Wrestling School 2 to debut Friday on YouTube

Wrestling School 2, a new documentary film produced and directed by Max Minor about the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy, will debut on the Santino Bros. YouTube channel on Friday, May 1, 2020, at 8:00 p.m. PDT. This is a follow up to the original film, this time focusing on the women of the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy.

The film will focus on 2019 Southern California Women’s Wrestler of the Year Heather MonroeRuby RazeDelilah DoomSarah The RebelViva VanSimone SherieKathy Campanelli, and upcoming rookie Mylo Matters.

We asked Ruby Raze what it meant to be featured in the film. She replied, “It’s an honor to be part of this film as a full-fledged graduate of Santino Bros. This film commemorates all the amazing times we had at the dojo, but being a female graduate of this school is much rarer than one would think. To date, there have been less than ten females that made it through training, so being included in this film means that our marks in history have been made and will be preserved now until this film ceases to exist.”

The original Wrestling School documentary was released in 2017 and was screened at the Doc Sunback Film Festival and the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), among other venues. The first film focused on Joey ‘Kaos’ Muñoz, Sylvia ‘Jezabel Romo’ Muñoz, Mongol Santino, Robby Phoenix, Zokre (of Los Luchas), Douglas James, Jake Atlas, Darwin Finch, and Chaz Hererra. The full film is currently available on YouTube for free.

Like the first film, Wrestling School 2 is centered on the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy in Bell Gardens, which has now closed its doors at that location due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and focuses on the journeys of the individual wrestlers.

In addition to producing and directing the Wrestling School films, Max Minor has also worked in production on TV series such as Disney’s Legend of the Three Caballeros and Adult Swim’s China, IL.

The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy is largely considered one of the best wrestling schools in the western United States. It has produced seven Southern California Rookies of the Year, more than any other school. Alumni from the school include Jake Atlas, Brody King, Douglas James, Famous B, and Eli Everfly.

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