Keeping it “Gangsta”

I got to get more money than you got,
So what, if some muthafucka gets shot?
That’s how the game is played,
Another brother slayed, the wound is deep
BUT they’re givin us a Band Aid.
My education’s low but I got long dough,
Raised like a pit bull, my heart pumps nitro.
Sleep on silk, lie like a politician,
My Uzi’s my best friend, cold as a mortician.
Lock me up, it’s genocidal catastrophe,
There’ll be another one after me!
A hustler.
H-U-S-T-L-E-R hustler.

What will ICE T have to do with this column?


Alright, so a few certain people got mad at me about some columns I wrote. I replied, right? Yes. Did Steve post them? Nope. Why? Just another example of the MAN holding me down. Oh yeah, 300 years of oppression, and now this. NICE ONE, STEVE-O!

HA, not really. He said he didn’t want to post my columns because it was no use starting column wars. He’s right. I mean, I already pissed a few people off, and in the process, made some friends! But now, the column.

What can I write about? Steve said I couldn’t flame people anymore. I have to write about WRESTLING now. Okay, nice one. So where do I start? I can write another tape review. I mean shit, if you know me, you’d know I have a shitload of tapes. Lots of SoCal shit too, like.

– A handful of Revolution Pro shows
– Two UIWA shows, one being a full length show from 2000. And a year end special with that poop-face Marlee in it
– XPW shit
– Soon I’ll be getting CCW stuff
– I have some UPW stuff

I mean, I can do reviews, but they’re no fun! I want to talk shit, but no, I can’t. I guess that doesn’t make me much of a writer! But I’ll prove you motherfuckers wrong! Oh yes, I shall!

All right, April has been a shit month when it came to wrestling in Southern California. Haven’t been many shows, except for like, Revolution Pro and XPW at the end of the month. It’s the 14th right now, and I missed Revolution Pro last night. So I should go to XPW, right?

Maybe not. XPW has been teasing the return of Shane Douglas, and the debut of Konnan. This will help XPW, right? Well, look at this. Did Sabu help XPW at ALL? I mean crowd size hasn’t changed much for XPW since January of 2000. Terry Funk didn’t help either. The only TRUE draw XPW has was Chris Candido. When they advertised him, people showed up. Shit, I showed up for XPW to see Candido. Did I show up for SABU? Technically, no. He debuted by doing a run-in. So technically, I wasn’t there for Sabu.

XPW is like the bastard child of Southern California. People don’t give it respect because they’re too raunchy, and at times, down right wrong. But, fuck it Shock TV brings in ratings. But in XPW’s case, Shock TV brings in fans. But it hasn’t worked. XPW still has the same crowd coming in, and at the last show, the attendance was lower. And they set someone on fire.

How can they do wrong with lighting people on fire?

It’s all about build up. I mean the TV show is 45 minutes of Kris Kloss yelling, and talking to Rivera. They show about 10 minutes of “wrestling,” and 5 minutes worth of commercials for their next show.

The TV show should be built around on promos, and not Kris Kloss and Rivera talking about how Rob Black will change the face of wrestling. again. They have talent. Why not have THEM do the skits, instead of Kleinrock on the phone? Why not have Lazie and SABU on there doing their shit? Lazie can cut promos. Black is all right. Messiah looks good on TV, have him do a promo. Shit, have Angel suck Kraq’s cock! DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN THE SHIT YOU’RE DOING NOW! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT IDIOT GRUNGE ON TV, TRYING NOT TO LAUGH!


You guys at XPW HAVE the fans. You have the TALENT. You have the EQUIPMENT. For fucks sake, do something with it. Don’t keep putting this SHIT on TV. You have Douglas coming in? Fine. Have him come down to LA, and have him do a few TV spots. I hear Sabu and Lazie live out here. Have them come down and do a few TV spots. I know your whole talent roster, with a few exceptions, live in the LA area. HAVE THEM COME DOWN, AND DO A FEW TV SPOTS!

It’s not hard pressing “RECORD,” guys. And obviously, you guys can GET talent. Then what the fuck?

And now XPW returns to the Grand Olympic Auditorium. This is actually GOOD for them. They can put on a show in an ACTUAL wrestling facility. The Sports Arena has been home to many wrestling events, big ones like the AAA/CMLL join PPV “When Worlds Collide,” various Wrestlemania’s, and more. But The Sports Arena was too big for XPW. They got the floor packed, but that’s it. It looked bad on TV. The GOA is a small place that can hold 7,000 people. This place is GOOD. They can build up their fan base again, and slowly progress. But it’s all useless if they keep promoting the way they are. It’s useless if they keep doing that same old shit on the TV show. It’s useless if keep going in the direction they’re going.

I could be wrong, and I probably am. But it would be nice to see XPW take Kleinrock off TV, and put wrestling on there.