XPW TV Recap – August 11th, 2001

–XPW TV starts off this week with the usual musical introduction.

–We see Rob Black in his office playing with a turtle. All of a sudden Angel walks into his office. Black says now that Kevin’s gone in Washington looking for Chandra Levy, he wants Angel to be his replacement bitch. He tells him to leave and change out of that “gay” outfit.

–Larry Rivera introduces us to the new Kris Kloss, Inmate #10707! Kloss has lost his long blonde hair, and is now blaming Rob Black’s Army for framing him in this internet cheating case. Kloss is mad at Tony T also for saying that he cheated on the internet XPW TV host polling, he is still the TRUE HOST of XPW TV! Rivera goes over the TV Title Tournament, including the first official entry Kaos. All of a sudden Kloss starts talking out of no where and then he gets cut off!

–We get back to Kloss and Rivera arguing about who’s the host of XPW TV. Rivera makes fun of him for wearing an orange jumpsuit instead of wearing his usual tie and suit. Rivera then announces that the next XPW show is being called Damage Inc., no reason why given. He also tells Kloss that Konnan is now an XPW star, and is in the TV Title Tournament. Kloss’ reactions is basically, “Holy F**CKING SH*T!” Rivera also adds that he’s predicting that we’ll see a new member of the Black Army at Damage, Inc.

–We see Angel walk into Rob Black’s office, this time wearing a maid’s dress! He starts dusting, and Black gets really pissed off! He said he didn’t want to see his ass and to put some clothes on, and now he comes in looking like a braud. Angel’s not a braud, he’s a lady.

–Angel is still dusting in Black’s office when Dynamite D walks in. D says he’s tired of being Mr. 80’s and isn’t here to amuse Black or the fans. He’s been here for 2 years and no one takes him seriously. He wants to be in the TV Title Tournament and wants to win it. Black says he loves the Dynamite gimmick, but D wants to be D in the tournament. Black says sure, but he needs to pick a funny gimmick. He needs to be Andre The Giant or something.

–The Enterprise is in filth and basically showing Kaos his new home once they get through with him at Damage, Inc. GQ Money says Rob Black is a moron and he’s now out smarted him. Money is ready to out smart him at the next event. TJ Rush adds that they’ll get the TV Title and take out Kaos.

–Angel comes into Black’s office with a huge rubber penis! He says he needs it when Kraq is gone! OH MY!

–Rivera & Kloss discuss the XPW TV Title Tourny and predict that Konnan could come out on top. Rivera adds that the next Rob Black Army member “White Trash” Johnny Webb will also be in it! Now they take us to a video collage of Kaos’ evolution in XPW.

–Angel is still dusting Black’s office when he all of a sudden starts dusting Black and his desk. He sends him out to dust around the office. –For tickets and merchandise log on to XPWrestling.com.

–Rivera finally tells Kloss about the main event for Damage, Inc., and he goes nuts! He can’t believe that Black will actually wrestle! Rivera also announces that at The Viper Room in LA on the Friday before the show will be XPW NIGHT! It starts at 9pm and all the stars will be there.

Lady Victoria vs. Angel : West Hollywood Street Fight [Bra & Panties]
Angel and Kraq come out first to a huge ovation! Are the fans…? Next out is Lady Victoria, Mexico’s Most Wanted valet. Halloween wants the announcement in Spanish so he grabs the mic and does it his way! The match begins with Angel in control. Angel with some hair pulling and corner spears Angel is sent to the canvas with a chop and is then dragged into the turnbuckle! Angel gets Victoria in the corner and rips her top off! The match aint over yet! Now Victoria rips Angel top off!!! Damien 666 and Halloween get in the ring and triple team! Holy sh!t! A spear by Victoria on Kraq! Victoria rips off Angel’s bottom to reveal a THONG! Mexico’s Most Wanted get in the ring and celebrate with Victoria.
Winner: Lady Victoria

–Tickets, Damage Inc information, merchandise, rankings, and much more @ XPWrestling.com.

–Kloss announces that next week he’ll prove he’s innocent!

–Angel is sitting in Black’s office and then The Messiah walks in! Messiah asks him where he is, and Rob’s buying liquior! He comes back right before Messiah leaves, and he asks him why Rob is sweating. He said he went to 7-11, even though it’s 2 blocks from the offices! Angel bends over while dusting, and Black gets pissed off! Messiah is outraged and leaves.