Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 361 Review

Grant is interviewing Suede Thompson with his bae, the PP3 Cup, held dearly. He’s got everyone talking, including Richie Slade, who said he doesn’t deserve the cup. Thompson said, “Didn’t I beat him in the first round of the tournament?” Thompson verses Slade is the first bout on the card, it appears. 

Suede Thompson vs. Richie Slade 

Thompson’s coming out with the cup in hand and placed it on the announcers table. Richie interrupted Thompson’s dab session. Slade started this out early on Thompson, grinding him into the mat. Thompson got back into it with a belly to back suplex, followed by a snap suplex for two. Thompson dabs into an elbow drop and then took his time to deliver some blows in the corner. Slade fought back though and got a face washer kick, followed by a shoot kick to the back. Slade looked aggressive, I like it. Thompson got some mean chops in and missed Turn Down for What, and I get turned into a commercial break.

After the break, Slade was in control, apparently beating on Thompson the whole time. The action really slowed down here until Richie hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker. The announcer mentioned Grimsley and his crowbar from last week’s show. Slade hit a nice one leg drop kick, but couldn’t get the three count. Slade missed in the corner. Thompson put in some light jabs, but he got a nice superkick in the corner. Thompson hit a stunner, but couldn’t get it. Slade hit a double stomp into a sling blade but couldn’t get the three. Thompson got his small soldiers DVD after Slade tried twice to get the stage dive but didn’t get it. Thompson nailed a devil stomp to set it up.

This was a good opening match. Plenty of action and a good story told. Slade looked good in this. 

Bad Dude Tito is interviewed 

Tito is facing Andy Brown. Tito congratulated Brown on the best opportunity of his career. He’s not putting his title on the line for this because Nikko’s too dumb to realize. It’s all going to end the same, with his hand raised. 

 Julius Coleman vs. Fidel Bravo with Pinx 

Bravo tried a sneak attack early but Coleman was too smart for that, and chopped him hard in the corner. Bravo and Coleman seemed evenly matched so far in the match. A neckbreaker by Coleman followed by a sky high leg drop and elbow combo got him going. Bravo tripped Coleman though and then started his strike heavy offense leading to a reverse atomic drop in the corner and a choke, followed by a choke and punch by Pinx when the ref wasn’t looking. Bravo got a nice fishermans suplex in for two. Bravo stayed in control for a good few minutes and tried another fisherman but ate a kick to the face for his efforts, followed by a facebuster to pumphandle backbreak and then a sidewalk slam by Coleman. Bravo rung Coleman’ bell and then ate another boot by Coleman. Pinx got involved and it was enough a distraction for Bravo to get a small package for the three count.

This was another good, yet predictable match. It was going as planned, until Pinx got involved. I’m trying to remember the last victory Bravo had clean since he was unmasked. I’ll get back to you on that one. 

Ryan Morals vs. Bateman 

Morals wrestles out of Arizona, and he apparently makes matches there after winning that from the producer Peter Avalon (there he is!). His only issue is that he’s wrestling Bateman who is there to beat people up, and doesn’t care what Morals does in another states. Morals tried to get Bateman to leave the ring, but that didn’t work. Bateman went right after him, but got caught fishing and got his head snapped over the ropes. Morals then grounded Bateman with a double wrist lock. Bateman turned it around and just started beating on Morals with elbows, chops and forearms. Morals missed his tantrum leg drop and then ate a Death from Above and a kick. Bateman started bending Moral’s fingers in painful directions, then stomped on them. It was a pretty vicious display. Bateman was really tearing him apart. Bateman finally missed an elbow in the corner, so Morals got in a flurry. This didn’t last long though as Bateman hit a rough knee, a brainbuster and then Death from Above.

This was a quick match, nearly a squash, save for some pain in the end. The pain part was a clinic, stretching bones and hard striking offense.

Bateman was interviewed after and he let known that Dickey’s been cleared. He said he should have taken a lesson and stayed down. He should just quit.

EJ Sparks is interviewed, he’s making his debut. He wanted to pick his opponent: Royce Isaacs. He wanted to beat the guy who beat the guy, etc. “Spark it up,” he says, “keep it lit.” 

Andy Brown vs. Bad Dude Tito (non title match) 

This was a good main event. I really enjoyed this match both live and on TV. I’d suggest seeing this match out of any of them if you can. Brown started showing his athleticism right away, but Tito answered with the agility of a guy half his size. Tito caught Brown in a huge powersam that set him up for a series of strikes in the corner, followed by a clothesline. Tito got knocked to the floor off the apron and Brown caught him with a superkick on the outside. Brown hit some hard strikes and a suplex. Brown went on a run and then caught a strike from Tito that just halts him in his tracks.  Tito hit a nice hurricanrana and a suicide dive to the outside that got the crowd on their feet. I got a commercial break here.

Brown was trying to get a second wind, and he caught Tito in a spinebuster and then a kick that got a close near fall. This became a knock down drag out brawl, with both guys trading shots in the middle of the ring. Both guys were just nailing each other until a dueling forearm knocked both guys off their feet. Brown caught Tito first and nailed a kick combo to a rocket forearm across his face that got another near fall. Brown went for his rolling cutter, but got power slammed by Tito again for a near fall. Tito answered Brown’s defiance with a heavy clothesline and a five star frog splash, my lord. Wow it looked like the ring shook with the impact. Tito took this in one of the better matches I’ve seen in about a month of Hollywoods.

I’ve talked about this match enough during the recap. Watch it.

Final thoughts: this was one of the better shows in awhile. It was a solid card from top to bottom. Bravo looked as brutal and slimy as ever. Bateman looked devastating. Brown and Tito put on a clinic of good wrestling. Thompson bounced back from his loss earlier, just a good show overall. 

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