UEW – 10 August 2019 – Results

Homeless Jimmy defeated Synn to win the UEW Heavyweight Championship in the main event of UEW’s August 10 event in Long Beach, CA. Click for full results.

Underground Empire Wrestling
Assault on 59th Street
August 10, 2019
Metroflex Sports Complex
Long Beach, CA

The Lotus Initiative (Lord Ateu and Terex) over Fern Owens and Biagio Crecenzo.

Sean Black over Tony Raze.

Jay Washington over Uncle Chaz Herrera.

Red Bat over Jimi Mayhem.

Daniel Moon over Snypes to become No. 1 Contender for UiTV title.

Guy Cool over Daniel Moon to retain the UEW UiTV title.

The P.B.A. over Mike Rayne to become the new UEW Eastern Pacific Champion.

Homeless Jimmy over Synn in an Underground Rules match to become the new UEW Heavyweight Champion.

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