Updates to the RISE/AWS Weekend on December 1st & 2nd Including Bull Nakano, Kris Wolf, & Cheerleader Melissa

Several major announcements were made earlier today at the Warriros RISE show in Norwich, England in regards to the RISE and AWS double shot weekend on December 1st and 2nd in South Gate, CA. it was announced that legendary Japanese wrestler Bull Nakano would be taking part in RISE’s development seminar prior to their December 1st show, and that STARDOM’s Kris Wolf would be wrestling on both the December 1st RISE event and the December 2nd AWS show. Additionally, making her Southern California return will be Cheerleader Melissa Anderson, was announced prior to the show as taking part in RISE’s development seminar and wrestling that weekend as well. Madusa (Alundra Blayze) will also be taking part in the seminar.

Bull Nakano is one of the true legends of women’s professional wrestling, having not only held all of All Japan Women’s major championships (she held the WWWA world title for 1,057 days, which is the longest reign in history not counting Mildred Burke), but also the WWF and CMLL titles as well. She was inducted into the All Japan Women’s hall of fame in 1998 and the Wrestling Observer hall of fame in 2001. This will be the first time she has participated in any training seminar in the United States. She will also be taking part in the meet and greet prior to the show.

In their announcement of Nakano’s involvement, RISE promoter Kevin Harvey stated “We have always been about providing the most unique, advanced learning platform for independent wrestling talent. This one was already amazing with STARDOM’s involvement with Melissa and Madusa. And I don’t know that I can be clearer about the importance and magnitude of this Seminar other than the words, ‘BULL NAKANO.’”

After Shotzi Blackheart successfully defended her Phoenix of RISE championship against Delilah Doom, it was announced that she would be defending the title against STARDOM’s Kris Wolf on December 1st in South Gate, CA. AWS then confirmed that Kris Wolf would also be appearing on their December 2nd show. This will be Kris Wolf’s return to Southern California, having last wrestled in the area as part of the STARDOM USA tour in October 2015. Earlier this year Wolf ended Mayu Iwatani’s 501 day reign as STARDOM’s High Speed champion, before losing the title to Shanna in July.

Cheerleader Melissa Anderson has been a Southern California mainstay since the late 1990s, starting out as a valet for the Ballard Bros. before becoming arguably the best women’s wrestler in Southern California of the last 15 plus years. She has wrestled throughout the world, including for WWE, TNA, ROH, Shimmer, AAA, Arsion, STARDOM, and Lucha Underground. Her match with Hudson Envy on May 30, 2015 is the only women’s match to with the Southern California match of the year award. She is scheduled to take part in RISE’s developmental seminar with Bull Nakano and Madusa. She will also be wrestling that weekend, which will mark her first Southern California shows since June 2016.

Along with the title match between Shotzi Blackheart and Kris Wolf, previously announced for the December 1st RISE show, which is titled “RISE 6: Brutality“, is LuFisto versus Dust (Angel Dust) in a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat match. Also scheduled to appear are SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez, Delilah Doom, Rosemary, Fire and Nice (Britt Baker and Chelsea Green) and more to be announced.

For women’s wrestlers wishing to take part in the seminar at RISE on December 1st, registration is $150 and you can sign up by emailing kevin@wrestlingpipeline.com, Subject: RISE 6.

At the December 2nd AWS will be holding “Again No Presents for Christmas – Final Battle“. Already announced for the show is “The Greek God” Papadon taking on Brody King, Team PAWG (LuFisto & Jordynne Grace) versus Fatal Attraction (Ruby Raze & Sage Sin); and B-Boy versus Jake Atlas. Also scheduled to appear on the show are Rosemary, Priscilla Kelly, Mercedes Martinez, Delilah Doom, Britt Baker, Chelsea Green, Shotzi Blackheart, Tito Escondido, Ray Rosas, Peter Avalon, Tyler Bateman, SoCal Crazy, Mariachi Loco, Nicole Savoy, Cheerleader Melissa Anderson, and Kris Wolf.

Tickets for both events are on sale now. For information RISE on tickets click here. For information on AWS tickets click here.

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