Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 359 Review

The show started with Denise interviewing Kevin Condron, who was vaping away. He’s facing Tito, and Denise mentioned it’s his first main event on CWFH and asked if he feels the title shot’s been handed to him. Kevin said you haven’t seen me go on coffee runs, sweeping the ring, or traveling to the venue. And when he gets to the top he’s going to wave and smile at everyone and that he’ll be the bastion of hope and the new light of CWFH. He’s going to be the new Heritage Champion. Denise was speechless and so was I at that point.

Tomaste and Ryan Taylor vs. The Classic Connection

Two completely different styles were going at it here. The announcers mentioned Peter Avalon, who is still MIA here at CWFH despite Nikko’s teasings. Buddy Royal and Ryan Taylor started this off, with Taylor kicking Buddy and Buddy fighting back with a bite. Levi got in there and got a punch in and then got stretched and hit with a double Russian leg sweep and a double stretch. Tomaste applied a weird looking ankle lock in a yoga pose. Levi must have felt like rubber at that point so he got out and tagged. Taylor got a triangle in the corner, but Buddy cheats to get out and then started working Taylor over with old school style punches, kicks, and throws. Levi got back in and applied a nerve lock on Taylor’s traps and tagged in Buddy. There were lots of tags and action in this one. Tomaste and Taylor went for a double team but it was wrecked by the Connection who slammed Tomaste onto the apron on the outside. Then we get hit with commercial.

Buddy had Tomaste in a chinlock to come back. Taylor and Tomaste had them where they wanted the Connection, but it was derailed since. There were lots of double teams and grounding Tomaste into paste. Connection hit a springboard double team suplex that folded Tomaste in half. Buddy then stretched Tomaste some more but Tomaste finally got in a wheelbarrow cutter, but got cut off from the tag. Connection was not leaving much on the bone there with Tomaste, hitting him with a spike piledriver that should have gotten three but Taylor interfered. Tomaste got the tag after a smooth armdrag and Taylor just cleaned house until Buddy did an eye poke that Taylor transitioned into a choke. A miscue in a double team allowed Taylor to hit the Perfect circle and Tomaste hit his 450 to take the match.

I enjoyed this match, as it had some pretty good action in it and a lot of double teams by the Connection, which I’m a sucker for. Tomaste and Taylor are starting a pretty good run in CWFH the last couple of shows, and taking a match against a team that has designs on taking their championship back is a good way to keep that momentum going. They also have a different move set from other teams, which sets them apart. Nikko wasn’t involved in the match. He must have been thinking of ways to keep Peter Avalon off camera, which distracted him from helping his team in front of him.

Karl Interviewed Howdy Price and Los Rancheros

Howdy has a special message for the Classic Connection, and mentioned the stolen move, which is something you don’t want to do to him. Imitation is a form of flattery, but they’ve made the worst life decision since opening their eyes to the world. Howdy said that the Rancheros will make them what they are, a thing of the past.

Heather Monroe is Interviewed

Heather mentioned that she’s always on the back burner so when this green freak, Shotzi comes along, she didn’t belong in there. Heather’s starting so show parts of this crazy cat lady character and it’s captivating.

Nueve Vidas vs. Los Rancheros

Howdy did his shtick and told the Rancheros to make hats out of the cats. Nueve Vidas will need all of their nine lives to survive this. Pentagato Jr and his partner made a game of it at first, but it was short lived. Raul and Rogelico just tore into them. Raul got in a double underhook suplex. Rey Felix got a hot tag, got caught and set up for the Price Check spike piledriver to finish.

Fidel Bravo with Pinx are Interviewed by Grant

Fidel said he’s not concerned by Adrian Quest, and all eyes should be on him. For a guy who’s not concerned about Quest, he sure talks about him a lot.

Vintage Dragon vs. Pinx 

Pinx got tapped for a while by Dragon, but Pinx grabbed him and then threw him in the corner, but missed a splash, Dragon kept alive, even avoiding hitting the floor when kicked out there. Dragon got tossed back in however and took some abuse with slams and general thuggery, headbutts, chops, etc. Dragon attempted to come back, but got caught by his choke to sleep.

Quick match.

Reno Scum is Interviewed by Grant

Grant mentioned they are going to China. Luster mentioned it didn’t matter what continent, they are going to be the winners and everyone else will be the losers. It was a good promo, these guys really get their message across.

Kevin Condron vs. Bad Dude Tito Escondido

Condron came in vaping and looked as ready as he could be. Tito came in with his belt. Karl announced and gave the match a big feel to it. Condron kissed the title when it was presented. Condron got shoved off his feet, took a vape and blew it in Tito’s face. Tito was not impressed, and started hammering Condron and chopping him in the corner. Tito also gave him a meaty short arm clothesline. Condron hit Tito with some forearms, but it was highly ineffective. Then Condron lured him to the outside and it turned into a track meet. Condron outsmarted himself, however, and got tossed into the stairs. Condron did get a kick to the middle rope that caught Tito so he can get some offense in. One big shot is all it took from Tito. Tito then hit three corner clotheslines and an exploder suplex to take me into commercial break.

Condron was trying to use the referee as a human shield. Tito kicked the lower rope into Condron’s mouth to answer. A distraction by his social media specialist allowed Condron a chance to get an STO in on Tito. Jeremy Marcus must have felt like he had a target on his back instead of stripes, because he was used as a shield again to gain advantage. Condron used the ropes for a couple hip checks on Tito and a choke. Tito brawled his way back, and a battle ensued. The pace really picked up and Tito was picking up steam, giving out his super kick enziguri combo, followed by a deep six powerbomb. Thomas the social media specialist interfered and got tossed into the ring, then out of the ring onto Condron! Tito dragged Condron back into the ring to hit the Fade to Black, but the ref is hit, and can’t complete the 3 count. Thomas came in and chop blocks Tito, who then got hit by his deadslam DDT and a new ref came in but he still couldn’t get the 3 count. Tito recovered and hit Condron with the Fade to Black for the 3 count.

I’ll give it to Condron, he and his team tried everything to win, but Tito was just too tough. Condron mentioned before that this was his last shot if he couldn’t win the title. He said he would leave if he lost. This was an entertaining match, which started off slow, but really quickened the pace and had a near fall finish. Tito looked great in this, and had Condron surprised.

Final Thoughts

I’d compare this show to a reverse sandwich, where the main wrestling happened on the beginning and the end, and there was things moving forward storylines and introducing people in the middle. Los Rancheros looked dominating, as usual, and the tag team action was satisfying in the opener. Seeing more promos and actual progression of storylines has been a nice touch, and seeing Heather Monroe do a promo was a great surprise and it should help her establish who she is more. Basically, solid matches but overall more promo than crash.

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