XPW’s Rob Black and Lizzy Borden Indicted In Pittsburgh

XPW owner Rob Black (real name Robert Zicari) and XPW valet Lizzy Borden (Janet Romano) will face obscenity charges for allegedly distributing pornographic movies that depict murder, rape and other violent acts against women, according to federal authorities in Pittsburgh.According to WTAE in Pittsburgh the two were accused “of sending obscene movies to a Post Office box in the Pittsburgh area. The suspects also allegedly sent obscene tapes and DVDs to a local wholesaler and transmitted obscene footage on the Extreme Associates Web site.”

As most who read this site know the offices of Extreme Associates (XPW’s parent company) were raided by federal authorities and postal inspectors in April, and videos, sales records, invoices and records of transactions were seized.

WTAE also reports that Zicari and Romano could face a maximum of 50 years in prison and a $5 million fine if they are convicted. They remain free, but have surrendered their passports and must be arraigned Aug. 27 in Pittsburgh.

Whitney Drolen from WTAE in Pittsburgh, PA contributed to this report.

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