XPW TV Recap – September 15th, 2001

» XPW TV this week starts off with a special tribute to all those who lost their lives in this week’s tragedies and those helping.

» Rob Black begins XPW TV by asking Angel why he’s been dusting the same damn place, every damn day. Black splits his office in half, making Angel clean on the side he’s not on. » Kloss says that he feels bad that the Black Army is CHARGING “White Trash” Johnny Webb to be XPW World Champion. Rivera thinks otherwise, this is how he became a billionaire porn-king! Not taking anything from anyone is what Black did. In his mind, Black gave Webb the oppurtunity to become champion and a member of the Black Army. Someone who was once admired is now a puppet.

» Angel and Kevin Kleinrock walk into Black’s office, Kleinrock toting a tennis-racket. Black doesn’t want them to fight and insists them to have peace. He’s not asking them, he’s telling them, and they even shake on it. Kevin says now that the Deathmatch Title isn’t around anyone’s waist, may be he could just wear it around the office. Black doesn’t even care, HA!

» We see Veronica Caine on the phone discussing Kaos. She says he’s becoming a little difficult, even though he’s TV Champ. She wouldn’t call herself a genius, but The Enterprise isn’t anything without Caine. Kaos turned on his uncle and saw it The Enterprise way, and if it wasn’t for her brain, he wouldn’t be here. Veronica Caine now proclaims Kaos her own personal toy!

» Both Rivera and Kloss agree that the actions taken by The Enterprise were unacceptable and their match with Kaos was complete B.S. [balogna sandwich]. Rivera adds that D crossed the boss, since he’s no longer Mr. 80’s.

Somehow the goofy kid who swept the ring after matches developed quite a following. Saying that he was just giving the fans what they wanted, but really simply giving Black Army member Grimes an easy first round, Black allowed Leroy to wrestle his big man. Coming out to Pantera’s “Walk” and dressed similarly to the guy who used to come out to that song, Leroy was ready for his big match. With the letters R-C-G taped onto his tights, the ring crew guy also copied the mannerisms of his apparent hero. The match started with Leroy going for a barrage of punches, but they have no effect on Grimes who laughs them off. Vic goes to attack Leroy, but the RCG slides out of the ring and hits Vic with his ever trusty broom. Back in the ring Grimes pounds on Leroy, even powerbombing him and picking him up at the two count to punish him some more. But Leroy goes for a shot to the crotch, and follows it up with a spinning heel kick. He then tosses Vic a chair as if he was setting up for a Leroyanator of sorts, but as he comes Grimes smacks him with the chair and then picks him up, hits a face first powerbomb, and scores the pinfall!

» We see G.Q. Money talking about XPWrestling.com and it saying that Veronica Caine’s the leader of The Enterprise. He says she’s only good for those fun-bags. GQ is the real leader, screw Caine, he’s the man.

» Rob Black walks into his office, and it appears that Kevin is getting a little action below the waist from Angel! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Actually, he was putting the Deathmatch Title on Kevin, but Black doesn’t believe him!

» Rob Black is talking to someone on the phone, and he says the 13th is perfect… 13th?

» Kloss and Rivera are both about to blow [pun intended] chunks from what they’ve just seen! Both “RCG” and the Kevin/Angel situation just added up. Next up is the match between “White Trash” Johnny Webb and Konnan from the TV Title Tournament. At the time, no one knew that he was a part of the Black Army.

The former WCW star was determined to make his XPW debut an impressive one. K-Dog started out immediately folding Webb into various positions attempting to get the quick submission. Webb rakes Konnan’s eyes and gets to his feet to take control of the match. Attempting to show he can dish it out, Webb applies submission holds of his own. After a few minutes of back and forth action, Konnan hits his patented rolling clothesline followed by slapping on the Tequila Sunrise for the submission. Webb actually gave up pretty easily which would not make sense until later in the night.

» Kloss thinks that Konnan is the number one contender for the XPW World Title since he beat the new champion that very same night. Rivera says that all was planned since Webb was supposed to later win the World Title. It was quick so he could go to the back to prepare mentally for the main event.

» Webb is in Black’s office, telling him not to chew tabacco because it causes cancer. After that, he wants to know why he has to pay to be champion. Black says there were 2 hours extra P.R. work for Webb & his title, so he owes Black $67.50. If you add the P.R. work and last week it’ll be $286! Webb doesn’t even have a shoe deal yet to make his money. He still needs him to explain the whole Konnan tap-out thing the next time they meet, maybe he’ll find a job selling oranges.

» Kaos is talking on the phone with someone, and says that if this person came down to XPW, he’d be with him. He says The Enterprise are smart people, they got him the spots, but who beat D? Who beat Konnan? Who pinned them? Ain’t no stopping him… they don’t get that Kaos is running the show now.

» Kevin walks into Black’s office, and is immediately called stupid for wearing the title around his chest. Apparently they can’t find Damien Steele too. How many walking dead are there? Kevin says that he wants the Pico/Rivera Sports Arena. Isn’t it an outside arena? Rob Black says “I heard things” and soon everyone will understand things! THIS WILL BE HUGE! This will BLOW YOU AWAY!

» It’s offical, October 13th, 2001 at the Pico/Rivera Sports Arena! Outdoor venue that is guarenteed to blow us away! The tickets will go on sale at the offfices this Tuesday.

» Kevin and Angel are forced to stay on different sides of the office, but Angel attacks Kevin and gets him in the Boston Crab!