SoCal News & Notes 02/13/2019

In today’s SoCal News & Notes we have info on a UWF pretender claiming to be running an event in Santee, LA Lucha, Wrestle Summit, VWE, a run down of this week’s Southern California pro-wrestling events, and more. Click for today’s news update.

There is a promotion claiming to be the continuation of Herb Abram’s Universal Wrestling Federation, the early 1990s promotion that aired on Sports Channel America, saying they will be holding an event at the Carlton Oaks Country Club in Santee, CA on June 23. The promoter is even Herb Abrams Jr., the son of the original promoter. The only problem is none of it appears to be true.

Herb Abrams, who died in 1996, had no children. Additionally, had he had any children, his religion would not have allowed for a child to be a junior, as naming a child after a living person was forbidden. Herb Abrams’ real family has filed Facebook reports against the person pretending to be Herb Abrams’ child for years, and have repeatedly asked him to stop causing grief for the family by lying about his relation.

When the Carlton Oaks Country Club was contacted earlier today, they were unaware of any wrestling events scheduled for the location on June 23 or any other date. This is despite tickets for the event being placed on sale with the disclaimer that tickets must be purchased online only, and no tickets will be sold at the door. The ticket page also states absolutely no refunds. The tickets are being sold through Eventbrite, who we’ve reached out to for comment, but have yet to hear back from.

We reached out to Al Burke, who controls the original UWF’s footage and has licensed it to air on ESPN Classics, and he advised that he has never met or spoken to the person claiming to be Herb Abrams Jr.

The social media profiles for Herb Abrams Jr. do not include any photos. A records search does not turn up anyone by that name who would meet the age requirements to be the son of Herb Abrams.

Based on a search through the social media accounts of the person claiming to be Herb Abrams Jr. and the UWF, it appears that the person behind the Herb Abrams Jr. account, or at least closely associated with the account,  is Donald Aguayo, otherwise known as DJ Medina or DJ Anderson. A lot of the social media points to a fake television station called 1 Nation Network, which then links back to Aguayo’s previous promotion, AWA.

Aguayo has a long history in the San Diego of making false claims, promoting shows that do not happen, and not paying wrestlers. He was even famously sued by SoCal Pro promoter Jeff Dino with the case ending up on the Judge Mathis show. He also has a criminal record. His last promotion ended when he was sued by Spin Nightclub in San Diego for breach of contract.

We have reached out to the party claiming to be the UWF for comment, but have not yet received a response.

Joey Ryan will be appearing on the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m.

LA Lucha added Teddy Hart to their March 16 event in Huntington Park.

Mil Muertes has been added to PCW Ultra’s Wrestle Summit on March 29 in Wilmington.

Mil Mascaras will be doing a signing at Frank & Sons Collectable Show on February 23 from 1-3:00 p.m. Mick Foley and Lisa Marie Varon will be there on March 2.

UEW will be doing a ticket discount of 50% off tickets to their March 2 event in Burbank if you can show proof of purchase for any wrestling event later that evening, meaning Game Changer Wrestling. UEW is scheduled to start at 3:00 p.m. leaving plenty of time to get to the GCW event.

Venue Wrestling Entertainment’s February 22 event in Imperial will feature a first time match between Killer Kross and Ryan Kidd in the main event.

The Level Up Pro Wrestling School in La Mesa will be holding Student Showcase events on February 17 and February 24.

This week’s Southern California pro-wrestling events:


Lucha VaVoom presents Amor Prohibido in Los Angeles, CA (21 & Up)


Lucha VaVoom presents Amor Prohibido in Los Angeles, CA (21 & Up)


MPW in Moorpark, CA


Baja Stars USA 3rd Anniversary Show in San Diego, CA

Destination 6 in Barstow, CA

EWF in San Bernardino, CA

Lucha Attack in Reseda, CA


Lucha Wrestling Puroresu in Huntington Park, CA

Proyeccion 2000 in Los Angeles, CA

FMLL in El Monte, CA

Level Up Pro Wrestling School Student Showcase #4 in La Mesa, CA


Bar Wrestling 30: Three’s Company – Night One in Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Benjamin Tomas | 02/14/2019 at 2:06 AM |

    As I was reading the tuff about Herb Abrams Jr, I said to myself, “This sounds like the bullshit DJ Medina or Marvin would try and pull.” True story.

  2. we don’t need another NUT CASE like Herb Abrams

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