Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 22: Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part 2 Review

On the season (and possibly series) finale of Lucha Underground Season 4, we have the second part of Ultima Lucha Cuatro.

We started off with a video recapping events that took place in previous episodes. After the recap, Johnny Mundo was playing air guitar with the Gauntlet on his hand while Taya did her makeup in the locker room. They talked about Johnny’s match before he left. After Johnny left, Ricky Mundo’s talking doll Rosa spoke to Taya. Rosa complimented Taya, saying she was the perfect woman and the “perfect host.” Taya’s body may have been taken over by this doll’s spirit in this scene, but I’m not sure.

After that scene, we headed into the Temple. Matt Striker and Vampiro welcomed the fans to the show before sending it to Melissa Santos for the first match. The show then took its first commercial break during Fenix’s entrance.

2 out of 3 Falls Match: Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Fenix

The match began after the commercial break. The action went back-and-forth in the early stages of the first fall. Fenix would win the first fall after hitting a Black Fire Driver on Dragon Azteca, Jr. As he was pinning Dragon Azteca, Fenix stared at Melissa Santos. When the second fall began after another commercial break, Matt Striker noted there would be no disqualifications or count outs while Fenix brought weapons into the ring.

Fenix would control the second fall briefly in the early stages before Dragon Azteca mounted a comeback and eventually won the fall. After the second fall, Antonio Cueto emerged from his office and made the final fall a “Falls Count Anywhere” match. Fenix then launched a chair at Dragon Azteca’s head before the show went to a commercial break.

The final fall began with Fenix stacking up a pile of chairs at ringside as Dragon Azteca was trying to recover from the attack before the commercial break. Fenix would try to suplex him from the ring to the outside, but Dragon Azteca was able to fight him off. Melissa Santos was shown several times reacting to the action as the match went on, but was being shown more often during this segment of the match. Fenix and Dragon Azteca brawled at ringside for several moments and set up weapons before the action went back into the ring. At one point during the brawling, Fenix hit a German Suplex on Dragon Azteca on the floor.

The two began to brawl outside of the ring again and into the bleachers before Dragon Azteca hit a hurricanrana onto Fenix through a table on the floor. Moments later, Fenix attempted to hit a double stomp on Dragon Azteca through a table, but the table didn’t break. The two made their way back to the ring where Dragon Azteca hit a victory roll on Fenix off the ropes and through a table. Dragon Azteca was about to put away Fenix with a chair before Melissa Santos begged him not to. Fenix would get up and hit Dragon Azteca with a chair as Melissa was on the ring apron. Melissa would beg for the match to stop before Fenix hit a few more moves on Dragon Azteca to get the win.

After the match, Melissa walked out without making the announcement of Fenix’s win.

Antonio Cueto addressed the audience after a commercial break. He informed them that Melissa Santos had left the building. This would draw a chorus of boos from the crowd. Antonio then announced that he made a “blockbuster deal” with an incredible talent before introducing Shaul Guerrero as the guest ring announcer for the rest of the show.

As Shaul was about to introduce the next match, Famous B interrupted her claiming to be the only guest ring announcer the fans wanted to see. Famous B would enter the ring and demanded that she leave while offering her his business card. He also claimed he had no idea who she or her family was before Shaul interrupted him saying her family was Lucha Libre. She named members of her family, with Eddie’s name getting the biggest pop from the crowd.

After insulting Famous B, the two were about to fight before Chavo Guerrero Jr. slid int he ring. Chavo and Shaul would punk Famous B before Shaul hit the Three Amigos on Famous B. Chavo would follow up with a Frog Splash before the two tossed Famous B out of the ring. The show then went to a commercial break with Shaul and Chavo celebrating in the ring.

Deathmatch: Mil Muertes vs. The Mack

Mil Muertes brought a coffin out to the ring with him for the match. The action went back-and-forth in the opening moments, and The Mack would hit a Tope Con Giro onto Mil Muertes outside of the ring during this portion of the match. Mil brought in another coffin to ringside during the match. The Mack would open one of the coffins as the match went on, revealing that several weapons, including an axe, were inside. The weapons were brought into the ring, and Mil Muertes used one of the weapons to bust The Mack open.

Moments later, The Mack brought a trash can into the ring and hit a coast-to-coast dropkick onto Mil in one of the corners with the trash can set up on top of him. The action would spill outside the ring again where The Mack would rip open Mil’s mask and busted him open. Things would go back-and-forth between the two, with both guys hitting a few moves on each other for some near falls. The Mack eventually got the win after smashing a brick over Mil Muertes’ head, followed by a Stunner.

After the match, The Mack dragged Mil Muertes into one of the coffins Mil brought to ringside. The Mack then celebrated his victory by drinking beers like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Before the match, Antonio Cueto yelled from the balcony at Johnny Mundo for having the Gauntlet. Matanza then entered the Temple wearing an “ancient Aztec headdress” and costume. The show then to a commercial break before the match began.

