Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 363 Review

Kathy Interviewed Sky and asked him if he’s avoiding Ray Rosas. He said he is the four time champion and he’s busy. He’s all over the world. He then dissed Rosa’s marketability, and also talked up Andy Brown and told him that he’s a child in this game and he’s his daddy. Daddy also gets the biggest piece of chicken. Scorpio Sky verses Andy Brown is the main event.

Bateman, Royce Isaacs and the Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro) vs. Suede Thompson, Dicky Mayer and the Soul Burners (Ryan Taylor and Tomaste)

This was an eight man tag match right out of the gate. The announcers spoke about Mayer’s condition and said that this is a dream match. Bateman tried to intimidate early, but then tagged out immediately. Buddy ran right into a single leg dropkick so he tagged in Royce Isaacs, who then faced Taylor, who slipped in a sleeper to wrist lock combo that was smooth. Isaacs showed that he can hang in the ring, even through Taylor broke his fingers and forced a tag. Tomaste got some work and then Suede Thompson worked shortly to get Mayer in the match. Mayer hit a suplex and Buddy Royal really took a bunch of abuse in the corner with hard kicks and constant tags. Taylor nailed a spiking move. Then all hell broke loose and all members outside got interfered with by the rest of the team. Bateman was in the ring with Taylor and they hit commercial break.

Isaacs and Taylor were in, and Isaacs’ small package could only deliver a two count. Powerful moves by Isaacs, even taking him for a walk during a vertical suplex, but it only got two. Royal got tagged back in and worked Taylor over some more along with Levi Shapiro, who hit a couple meathook shots and just hammered on Taylor for a bit.  Then the Classic Connection did some double team moves and worked their offense like an old school football team, running the ball. It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Taylor was just getting beat down in the corner by all competitors. Taylor got out of trouble with a Jumping Enziguri. Suede came in on fire, hitting moves on everyone, punctuated by a stomp in the corner. Suede went for Small Soldiers DVD but got a stunner in. Guys on both sides started brawling near the entrance, and Tomsate hit a moonsault on everyone. Everyone hit a bevy of moves, including some signatures and some finishers. Classic connection hit their double double suplex, and Suede came in and took them both out. Levi started clawing, Suede hit a Pele, and Mayer hit a soaring headbutt after tagging in.

This was a good opener. Everyone had a good spot in this. This felt like the best way to get all these guys on the episode by merging some storylines for that purpose.

Grant interviewed Nikko

Nikko mentioned growth, he mentioned a women’s match, the reno scum, and Colt Cabana. The China special will be in two weeks.

Zaida vs. Heather Monroe

Heather Monroe showed no respect to the debuting Zaida, she baited her early, but Zaida got a rolling toe hold and a gator roll. Zaida did a whirling pin combo, but then ate a boot by Heather who just started beating on Zaida followed by a gutwrench suplex. Zaida fought back and nailed a couple of flying two handed chops and a monkey flip. Zaida went for a codebreaker, but ate a big kick and a crushing forearm from Heather. Heather turned the tables with a cat like eye rake which leads to hear cat lady clutch, which got the submission.

This was one of the better women’s wrestling matches on the show in a while. I liked how Heather gave no respect, but Zaida showed some fire and kept it competitive. Zaida had some unorthodox moves, and Heather is probably one of the best women in SoCal right now. It’s worth a watch.

Nick Aldis was interviewed about his title defense in China. He name dropped Funk, Flair, Brisco, etc, saying he got to defend it in China, something none of them have done. He also said thank you in Chinese and left with a “you’re welcome” after getting the announcer to say it.

Brandon Cutler vs. Ray Rosas

This was a great match. There was a dance off though. Rosas went for a quick cover, but Cutler matched him. A springboard arm drag and a huge dropkick by Cutler was good. Rosas answered with an Enziguri, a double axe handle from the top rope, and a suplex for a two count. Cutler hit Rosas with a black hole slam with about six spins on it. Cutler then nailed an over the top rope Enziguri, which transitioned to a single leg crab, then a ginzu leg drop off the top rope and a huge elbow drop. Cutler went for his finisher, but Rosas hit him with his neckbreaker Russian leg sweep, which set him up for his sky high elbow from the top rope. Rosas hit the Adios Amigos for the three count.

This match had a lot of action in it, and both guys looked really crisp and sharp. The chains of moves sequenced together showed some excellent chain wrestling. Cutler had a great return to CWFH and Rosas’s Elbow is one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen in a while.

Eric Watts and Matthews were interviewed.

It was a decent interview about how they found each other, but too much to transcribe here.

Andy Brown vs. Scorpio Sky (non title match)

This was another high impact match. Scorpio Sky was ducking early, even tried to tell the ref his hair was pulled. I saw at least ten switches reverses in a row before  Andy Brown slammed him to the mat. Sky then used a throat poke to reverse a hold. Brown didn’t let it slow him down though and started working in his offense. High impact should be a nickname for Brown because all of his moves hit that way. A great looking backbreaker by Brown was followed by, Brown working on the midsection and back of Sky. Sky cheats to gain the advantage and hit a picture perfect drop kick to send me into a commercial.

Sky had been dominant through the break and had Brown in a scissor hold. Brown got out but it was short lived as he hit some MMA strikes and speared him in the corner. Sky hit his leg drop on the apron, but he was favoring his back. Sky worked over Brown for quite a while, even crumpling him in the corner with punches. Sky told the ref he was done and it turned into a slugfest in the ring. Sky hit the top rope but ate a boot coming down. The brawl continued in the center of the ring with volleys of forearms. A suplex duel started and Brown finally got the momentum for a vertical suplex. Brown got up first and hit two heavy clotheslines and his heavy forearm. Brown got a heavy kick and a suicide dive to the carpet. Brown rolled him back in and nailed a spinebuster and his heavy kick to the jaw almost a big fat kill moment like Sky. Sky countered with a high knee to the jaw. Brown hit his roll up cutter, but Sky rolled outside. Brown went for another suicide dive, but ate a fist in midair that looked like it knocked Brown out. Sky hit a modified springboard Ace of Spades for the 3 count.

This was a good match, and Andy Brown showed he can wrestle with anyone. High impact, good wrestling and a good story was told during the match. Andy just didn’t have enough to get Sky, but damn it was close.

Final Thoughts: This was a solid showing by CWFH this week, with no real throw away or squash matches. The eight-man was fast and furious, there was a competitive women’s match, and the last two matches were on point. This whole episode went by quickly and they spent a good amount of time promoting the upcoming China special. Hopefully they’ll hit it hard on social media as well. Check out this week’s episode, it’s definitely worth a second look.

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