UEW – 22 October 2016 – Quick Results

Fern Owens defeated Ray Rosas in a barbwire dog collar match to retain the UEW Heavyweight title in the main event of October 22nd’s UEW show in East Los Angeles. Click for full results. Underground Empire Wrestling
October 22, 2016
UEW Arena
East Los Angeles, CA

David Rage over Biagio Crescenzo, Daniel Torch, and “Jungleboy” Nate Coy

Urban Discipline’s “Brutality Boot Camp”
Jimmi Mayhem over G.C. Bayhl

Underground Catch Combat Match
Max X over “Miracle” Mike James

Death Match
Supreme over Pinky

Pumpkin Patch Death Match
Sage Sin Supreme over Marriah Moreno

Body Bag Match
Michael Krueger vs The Insaniac went to a no contest

Tanky’s Twisted Toolshed UEW Tag-Team Championship Death Match
Andre “The Vandal” Verdun & BC Killer over JD Horror and Bobby Hollywood to retain the UEW Tag-Team titles

Barbwire Dog Collar Match
“Blakhart” Fern Owens over Ray Rosas to retain the UEW Heavyweight Championship

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