Review of Prime Time LIVE Episode 2

Prime Time Live is the signature program for the United Wrestling Networking. United has partnered with the National Wrestling Alliance to bring a unique mix of talent from across the country to showcase at the Thunder Studios. The first two episodes have featured talent from; West Coast Pro Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Arizona, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, New Japan Pro Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance and array of free-agent talents. This week The NWA World Woman’s Championship will be on the line in the Main Event when Thunder Rosa defends against Priscilla Kelly.

Episode 2 kicks off with a montage of promos. I can appreciate this to help set the table for the show. As this is a presentation of David Marquez, some of the audience may not be familiar with some of the talent. With talent pouring in from different affiliations and different parts of the country, this is a great way to establish who these talents are.

The NWA World Woman’s Champion who is coming off her self titled “Destruction Tour” saw her successfully defend her championship against Ivelisse on AEW’s Dynamie on September 10th, a victory over Kimber Lee at Warrior Wrestling on September 12th, a successful title defense against “American Kaiju” Lindsay Snow at Mission Pro Wrestling on September 18th and her match up tonight against Kelly, followed by her tag team match with Shida tomorrow night at AEW. She points out that while Kelly has been paused (with most of the wrestling world due to the pandemic) that she’s been working.

Kelly’s promo is quick to point out that you can beat her down, but she will get back up. Her return to in-ring competition was against Chris Dickinson last week in an inter-gender match. After seeing what Dickinson was capable of last week, you should know that Kelly is true to her word. She was trained by former NWA World Tag Team Champion Murder-1 (the Usual Suspects), so you know she’s very tough.

Next we are introduced to Slice Boogie, a talent who recently started to wrestling for CWFH. Representing Queens New York and trained by the World Famous Santino Brother’s Wrestling Academy, he was also SoCalUncensored’s Rookie of the Year 2019. He lets Karl Fredericks know that he isn’t a Young Lion and he is looking for a fight.

Fredericks “The Alpha Wolf” who has trained with Shibata from New Japan’s LA Dojo has radically changed his look and skills in the past two years. Since joining the dojo he’s had some great opportunities to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling in Japan and in the States and has become an integral part of NJPW Strong (the NJPW of America) that’s filmed at the Oceanview Pavilion. “I’m going to beat you like you owe me money” seem to be a good indication of Fredericks plan for tonight.

Last of the pre-taped promos is the reigning one half of the reigning NWA World Tag Team Champions Eli Drake (although they do not reference the title). Drake says the new normal, is the old normal, because the NWA is rising to prominence. Drake acknowledges the real life friendship he and Watts share, but let’s him know that he won’t be holding back tonight.

Limelight vs. Martenson

One of the most anticipated matches of the night actually kicks off the show with Danny Limelight wrestling against Kevin Martenson. Kevin is more commonly known as a tag team wrestler with Yuma as the RockNES Monsters, which have been multi-time tag team champions in the United Wrestling Network. This is a bit of a rematch as the two faced off last week on CWFH Weekly TV program. One thing that both participants have in common is that there is very little wasted motion. It seems like everything they do, is an effort to inflict damage in a match. Limelight is a former drill instructor from the United States Marine Corps (Interview with Danny Limelight.) Both men are also likely to take high risk-high reward styles of move. Both men were quick to use those high risk moves, like Limelight’s dive over the top on Martenson and Kevin’s return of the spear dive through ring corner on to Limelight. Martenson worked over the core of Limelight, focusing in on the ribs. Both men seem to exchange high impact move back and forth. Martenson caught Limelight mid-flight symbiote DDT and launched Limelight over the top rope. BHK missed a frog splash on Limelight, but was able to connect with a brainbuster on Limelight on the outside stage. The referee counts to 3 in Martenson’s favor.

Winner: BHK – Kevin Martenson – This match was extremely enjoyable and makes me wish that there was a NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Division, because I feel like either of these two could dominate that division. I can’t wait to see what’s next for both men.

Up next is a backstage promo with Aron Stevens fka WWE’s Damian Sandown. He is the reigning NWA National Champion. He won the title by defeating Colt Cabana in a Triple Threat Match that also featured Ricky Starks to win the championship at NWA’s Into the Fire. Stevens has had two title defenses since winning the championship, neither match did he win.

Interestingly enough there was a brief commercial for Lucha Libre inspired face covering shields/mask. I don’t mind the commercial, but I was a little surprised they had a commercial on a PPV.

Watts vs. Drake

The next match is Watts vs. Eli Drake. Both men are former Hollywood Heritage Champions. Interestingly enough, throughout their past at CWFH, they never squared off in a match up. Watts and Drake are friends outside of the ring and it’ll be interesting to see how these two match up. I find it a bit peculiar that they don’t mention Drake as reigning NWA World Tag Team Champion. Watts definitely has size on Drake. The two shake hands before the match, in what reminds me of the old days of Ring of Honor. The match starts off with a lot of lock ups and showcasing of power. There are very few men within the NWA that could man-handle someone like Eli Drake and rarely does Drake need to rely on speed, but this is what is needed to take it to Watts. Watts seemingly was perfecting the fall away slam on Drake. Watts has been using the Irish Whip into the corner to weaken Watts, but eventually Drake manages to collect himself for a clothesline that still results in another throw from Watts ala a Belly to Belly overhead suplex that only resulted in a 2 count. Drake pulls out an head scissors take over (which isn’t typical of his repertoire) to counter a tilt-a-whirl powerslam from Watts. This changes the momentum in the match, Drake nearly powerslams Watts for a 2 count. A big boot reversal sets up a Choke Bomb by Watts. Drake seemingly faked being knocked out to set up the Gravytrain that ends the match.

