matches with some of the bigger wrestlers out there.  Why do you think you can pull it off while others fail?

B-Boy: To tell you the truth I don’t know, I’m a student of a the game, I constantly watch tapes from old school to present and I study the guy I’m wrestling. I pick apart the things I can’t do and substitute things I can do to someone who is big. So to answer your question I don’t know it’s more
on a feel like, “okay I can’t do this because your to big, so counter it with this ya know”?

Steve: Who are your favorite guys to work against?

B-Boy: I love to work with Reyes, Romero, Pinoy Boy, Frankie Kazarian, Samoa Joe, Lost Boyz… I mean there is a lot more but these guys just pop up in my head because everyone one brings something new to the table. I mean I can have a wrestling match with Pinoy or Frankie, to have a spotfest with the Lost
Boyz and finally to have a stiff as fuck match with Reyes and Joe. I love work different styles so I like everyone that brings something ya know?

Steve: What about Excalibur, when you guys worked against each other in that three way with Rising Son, it seemed to go very well?

B-Boy: To tell you the truth Excalibur and me have never had a full on singles match and is definitely one guy I would love to work with in the near future. Excalibur is very underrated in my opinion, one of the best sellers in SoCal
and can work like a madman as well. He is very gifted and talented and he is on my top list of guys to work with that I haven’t already. Not only that he is a very professional type of guy and respects everyone and that’s a trait you don’t pick up until like you’ve been working like 3-6 years. I can only express good things about him and I can’t wait to work with him in the future.

Steve: What other guys would you like to work with around SoCal, that you haven’t had the chance to work with yet?

B-Boy: Umm…. Hmmm I’ve worked with almost everybody but some that come to mind is, Tech 9, Messiah, Adam Pearce. All these guys are good and I believe I can have a good match with them. Ultimate goal though is to wrestle Chris Daniels.

Steve: You have been in like 75 different (OK exaggeration) tag teams in UPW. It looks like you finally hit a groove with Funky Billy Kim. How did that come to be and what are your thoughts on him?

B-Boy: Well the tag evolved when Rick Bassman came up to ask and asked how we felt about tagging with each other, we had a look that no one in UPW has. So we came up with the whole gimmick name and gear when we got told that they wanted to try us out. We went out and performed first time as a tag and the
response was good. I like tagging with Funky because our styles are somewhat similar and we both have the same philosophy on tagging.  He is very underrated in my opinion and can work with anyone. I’m actually happy the way things are going for The Manilla Thrillaz.

Steve: What about you being called Blazin’ Benni Chong in UPW?

B-Boy: You know a lot of people still ask me about that. I have no problem with the name or the change. I was the one as well as others thought it would be a good idea to have me changed the name for UPW. It was just a name change
to better suit the tag team. I’m Blazin only in UPW, everywhere else I’m B-BOY. I guess it’s weird because everyone knows me as B-Boy.

Steve: Moving on to other things, later this month you are entered as one of 16 in the prestigious Revolution J tournament. What do you think about being selected for the tournament?

B-Boy: You know I am really honored and privileged to be apart of a thing like this. What makes this tourney so special is that, there has been nothing like this. A tourney that is so recognized in Japan, and now Ron (Ron Rivera, Rev Pro’s promoter) brings it to the SoCal. It’s a good thing not only for SoCal but
the wrestlers that are in there. The competition looks good and the workers in the tourney are phenomenal talents, some bring their own flare to the tourney. I am happy and somewhat humble that I was picked to be apart of something so special.

Steve: The day of Revolution J, WCWA also had you booked for their show. What happened there?

B-Boy: Well it is a long story, but I’ll try to run it short. Ron told me to be apart of the Rev J along time ago, but didn’t have an exact date. WCWA had the date and booked me, then it was announced what date the REV J was going to be. I had a verbal agreement and was booked prior. Everything is resolved and everything is totally cool, I’m good friends with the owners of WCWA, and they were very professional about it, and understood completely. So everything turned out fine.

Steve: Now that we are caught up to the present, I’m gonna give you some names, you give me your opinion.

B-Boy: Okay, shoot

Steve: Samoa Joe

B-Boy: Joe is the man, one out of the boys that has taken that big step and cross the line to going overseas, I’m extremely happy for him, one thing I like about Joe is that he will never forget where he will come from always trying to
hook you up or advising you to do something. For as long as he has been in this business, he talks like a true veteran….

Steve: Chip Adams / James MacFarlane

B-Boy: Me and him go way back, seems to be coming to his own with the new gimmick. Happy on what he is doing and if continues to do so, can make it as a top name in SoCal.

Steve: Los Cubanitos

B-Boy: Nothing but respect, for JR and Reyes, two guys that are so underrated in SoCal it’s unbelievable. In my eyes two of the top guys out here. Are good together but in singles, they are great. Reyes is a complete worker and only the
smarts see it. JR is also complete but don’t get that much recognition. I’m hoping down the line us three with others in SoCal will finally have our sun in Japan. They deserve respect

Steve: Frankie Kazarian

B-Boy: If WCW/ECW/WWF didn’t merge and it was still single departments, we would have definitely seen Frankie in one of them, either in singles or tagging with Nova. Someone who is actually busting his ass around the country right now, hopefully sooner or later he will be picked up down the road. Me and him have had some fun times man.

Steve: Pinoy Boy

B-Boy: The Rookie of the Year in SoCal. Has learned so much from everyone in SoCal. Has been in almost every locker room out here and knows everyone. Reyes taught him very well and I guarantee that he will be the most promising star out here soon enough. Has potential along with natural talent with a good attitude, again SoCal rookie of the year…. It’s not Shogun; it’s not any others with maybe the exception of the Lost Boys that is at a close second.

Steve: Ok, as a final question, what do you think of the scene in SoCal in general? As compared to other parts of the country how would you rate it and where do you think it is going?

B-Boy: SoCal right now is hot but can die at any moment. I’m just happy I’ve accomplished what I have when I could. In SoCal there is a lot of politics as well as political bullshit here. SoCal is the hotbed of indy wrestling right now; a lot of people want to come here to wrestle. SoCal is generally where it is at right now in the country. My main concern with SoCal is that it’s getting too political and would demise anytime.

Steve: Is there any last thing you would like to say to everyone?

B-Boy: To all workers, all I can say is keep faith…. Hard for a lot of people out here working and stuff, but keep faith, if you really want it the opportunity will come, just got to let it come. To promotions, remember this we are indy workers working for indy feds, always remember to take of the boys as well as the fans, to the fans -thanks for the support as well as supporting us (workers) as well everyone one of the wrestlers appreciate it and as for me, who knows where I will go or might do, all I can say is that I’m living a dream, that
a lot of people dot’ have, I’m just happy I’m able to do so, B-Boy comes to you raw and comes at you from the heart, I go out to perform to the best of my abilities and excite the fans and it’s like this, like me or don’t like me but you damn well will respect me.

Steve: Thank you for your time and good luck.

B-Boy: Thank you…always keep it real.

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