WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – October 26, 2019

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This week’s episode of WOW – Women of Wrestling kicks off with Beast being interviewed by David McLane in the ring at the Belasco Theater. Reflecting on the sneak attack that occurred last week, Beast says that Jungle Grrrl isn’t ready for her. McLane schedules a match for tonight between Beast and Jungle Grrrl where the winner will get a title match against WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard. He goes on to say that Blanchard will be banned from ringside to avoid any interference from the champion. 

Monsters of Madness vs. The Bully Busters

We continue with a spotlight on the Monsters of Madness as they prepare to face the Bully Busters outside of the WOW Tag Team Series. Havok and Hazard threaten to take the tag team division by storm and pave a “path of destruction” across WOW. In this non-series match, Hazard and Bully Buster Stephy Slays begin as the legal competitors. Slays starts strong with a crossbody dive and arm drags to Hazard. Keta Rush is tagged only and both Bully Busters lay out the Monster of Madness with stereo clotheslines. Once Havok is tagged in, she takes down both Bully Busters like a wrecking ball. The Monsters of Madness descend on Slays, crushing, choking and striking the Bully Buster. Hazard attempts covers, but Slays is determined to keep fighting through the match. Slays digs deep and fires off body shots on Hazard. She manages to tag her partner and Keta dropkick both Monsters of Madness. Slays dives outside the ring to take out Havok. In the ring, Hazard hits Keta with a backpack Stunner to pick up the win for the Monsters of Madness. 

Serpentine vs. Reyna Reyes

In the next match, The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez has secured a match for her client, Serpentine, against Reyna Reyes. Both Serpentine and The Pearl of the Philippines have challenged WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard and are well-matched competitors. They maneuver with one another like call-and-response, reversing one another into tortuous submissions. There is a feeling of respect between the women, both sharing Lucha influence in their in-ring abilities. Serpentine issues arm drags, whipping Reyes across the ring. Reyes answers with intricate arm drags of her own and a leg drop. The breakneck speed of both athletes roars at a feverish pace. Serpentine targets the legs of Reyes. Lopez distracts the referee while Serpentine continues to attack Reyes. Serpentine gets Reyes in a Sharpshooter, trying to take away Reyes’ high-flying finisher. Reyes gets caught in a single-leg crab by Serpentine, her leg being hyperextended by her opponent.  Reyes is a spirited competitor and fights back with a flurry of strikes. She attempts a cover after a springboard Stunner, but Serpentine regains control. Serpentine throws a cannonball and dropkick at Reyes but only gets a 2-count. After a superkick from Reyes, it looks like the match is over. Reyes goes for the pin, but Lopez distracts the ref and buys her client Serpentine time to recover. While Reyes is busy having words with Lopez, Serpentine hits her Serpent Driver and gains the victory. 

In the next scene, we see the eerie candlelit room where Siren the Voodoo Doll reads her tarot cards. With Holidead pacing behind her, Siren turns over cards featuring Princess Aussie and each of the Psycho Sisters. Will so many fates in the balance, forces are at work that tell Siren that WOW Tag Team Titles are in hers and Holidead’s futures. 

Outside of Sophia Lopez’ office, Lana Star approaches the World’s Greatest Attorney. She asks how Lopez manages to secure title matches against Tessa Blanchard for her clients. Lopez informs Star that they can both proverbially scratch one another’s backs and the two leave together. 

Razor of The Psycho Sisters addresses the prophetic proclamation from Siren and Holidead, saying that they’re not scared of “magic tricks.” They are ready to settle the score in the ring when Razor and Fury challenge the otherworldly duo in the WOW Tag Team Series. 

Holidead & Siren The Voodoo Doll vs. Psycho Sisters

With Mezmeriah at ringside, Fury and Razor begin their match against Siren the Voodoo Doll and Holidead in the WOW Tag Team Series. Razor initiates a handshake between all of the competitors, using the opportunity for her and Fury to launch into devious offense. The gritty Razor contends with the mysterious Voodoo Doll to begin the match. After tags are made, Holidead slams Fury with guidance from the dark side. Mezmeriah draws the attention of Holidead from ringside and Fury attempts a roll-up. The Psycho Sisters fight with a lust to capture the gold by any means necessary. Proving this point, Fury chokes Holidead in the corner and against the ropes. Razor is tagged in, but Holidead is able to evade her hold. Razor is slammed into the corner and Holidead makes the tag to Siren. Razor finds herself in enemy territory as the otherworldly duo imparts numerous strikes and splashes to the Psycho Sister. Fury looks on helplessly as the referee holds her back. Holidead and Siren work together, weakening Razor with their relentless assault. The tough-as-nails Razor refuses to submit to maneuvers from her opponents. Siren kicks out of Razor’s Downward Spiral and Princess Aussie appears at ringside. Pandemonium ensues outside the ring as Aussie attacks Mezmeriah. With Holidead tangled up with Fury at ringside, Siren hits the Voodoo Driver on Razor for the win. Holidead and Siren advance in the WOW Tag Team Series. 

Jungle Grrrl vs. The Beast

The Main Event begins with Jungle Grrrl and Beast staring daggers at one another from across the ring. The tensions between the two have built from numerous attacks and a vicious locker room brawl. The stakes are high as the winner of the match will get a title shot at Blanchard. Beast establishes her power by shoving Jungle Grrrl off of her feet. Jungle Grrrl suggests a test of strength but strikes low on the Beast. Jungle Grrrl continues her assault of Beast in the corner and gains control by grounding her opponent. Jungle Grrrl is backed into the corner by Beast, but answers with a dropkick. Furious strikes are exchanged and Jungle Grrrl climbs to the top rope for her signature splash. Suddenly, she is pulled from the top turnbuckle by Lioness. She and Lana Star have appeared at ringside to attack Jungle Grrrl. The match ends and is ruled a disqualification for Beast. It appears that this is the result of Star’s collusion with Lopez. Though Blanchard was barred from ringside, interference was still made in the match. Star is laid out by an irate Beast as Jungle Grrrl professes that she is ready to face Blanchard one-on-one. 

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