Recap of the AWS/PWB “California United,” May 10th

Shot of the Night 05-10-14

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of AWS/PWB “CA United” show at American Legion Post #355 on May 10th 2014. There were a lot of factors that may’ve contributed to the relatively low attendance at an otherwise packed venue–multiple different wrestling shows running at the same time, two major sporting events in the same area, and the likelihood that other wrestling fans had other commitments on Mother’s Day Weekend. Those that attended were treated to a great show, and–thanks to Bart–everyone who had bought a raffle ticket that night left with something to add to their collection.

1 – Cjay Kurz, Mustafa Saed, & Marcus Lewis def. Savanah Riley, Sir Samurai, & Drake Frost.
Good opener by the PWB talents. Savanah Riley gave a good show as the lone woman against men in this match, but she was taken out late by the big Mustafa Saed. Cjay & Marcus hit 450’s on Sir Samurai & Drake Frost for Marcus’s pin.

2 – Willie Mack p. PPA w/ the Chocolate Thunder Driver.
Short, but very effective match.

3 – Lil Cholo p. El Chupacabra (w/ Sage Sin) w/ the Springboard Ace Crusher.
A very good lucha match. Sage tried to ambush Cholo after the match, but missed her shot, and ate a Piledriver.

4 – The Talladega Knights def. Salt & Pimpin.
The two PWB tag teams gave it a good show, as the bigger Talladega Knights went up against the high-flying Salt & Pimpin duo. Good back-and-forth match that ended with Rik Luxury of the Talladega Knights hitting a Piledriver for the pin.

5 – AWS Women’s Champion Hudson Envy scored a DQ-win over Cheerleader Melissa, with a successful sell of a hit with a weapon, after Referee Rick Knox took a bump.
It was certainly Hudson’s way of getting herself out of the showdown with “The Future Legend”, given the tremendous beating she took at the hands of the SHIMMER champ. The two women brawled to the back after the bell.

6 – Ryan McQueen p. Dominic Simon w/ what looked like an Olympic Slam.
Good match to watch after intermission.

7 – Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido) successfully defended the AWS Tag Team titles, beating The Suburban Commandos (T-Rent & D-Unit, w/ Missy Hiassshit).
Another great tag team match that featured a slapping challenge that Rico won, and Missy getting involved in a couple of Crossbody moves from the top rope. The 2nd one, though, was caught by Tito, and he took her out. That obviously threw the commandos off their game, and the Bad Dudes tapped into their inner Young Bucks, starting a Superkick Party for the pin.

SM – Adam Thornstowe successfully defended the PWB Heavyweight title, pinning Johnny Goodtime w/ the Tombstone Piledriver.
Great semi-main event that saw the two duel outside the ring at the start, then exchanged spots late. Adam managed to prevail, despite getting his left knee picked apart.

Shot of the Night 05-10-14

Shot of the Night 05-10-14

M – B-Boy successfully defended the AWS Heavyweight title, pinning Famous B w/ the Tombstone Piledriver.
Great main event that saw both men exchanged strikes and holds. After the bell, Johnny Goodtime came out, and asked for a rematch for the AWS Heavyweight title, something he didn’t get in 2012. As it was, the title match between B-Boy & Goodtime, has been set for June’s “Bart’s Birthday Bash” show.

So there you have it. Plenty of people certainly missed out on an otherwise great show; and it was even hard for me to recover from the long drive down from the Pop Stuff Expo in Ventura to recharge & be ready for the show. Hats off for the talents that worked this show for leaving everything in the ring despite the relatively low turnout. MOTN honors goes to the B-Boy/Famous B match, followed by the Thornstowe/Goodtime match, the tag team title match, and then the Hudson/Melissa match.