Winner: Eli Drake – This was a good match. I feel like these shows have been really good at helping to build up the losing opponent. Last week Bennett looked great, even in defeat. Limelight looked great earlier tonight in defeat. Watts who takes the L, certainly comes off looking like a legit threat and Drake obviously looks like the crafty veteran, inching up the top of the ladder.

Another promo for the World Woman’s Championship tonight. Disheveled, uninterested, lackadaisical; looks can be deceiving and with Priscilla Kelly, you can easily be fooled by her appearance. Kelly’s passion is definitely there, you have to wonder if the intensity will follow. She has made appearances in AEW and MLW in the past, but a good showing tonight against Thunder Rosa will certainly put a lot of eyeballs on Kelly.

Real Money Brothers vs. Friendship Farm

In the next match we have the Real Money Brothers (Big Money Cluch & Sugar Brown) taking on the Family Farm (Jervis and Sweet Robin Shaw). The Family Farm have been apart of CWFH competing regularly in comedic styles of wrestling. In a completely different direction the RMB fka the Bonus Boyz are 4 times West Coast Wrestling Connection, 2 time Future Stars of Wrestling, have competed in China with the OWE and are the current Arizona Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champs. This match was certainly a contrast in styles. I think the RMB have a lot of potential. Jervis and Shaw kept it competitive.

Winners: Real Money Brothers – I didn’t have high expectations for this match. Although Jervis and Shaw have some success in Hollywood, this match seemed to be a mismatch from match announcement. I also felt like it went a bit long, but hopefully will give a boost to RMB as they take on the next challenge in United.

Chris Dickinson cuts another promo calling the last match as a direct insult and names Cottonbelly directly. Obviously there are some big plans for Dickinson and I wonder how it will materialize against Cottonbelly.

Slice vs. Fredericks

2019 Rookie of the Year Slice Boogie takes on Karl Fredericks. Boogie comes out decked in Mets gear… man that’s almost as bad as being an Angels fan. Fredericks shed the black trunks and black boots. Boogie is part of the long list of SCU Rookie of the Years who have come out of the Santino Brother’s Wrestling Academy. Boogie shows no intimidation from Fredricks. And even though the match has been mostly Fredericks, Boogie looks tough. Karl Fredricks seemingly is toying with him. Boogie has had a handful of impressive moves including a snap-suplex with a float over. It kind of felt like Boogie was taking Fredricks a lot more serious in the ring than Fredrick was taking Boogie.

Winner: Karl Fredericks – Another match where the losing opponent looked very good in defeat. Boogie looks very competitive and didn’t give an inch to Fredericks, who at times looked like he was toying with Boogie. I can see really big things for Fredericks down the road.

In between breaks we see Joe Galli who is native to San Antonio these days filing an on the road report from Mission Pro Wrestling. Mission Pro is an all female produced wrestling show. From the in ring talent, to the people behind the scenes. Thunder Rosa defended her title against Lidnsay Snow in what was said to be an excellent match. Galli spoke to fans who put over Thunder Rosa.

NWA World Woman’s Championship Match

They really are hyping up Kelly’s down time due to the Covid-19. Many in SoCal will remember Kelly’s appearances at AWS or Bar Wrestling or the controversial spot at Suburban Fight. I’m kind of surprised that the NWA and United Wrestling Network gave Kelly this opportunity, but hoping she makes the best of it. Thunder Rosa has been the hottest thing in pro-wrestling. Kelly and Rosa really threw caution into the wind with the quick brawl. Rosa’s strikes look intense. Her dropkick to Kelly nearly took her head off. Kelly has been trying to match move for move. Again being trained by Murder-1 that she’s actually a lot tougher than many have given her credit. Kelly creatively tied Rosa with the ropes and drop kicked her into the back. The referee has been very liberal with his ten count. They battle outside of the ring and the referee keeps breaking the count. Rosa hasn’t just targeted one spot on Kelly, she’s really targeted them all, efforting to neutralize the limbs of Kelly. But every time Rosa looks like she’s got an advantage, Kelly finds a way to take control of the match. This match has been way more back and forth than I thought it would. The match spilled on to the stage area. Kelly managed to get an Octopus Hold that Rosa is able to reverse the hold into a Death Valley Driver. For sure in this match you can say that both parties can take a ton of punishment. Kelly has certainly gotten better since last time I saw her. Hell’s Favorite Harlot moves set has gotten more diverse and she really looked great in this match.

Winner: Thunder Rosa – Finishing off Priscilla Kelly with a Thunder Driver. This match was very intense and these styles of matches have become common ground for title defenses. For Rosa’s victory she travels to Jacksonville with Title in hand and now wrestles again AEW.

This show was better all the way around from last week. No technical glitches, pacing was better, better story telling. I am positive David Marquez and Company have to be happy with this show. Next week, two women’s matches come to the weekly pay per view series. Newly signed AEW talent Serena Deeb takes on Allysin Kay, Ruby Raze challenges Cece Chanel, Ray Rosas face Pablo Esco, the return of Chris Dickinson, and in the Main Event, the NWA National Heavyweight Championship bout between Trevor Murdoch and Aron Stevens a continuation of the feud from NWA POWERRR.

You can still order the replay for $7.99 or do yourself a favor and get the first 4 episode for $23.99 on Fite TV

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