XPW TV Recap – August 18th, 2001

–XPW TV starts off with the history of the Xtreme Kingdom. We see Lizzy Borden come to reign after marrying Rob Black after debuting a show last year as a ring crew member. She quickly became one huge bitch, and one firing machine! But Even after Candido became champion she ignored his presence. Shane Douglas then debuted in Candido’s corner to eventually turn on him for a title shot at the LA Sports Arena. During this time, Black agreed to expand his kingdom, and this company appointed Lazie to over see XPW. Lazie then debuted Sabu, forcing Black out of control! Then they signed a contract to split the kingdom in half, one part to Lazie and one part to Black. Black appointed Messiah to be the XPW Champ. Instead of handing the title over to Sabu the rightful champ, Lazie stole the belt!

In the first battle between Sabu and Messiah, Sabu became the true XPW Champ! Black brought everyone who had defeated Sabu in the past, including Adbullah The Butcher and Terry Funk! During the whole war between Lazie and Black, The Messiah and Supreme rose to popularity. After gaining the respect of Black, he was scheduled to take Sabu’s title. Something stood in his way again, this time it was New Jack! This led up to the last time Sabu and The Messiah would fight, inside a steel cage. Once Sabu won the match, the entire Black Army attacked him. Since Sabu was not at able to compete at the next show, someone would have the defend the title for him. Despite New Jack’s hatred for Sabu, he defended his title unsuccessfully. Kevin Kleinrock then signed the match that will change the history of XPW forever. At Damage Inc., we may see Black lose power again, or Lazie and Sabu leave XPW forever!

–We’re only a week away from XPW’s 2 year spectacular, Damage INC! For tickets for Damage Inc at The Grand Olympic Auditorium, visit TicketMaster.com! Kloss is insisting that when Lazie ran XPW, the company was on its way up. Now that Rob Black is in charge, the company has grown stale. Rivera disagrees and says that at Damage Inc. Black will prove himself. XPW TV is still trying to figure out who the eighth participant for the TV Title Tournament is!

–We see Angel cleaning Rob Black’s office, and then Kleinrock slaps his ass! Kevin didn’t know it was a guy, but Angel insists that he always knew he was gay! Kleinrock gets pissed off and tells Angel to leave, but he/she refuses to leave!

–In the first round of the 8-Man TV Title Tournament “White Trash” Johnny Webb will be facing Konnan, and the eight and final participant is the ring sweeper, LEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOYY! Leroy is going to face “Vicious” Vic Grimes in what is expected to be a bloody match! This is a complete surprise to everyone, including Kloss!

–Rob Black walks into his office to discover Kleinrock and Angel will fighting. Black says that they will have to learn to get along, White Jew and Gay Hispanic. Black forces Angel to do his job and clean the office. He then asks Kevin is he found Chandra Levy yet, he says no and dissapoints Robert Black again.

–Supreme is talking to Kaos about Damage Inc. and his burns. Supreme tells him due to the possible surgery he’ll have to go through, he can’t be in his corner. Kaos will be able to handle ANYTHING that can come his way.

–Rob Black and Kevin Kleinrock are shown discussing the tournament, and then all of a sudden Angel bends over and you can see his ass! Black gets mad, then finds out about Kevin touching his ass, and they’re all disgusted! Black eventually leaves and gives Kleinrock total control. Once he leaves the room they start cat fighting!

–Remember tickets are still on sale for Damage Inc. @ Ticketmaster.com.

–We see Rob Black’s office again with Kleinrock and Angel still fighting, and Black walks in! He breaks them apart and tells them to stop. All of a sudden the door swings open with a ring crew guy all bloody with a note. It’s from New Jack concerning his non-existant title shot and him not being in the TV Title Tourny.

–The Enterprise is in their car again following someone. They get out and start walking through an alley-way. They’re at Supreme’s house! GQ Money is choking him and says he’s not going to finish him off yet so he can witness the demise of Kaos. If Supreme shows up at Damage Inc, Supreme will pay with his life.