SoCal Throwbacks Vol. 2: Classic SoCal Wrestling Matches

In the return edition of SoCal Throwbacks, we have matches featuring Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Frankie Kazarian, Colt Cabana, John Cena as The Prototype, Cincinnati Red Red taking on Little Guido, Super Dragon vs. Joey Ryan, The Messiah in a singles match against Dynamite D, and Lou Thesz in action at the Grand Olympic Auditorium.

AWS: Bryan Danielson & Frankie Kazarian vs. Colt Cabana & Apollo Kahn – 2005

UPW: Chase Tatum vs. The Prototype (John Cena) (2000)

MPW: Cincinnati Red vs. Little Guido (2001)

XPW: Dynamite D vs. The Messiah (2000)

Olympic Auditorium: Lou Thesz vs. Mr. Moto (1962)

GSCW: Super Dragon vs. Joey Ryan (2003)

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