Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 340+Bonus Stuffz Review

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Looking at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 340, and Tim Storm stuff.

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The show opens with a video package having a new, generic rock song instead of the knockoff 2001: A Space Odyssey theme song, As lame as the new song is, it is a big improvement over the old one. No lame backstage promo. Straight to the action.

PP3 Memorial Cup Qualifying Match: Lucas Riley & Falco vs. Devin Sparks & Royce Isaacs

CWFH are using the PP3 Memorial Cup to cover for the fact that they have terrible booking. The fake carnival cross noise was annoying early on. This was my first time seeing Isaacs. He did about two moves and a bunch of nothing, so I have no opinion on him based on this match. Sparks and Isaacs won when Sparks hit Riley with a Stunner. This accomplished nothing to hype the PP3 thing. CWFH could’ve aired this and it would’ve gotten more interest.

Post match shenanigans: Sparks and Isaacs are interviewed by Grant. Isaacs issued a challenged anyone who won the PP3 Cup to a match. Grant yelled to end this meaningless segment.

After a commercial, Girl interviews Ty and Eric Watts. She asked Watts about Royce Isaacs open challenge. He said words. Girl then asked Ty about his match with Tito Escondido. He said words. Might as well have watched some grass grow.

Back at ringside, Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) comes out with Los Rancheros and cuts a promo. Former SoCal wrestler Supa Badd had an idea for a feature called “SoCal Crap” based on the site Howdy Price would be perfect for that. Oh, I guess Los Rancheros are facing Pac 3 for the tag titles. Yuma Booking, ladies and gentlemen.

United Wrestling Network Tag Team Championship Match: Pac 3 (Dylan Bostic & Dan Joseph) (c) w/ Coach Flexo vs. Los Rancheros (Rogelio [Che Cabrera] & Raul [Rico Dynamite])

Yuma Booking continues to rival Russo Booking circa WCW 2000. This was a random heel vs. heel tag team title match. It ended when Dicky Mayer came out and attacked Pac 3. Los Rancheros ended up leaving and Dicky Mayer got his revenge on Pac 3. What a waste of time. Watching this video would be a more productive use of time.

Chris Bey vs. Mikey O’Shea

This was a basic Big Man vs. Little Man match. Mikey O’Shea no-sold some of Bey’s offense early on cause “HE’S A BIG GUYZ BIG GUYZ GOTZ TO NO-SELL OFFENZE OF SMALLER GUYZ CUZ WRESTLING LOGIC IS DUMB OLD SCHOOL BRO WHOO!”

Don’t get me wrong, Mikey did a good job on offense. I’m just tired of seeing the no sell bullshit from bigger guys on smaller guys. I’m not gonna lie, I could beat the shit out of a lot of dudes bigger than me. Plenty of smaller guys like me could wreck fuckers twice their size. Why can’t pro wrestling stop being stubborn and accept this fact?

Back to the match. Bey got Mikey staggered with some kicks for a bit, and then he won with a flying uppercut. O’Shea sold it like he had just smelled a fart. This was a decent match still, even if it was pointless.

Backstage, Girl introduces Dicky Mayer. She asks if he ha a message for Pac 3. He said “just wait.” After that, a commercial for Sock Slider is played. This product seems like it is aimed at the old and the obese. CWFH’s advertisers really know their audience.

Tito Escondido vs. Ty Matthews (w/ Eric Watts)

A manager who isn’t a regular wrestler is facing the promotion’s top champion. Ladies and gentlemen, Yuma Booking. Watts is on commentary. He said he didn’t like this. It’s like he went into the future, read my mind, and said my thoughts on this match on commentary.

Tito was on offense early on. Eventually Ty started working over Tito’s leg, and Tito sold it better than Mikey O’Shea sold Chris Bey’s offense. Ty isn’t an active wrestler, so the thought of him getting offense on the promotion’s top champion was ridiculous. The crowd was sorta dead for this on TV, so booking this was fucking pointless. Tito won with a F5.

Post match shenanigans: Watts got on the ring apron, and Tito got in his face. He then got in the ring and checked on Ty before a commercial break. What a waste of time and a boring way to close a segment. The match and segment should’ve gone like this, with Tito going over and people rushing to break up a fight between him and Watts.

After a commercial, Girl is backstage interviewing Nick Aldis. He talked about his match with Tim Storm that we already covered since it was streamed live. about a month ago.

PP3 Memorial Cup Qualifier – Four Corners Match: Suede Thompson vs. Brody King vs. Tyler Bateman vs. Peter Avalon

Everyone went after Peter Avalon to start the match. There was a dive sequence early on that culminated with Brody hitting a tope con giro onto everyone on the floor. Jonny Loquasto some lame references to Transformers and Michael Bay. How the fuck is this guy a comedian?

Has the bar been set that low? There were various sequences with two wrestlers out of the ring, and two in the ring going at it. Aside from the dive sequence, this wasn’t really that interesting. Suede won after hitting a Meteora..I feel like CWFH’s booking philosophy is based on this classic Simpsons moment.

Post match shenanigans: Grant interviews Suede at ringside. The guy in the aisle seat in Row 2 looked very unimpressed. Grant yelled tot close the episode. Fuck this show.

BONUS STUFFZ: Tim Storm at the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Tapings 12/3/17

So the NWA did a Live Stream for Tim Storm’s match and segment. CWFH also had Brian Cage vs. Jack Swagger, but it isn’t up. Oh well. Guess we gotta wait till 2018 to see it.

David Marquez is on the mic inside the ring at about 4:00 into the video. He introduces Tim Storm. Storm talked about his match with Jocephus. Predictably, Jocephus came out to interrupt the segment. The two of them exchanged words. Jocephus tried to trade him a flower for the NWA title. Tim Storm would’ve gotten more value out of that trade.

Tim Storm vs. Jocephus

This was a non-title match. The fans were into Tim Storm. The match started with Jocephus knocking out Storm with a worked punch, followed by really shitty hammerfists. Instead of calling the match or letting Jocephus pin Storm, the referee pulled Jocephus off him. The kids in the front row looked bored during this match. I can’t blame them.

There was a hilarious spot where Storm went for an elbow off the second rope, jumped off slowly, and was hit with a Belly-To-Belly throw from Jocephus. He aimed for the corner, but Storm ended up looking as if he landed on his shoulder. This match was really slow and sloppy. Storm won with a terrible looking submission hold. The match was about as intense as a snail crossing a street.

Post match shenanigans: Storm was attacked by Jocephus. Jocephus brought in a mini-ladder and gently hit him with it. I had to check and see if this segment was being played in slow motion on YouTube. It wasn’t. It was just really slow. After the horseshit, Tim Storm was helped to the back by officials. What the fuck, Billy Corgan?

Final Thoughts

This show was terrible. Well, everyone CWFH episode is terrible for the most part, but this was just atrocious. The booking is so aimless. Everything is unorganized. Does Ray Rosas still work for this promotion?

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