Ways to support SoCal wrestling during COVID-19 lockdown

Within the span of a week things changed in the wrestling community in ways we could never expect – we went from a thriving indie scene to a complete stand still and hold on all wrestling shows due to the Corona Virus. This is professional wrestling in 2020…kinda.

At first it looked like athletes and promotions would be alright. “Just a few weeks without shows.” Wrestlers who relied on in-ring activity looking for various ways to make ends meet; the most obvious one being to push merch sales or Patreon as a way of making up for missing out on three weeks worth of bookings. As the week progressed it became very apparent that this wrestling moratorium would be longer and more impactful than we expected. To quote a friend, “We are all gonna eat sh*t. Our business found its biggest weakness.” 

With each passing day some new order was put forth: First a ban on events hosting more 250 people, then 50, and now 10 people is being deemed the cap, and as those number dwindled so did the jobs of people who support indie wrestling due to the California lockdown. In short, we have a scenario where both the wrestling business and a large majority of its fans are without income.

So, what can be done? This may spell the end for some wrestling companies, some may not be able to recover from their losses, much like other businesses. We all hope that our favorite indie companies and wrestlers can make it through this time but might not have the ability ourselves to buy merch, purchase shows, or things of the like.  Here I have compiled Three FREE ways to support indie wrestling during the Corona Virus shutdown:

  1. Retweet peoples online store or websites: you might not have the means to purchase something, but someone else might.
  1. Watch/Retweet matches: this helps increase viewing hours for channels, which can also help your favorite promotion or wrestler gain monetization. You’re also introducing these people and companies to potentially new fans. Don’t forget to subscribe!
  1. Share links from your favorite wrestling promotions website – smaller promoters (i.e. not WWE) are really taking this one on the chin – visit their site, subscribe, or sign up for their email list. If you have it in you, click and ad or two. These things count. 

I’m also including website addresses and YouTube channels for some of some of your favorite SoCal promotions. Sharing is caring…unless it comes to germs. Be safe and wash your hands. 

Santino Bros
Twitter: @SantinoBros

Ground Zero San Diego
Twitter: @GroundZeroSD / @lvlupwrestling

FIST Combat
Twitter: @FISTCombatTV

Millennium Pro Wrestling
Twitter: @MPW805

Empire Wrestling Federation
Twitter: @EWFEmpire

SoCal Pro
Twitter: @SoCalPro

Bar Wrestling
Twitter: @BarWrestling

http://www.pcwultra.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpWXclNuk4mk_HXut3DJb5Q
Twitter: @PCWULTRA

Twitter: @bartaws

Wrestling Pro Wrestling
Twitter: @WrestlingPW

SoCal Uncensored
Twitter: @SoCalUncensored

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