Sacrificed to the Gods: Johnny Mundo vs. Matanza Cueto

After a commercial break, the match began. Antonio Cueto watched the action from the catwalk. The match started off with Johnny using the Gauntlet to overpower Matanza. Moments later, Matanza ripped the Gauntlet off Johnny’s hand and threw outside of the ring. Johnny would attempt to use his speed advantage to get the better of Matanza, but Matanza would overpower him and suplexed him several times. Johnny was able to mount a comeback but was cut off by Matanza. Later in the match, Johnny would be able to escape from Matanza and regained the Gauntlet briefly before Matanza prevented him from putting it on. Matanza then tossed the Gauntlet on top of one of the entrance ways, leading to Johnny going around the Temple trying to recover it.

Johnny would eventually get on top of the freezer where the Gauntlet was thrown and recovered it as Matanza followed behind. Matanza then thew Johnny through the roof of the refrigerator/entrance way. It was presumed that Matanza won before Johnny Mundo emerged from the entrance way with the Gauntlet. The action headed back inside the ring during the finishing stretch of the match. Johnny Mundo then punched Matanza with the Gauntlet several times, and eventually got the win after hitting a punch from the top rope with the Gauntlet.

After a commercial break, Johnny Mundo was shown walking backstage. Aerostar appeared and told him the Gauntlet wasn’t helping him, but destroying him. When Aerostar told him a God would inhibit his body, Johnny handed the Gauntlet back to him. Aerostar told him he was a good man, to which Johnny replied he was not. Inside the Temple, Shaul Guerrero introduced the main event. The show then went to a commercial break during Marty The Moth’s entrance.

Lucha Underground Championship – Cero Miedo Match: Marty “The Moth” Martinez (c) vs. Pentagon Dark

Pentagon Dark got an early advantage after attacking Marty The Moth to start the match. During all this, Marty was busted open and began to bleed. Pentagon Dark would throw several weapons inside the ring while dominating the match before Marty mounted a comeback. Inside the ring, Marty tried to rip the mask of Pentagon Dark off his face and stabbed him in the forehead with a fork. The action would spill outside the ring, and at one point Pentagon Dark hit a Mexican Destroyer on Marty The Moth after jumping off the commentary table.

As the match progressed, Marty’s face continued to pour blood all over. After getting an advantage over Pentagon Dark, Marty brought a can of gasoline into the ring and poured it on Pentagon Dark. He acted as if he was about to set Pentagon Dark on fire before Pentagon Dark kicked a lighter from Marty’s hand. A few moments later, Pentagon Dark hip tossed Marry out of a ring and through a table that was set up at ringside. The two would brawl outside of the ring some more before Pentagon threw Marty through a pane of glass that was set up at ringside. Pentagon Dark would eventually get the win after hitting a Package Piledriver on a bunch of chairs.

After the match, Pentagon Dark was about to break the arm of Marty The Moth before Reklusa ran in. As Reklusa attacked Pentagon Dark, Vampiro ran in to make the save. After making the save, Vampiro and Pentagon Dark stood in the ring as Vampiro presented the Lucha Underground Championship to Pentagon. After this, Vampiro attacked Pentagon Dark before Vampiro’s “Master” (Australian Suicide) ran in for the save. Vampiro’s “Master” then hit a Shooting Star Press onto Pentagon Dark outside of the ring off a catwalk. Inside the ring, the “Master” hit a Shooting Star Skytwister onto Pentagon Dark before Jake Strong entered the Temple. Jake Strong entered the ring and exchanged the Gift of the Gods title for a Lucha Underground Championship match.

Lucha Underground Championship Match: Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Jake Strong

The match began and Jake immediately put an Ankle Lock on Pentagon Dark. Jake Strong would hold onto the submission for a few moments before Marty Elias stopped the match after Pentagon Dark couldn’t respond. The fans in attendance then chanted ‘bullshit” as Jake Strong held the Lucha Underground Championship.

Aerostar, King Cuerno, and Dragon Azteca were then shown somewhere saying they needed to get rid of the Gauntlet. After this, Matanza was shown walking somewhere. Black Lotus returned with the Gauntlet in her hands saying she knew Dragon Azteca Sr. didn’t kill her parents. She then went on to have possibly killed Matanza. Dragon Azteca appeared and told her that her parents’ death had been avenged. After Black Lotus left, Jake Strong attacked Dragon Azteca and took the Gauntlet.

Johnny Mundo met up with Taya in the locker room to celebrate his win. Taya then told him she was not his wife anymore before attacking him. After the attack, she declared that she was God.

Jake Strong then entered a limo with Antonio Cueto and Wade Barrett inside. They told Antonio that his son was a good host, but now it was time for them to take over the world.

After that, we flashed back to a year ago where Antonio stole Dario’s key. Then we saw Aerostar place the emulate over the neck of Dario Cueto, bringing him back to life as the season ends in a “To Be Continued” cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts

The action on the show was pretty fun. Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Fenix was really good, and Matanza/Mundo match was fun for what it was. With all that said, Jake Strong becoming the Lucha Underground Champion was a huge downer. I feel like it might end up being the worst decision made by the writers of the show, but it might not even matter since the show could end up being cancelled. I’m also not thrilled about Wade Barrett being revealed as a mastermind behind a plot to take over the world through a wrestling promotion.

Well, that does it for this season of Lucha Underground. It was, well, interesting. I’ll have a wrap up with a bunch of final thoughts on the season sometime tomorrow or Friday. With that said, thank fuck this season is over.

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