[Recap] AWS “Ladies Night” on May 30th 2015

AWS Alternative Wrestling ShowAWS 5-30-15
Ladies Night
American Legion Post #335
May 30th 2015
South Gate, Ca

Hello So Cal, Socaluncensored’s Mike Draven back for a quick recap of the AWS Annual Ladies Night event from South Gate, Ca on Saturday, May 30th 2015.

“The Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura def Tab Jackson with a Pump Handle Slam followed by a Senton Splash.

Shotzi Blackheart def “Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder with a Schoolgirl roll up after Wonder tried to attempt a running hip splash.

Triple Threat Match:
Raze def Kitana Vera & Kahmora with a “Soul Eater” Spear on Kitana Vera

“The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme def Renee Michelle with a Flipping Powerbomb Pin.

Nicole Savoy def Laura James via Submission

Datura def Amazona via Submission

NO DQ, Fall’s Count Anywhere for the AWS Women’s Championship
(Special Guest Referee: Former WWE Women/Diva Champion Melena Perez):
Hudson Envy vs “Cheerleader” Melissa Anderson went to the 15 time limit draw. Hudson Envy is still AWS Women’s Champion

Main Event 5 Men vs 5 Women w/Special Referee Former WWE/TNA Star Katarina Waters:
“The Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura, Raze, “Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder, Nicole Savoy & “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme def Suburban Commandos (T-Rant & D-Unit), PPRAY (Ray Rosas & “Pretty” Peter Avalon) & Jeckles the Jester (w/Cap Comic Con) as all the ladies hit an Alley Oop/Cuzzy Bomb on Rosas & all ladies pinned him for the win.

This AWS event was a great show that had great attendance to showcase the talented ladies of pro wrestling. We in So Cal feel privileged to see the ladies wrestling on a show dedicated to them and this evening, they brought their beauty as well as they handed the beat downs to one another.

As to my Matches of the Night:

Hudson Envy vs Cheerleader Melissa: Another Non Stop, Hard Fought, Grueling battle in this storied rivalry between these two ladies. Melissa did everything she could & using the outside environment to stop Hudson Envy but no matter what she did, Hudson continued to bring the fight to Melissa. Eventually, both ladies would throw a variety of punches & forearm shots in the closing seconds of the match which brought the ladies to pure physical exhaustion & thus being helped to the back in this great match.

Nicole Savoy vs Laura James: These two ladies put on one hell of a match doing everything they can do to wear down the other to put them in a potential submission move. Very technical match with many near falls but in the end, Savoy was able turn an armbar submission into a Triangle choke to make James tap out. Excellent match

Raze vs Kahmora vs Kitana Vera: Both Kahmora & Kitana did very well isolating Raze in this match keeping her on the outside but Raze would use her power to her strength & delivered a devastating spear on Kitana as she was ready to DDT Kahmora ultimately taking out both ladies with one move. All 3 gals continue to excel in the ring & if you haven’t seen them in action, you need to see them in a ring near you.

As always I would like to thank each & everyone one of you who continues to show your support to So Cal’s wrestling scene. This event, everyone both Men & Woman put on a show & gave you everything they had. This is a DVD worth your hard earn money once its available to purchase from AWS.

AWS returns to South Gate on SATURDAY, JUNE 20th for Bart’s Birthday Bash featuring your favorites. http://socaluncensored.com/event/aws-barts-birthday-bash-2015-in-south-gate-ca/ for details

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Until next time, this Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!