Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 341 Review

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The Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis match is aired. Plus more. Also, INTERDIMENSIONAL CABLE!

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We start off with Tim Storm cutting a promo with the NWA title about his match with Nick Aldis. I’ve already reviewed that match, I’ll just copy/paste what I wrote for that. What can I say? I like to be lazy like CWFH’s creative teams. Todd Keneley is on commentary. FML.

PP3 Cup Qualifier Match: Ju Dizz vs. Ray Rosas

Lots of talk about the NWA title in the early parts of the match, and very little focus was given to the match. Ray and Dizz put on a solid match to start, but there were some moments that looked off. The fake carnival crowd noise was annoying as usual. So many people complain about that shit, and yet CWFH keeps it around. They need to take a hint and drop that shit. This was a competitive match. For the most part, it was solid but it was kinda boring overall. As I said, there were some off moments, but they looked to have held things together. The Classic Connection distracted Ray, and Ju Dizz hit Buddy Royal. Peter Avalon ran in and hit both guys with low blows while Levi Shapiro distracted the referee. Ju Dizz fell on Ray and got the pin fall win. I can’t even…

Post match shenanigans: Todd Keneley made a shitty pun in an attempt to shoehorn a mention for a sponsor. Grant tries to interview Ju Dizz. Dizz sold his nuts being hurt. He has respkt for Ray Rosas.

After a commercial, Girl interviews Dicky Mayer. She asked him a question about returning to the ring, and he took too long to say next week. Dicky also said he’s gonna get his hands on Pac 3.

At ringside, Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) comes out with Los Rancheros. He cut a promo, and it sucked. Much like I did with Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis, I’m going to copy/paste what I wrote before.

PP3 Cup – Fatal Four Way Match: Andy Brown vs. Espiritu vs. Los Rancheros (Raul [Rico Dynamite] vs. Rogelio [Che Cabrera]) w/ Howdy Price (Dino Winwood)

Yes, this was a Fatal Four Way match with two tag team partners involved. This was terrible booking as usual from CWFH. Los Rancheros teamed up and beat up Fidel and Andy. Then Andy hit an Ace Crusher on a Ranchero and won the match. This was whatever.

New thoughts: Todd Keneley made a shitty “huevos rancheros” joke. You know, cause three of these guys are Mexican, it’s a Mexican food, and a pun about Los Rancheros’ name. I’m sure some people would be annoyed by the racial nature of the joke. Then again, it’s against Mexicans and nobody ever gets offended by humor at our expense. That said, as someone who is Mexican, I’m more offended by the fact that Keneley tries to be funny on commentary. He is about as funny as child slavery. Loquasto is awful too, but Keneley is like next-level unfunny. He’s not funny, and it’s not open mic night at Mike Yuck-Yuck Factory. Just call the fucking match guy.

Post match shenanigans: Grant yelled. Andy yelled. I hated this. Andy Brown is really good, but CWFH sucks at booking good talent. So yeah.

Alonzo Alvarez & Ziggy Dice vs. The Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal)

This match happened after Storm vs. Aldis. You can tell by all the empty seats here. The best part of the match was Alvarez and Dice hitting stereo German Suplexes to start the match, and Alvarez showing some of his wrestling skills. After that, we got the usual CWFH tag team formula bullshit. Heels work over Alvarez, hot tag, babyface fire from Dice, followed by bullshit that see the Classic Connection win after hitting their finish. I wrote all that before watching this, and it happened. What a predictable match. Alvarez was good in this, but this match just wasn’t interesting. What a waste of time.

NWA Championship match: Tim Storm (c) vs.Nick Aldis (Magnus in TNA)

Referee Jeremy Marcus ran down the rules before the match. The opening portion saw both guys doing some simple chain wrestling. Things broke down and they started brawling a bit before they exchanged moves. After a commercial break, Aldis worked over Storm with a Camel Clutch and a Sleeper Hold. Storm would mount a comeback, and things evened out.

After a double clothesline spot, Tim Storm mounted a Hulk Hogan like comeback where he got a bunch of offense (including a Big Boot) and played up tot he crowd. Storm put on a poorly applied Figure Four Leg Lock on Aldis, but Aldis sold it like a champ. Later, Storm hit a Bossman Slam for a near fall, and the fans chanted “Fight Forever.” No thanks! Storm went for the 10 punches in the corner spot, and Aldis hit him with a Powerbomb that he transitioned into a Texas Cloverleaf. The finish saw Storm go for some type of submission move, but it was poorly applied. Then both guys rolled around awkwardly, and Storm got the win on a sloppy pin. This was not a good finish, and the match wasn’t that good either.

Final Thoughts

This was a boring episode that accomplished absolutely nothing. Ray Rosas vs. Ju Dizz was the best match of the show, but that’s like being the smartest kid in Special Ed class. Tito vs. Watts wasn’t build up, which was dumb. Then again, everything that happens in CWFH is dumb.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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