SoCal Pro “Rumble in Oceanside” – 14 October 2017 – Quick Results

“Uptown” Andy Brown outlasted 19 other wrestlers to win the 2017 Rumble in Oceanside at SoCal Pro’s October 14th show. Also on the show Ricky Mandel defeated Sinn Bodhi to retain the SoCal Pro Heavyweight title. Click for full results.

SoCal Pro
Rumble in Oceanside
October 14, 2017
Oceanside, CA

Ju Dizz & Joe Gamble over Fidel Bravo & Ty Ray [10’44]

Destro over Motros Jungle [3’33]

Joey Ryan over Dirty Doug [6’38]

Ricky Mandel over Sinn Bodhi to retain the SoCal Pro Heavyweight title [12’13]

“Uptown” Andy Brown wins the Rumble in Oceanside [38’27]
Participants: Ju Dizz, Dirty Doug, Dark Usagi, Joe Gamble, Super Beetle, Red Stanley, Funky Fresh, Ty Ray, SoCal Crazy, Devin Sparks, Andy Brown, Mike Camden, Ruben Iglesias, Fidel Bravo, Chucho, Snake, Kitana Vera, Hunter Freeman, Ric Dynamic, and Motros Jungle

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