[Recap] Santino Bros on September 25th 2015

Santino Bros
September 25th 2015
Bell Gardens, Ca

Morning SoCalUncensored faithfuls, Mike Draven here to give you a recap of the Santino Bros Event Santino Bros 9-25-15 1from The Santino Bros Dojo in Bell Gardens, California. Prior to the start, there was a 10 bell salute to our fallen friends Frank Iadevaia & “The Drunken Irishman” James Prentice. Ms. Trina Michaels would come to the ring as she was the guest host of this evenings event as she would talk about the upcoming Santino Bros “Kaostrophe” until PPRAY (“Pretty” Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) made their way out. They would talk about their creditbility but wonder why they were not on the card, so Michaels would announced if they could win their match they’ll have a match on Kaostrophe.

Tag Team Match:
The Hive (Bee Boy & Mantis) def PPRAY (“Pretty” Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) with a Team Finisher as Bee Boy hit a Flying Knee & Mantis delivered a Spinning Back Kick on Ray Rosas for the win. After the match, a frustrated PPRAY would vent out their displeasure at one another & as it would look like PPRAY may be on the disbanding, they would reconcile but still unsure of each others intentions.

Douglas James def Big Hoss Hogg (w/Robbie Phoenix) with a Crucifix driver for the win. An upset Robbie Phoenix would say that DJ got lucky with that win verses Hoss but he would issue a challenge at Kaostrophe to face him which Douglas James happily accepted.

“The SuperTzar” Sasha Darevko def Sgt Major Alexander Paul:Santino Bros 9-25-15 4
In this contest Sgt looks well but later on into the match, he didn’t seemed like himself which Darevko took full advantage of as he would wear him down. Chachi & Famous B felt that maybe Sgt Major is still feeling the effects of a match verses BC Killer a few weeks ago but as the referee & others checked on Sgt Major physical condition, Sasha Darevko delivered a DDT and pinned him to the much of the referee’s dismay & since the match hasn’t officially ended, Sasha got the 3 count for the win.

Trina Michaels would return to talk about the Alternative Wrestling Show event on Saturday September 26th as she is also hosting the event but end up talking down about their current Women’s division at AWS as this would bring out “The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” RAZE as she was about let Michaels know what she thought about those comments until the Santino Bros Submission Champion BC Killer would sneak attack on RAZE as this would set up the next match.

Santino Bros Submission Championship:
BC Killer def RAZE via Disqualification due to RAZE using a closed fist after delivering a Thesz Press. Since the attack, BC was in total control of the match but RAZE determination shined in the match but as to the rules, DQ can happen if any wrestler uses a closed fist in a Submission Championship match.

“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo vs “Blackhart” Fern Owens:
Just as it would seem Owens was about to get the Submission victory, Brody King would come to the ring and annihilate both wrestlers with his shear size & power. The match was ruled a NO Contest but is there anyone who “Dethrone the King”?Santino Bros 9-25-15 6

Main Event:
“The Butcher” Tyler Bateman def “Extraordinary” Eli Everfly after executing a devastating Lariat Clothesline followed by his “Death from Above” Falling Forearm Smash, Bateman would lock in a Front Guillotine Submission hold to get the submission victory.

Trina Michaels would return to the ring with the official contract for the main event of Kaostrophe as Santino Bros Champion Brian Kendrick & “The Rock Supertar” Kaos would sign the contract. Both wrestlers would exchange pleasantries to the dislike of Michaels who feels Kaos can’t defeat the Former WWE/TNA star but Kaos would take her insults with stride but in the end would give her a “HUG” into a Belly to Belly suplex as he would exit the ring as he would leave a fallen Trina Michaels in the ring as the show ends for the evening.

As always, Santino Bros drew well for their events in Bell Gardens as more fans were watching the show from the outside since the seats were pretty much filled inside the dojo. Everyone brought their best this evening as Santino Bros set up the final pieces for the “KAOSTROPHE” event taking place in 2 weeks at the American Legion in South Gate, Ca: http://socaluncensored.com/event/santino-bros-in-south-gate-ca/Santino Bros 9-25-15 11

As to the matches of the night, I give the nod to these matches in no particular order:

Eli Everfly vs Tyler Bateman: Very good match up giving the fans a hard hitting, technical wrestling match. The 2013 SCU Rookie of the Year & The 2014 Most Outstanding Wrestler definitely gave the fans that night a match to talk about. Kudos to both men.

Hoss Hogg vs Douglas James: Hoss is continuing to show more & more power in his matches which got a lot of reaction from the crowd this evening. Several power moves he unleashed in his match I didn’t expect DJ to continue but his heart & determination in the match showed everyone this evening that this rookie has a bright future. As a strong contender for the SCU Rookie of the Year for 2015, can another Santino Bros student claim the award?? Make sure you visit the Message board & sign up when announcements are made later this year.

The Hive vs PPRAY:
As Jay Cal mentioned in his JAY CAL VIEW: http://socaluncensored.com/2015/09/25/jay-cals-view-142/ The U.S. & Australia has had a great partnership with showcasing talent & The Hive definitely showed Bell Gardens what they’re about. The fans at first didn’t know what to make of BEE Santino Bros 9-25-15 2BOY & Mantis but they provided a fun, high flying match verses the So Cal staples of “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas. PPRAY didn’t let the distractions for The Hive’s appeal get to them as they gave the two Australian grapplers a solid, high impact match up. The Hive may have scored the victory but the true story is the continuing cracks in the foundation of PPRAY. With both men ready to face each other next week at IWL’s New Era X in Baldwin Park, Ca..will the outcome of that match mark the end of the So Cal tag team or will this show everyone in any promotion that no matter with all the disagreements they may have had, their bond is stronger than ever?

As always, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support to the great promotions in Southern California.

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