Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 325 Review: He’s changing flavors!

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We enter Mad Flavor’s world in this episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Get ready for fart and poop humor featuring Joey Diaz. I know, it’s a huge step up from this show. You’re welcome.

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We start off with a lame interview segment as Karl Mandik is backstage with the Pac 3. Coach Flexo is suspended, and the Pac 3 made excuses. They abused “Water Dicky” Clearance. He was the most entertaining part of this promo. After the promo, we get the intro.

United Wretling Network Tag Team Championship – Open Challenge Match: Pac 3 (Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic0 w/ Ray Lyn & Clearance vs. Eric Watts & Ty Matthews

During Watts and Matthews’ entrance, Clearance walked up behind them and gave them a thumbs down. Tremendous. Watts and Matthews controlled the match early on. Ty Matthews had a good showcase, and was the best worker in the match. The finish was a total clusterfuck with Watts leaving with the belts, Ty getting hit with a low blow, and Pac 3 getting the win. It’s like CWFH is asking LA views to change the channel to “I Love Lucy,” NASCAR, or Eyewitness News at 4;00PM. The match wasn’t bad though.

After a commercial break, Joshua Shibata interviews the fake Marquez son. Fake Marquez son dodged most of his questions except for one about Ray Rosas. He’s facing the DEEJ later on this episode.

Suede Thompson vs. Tyler Bateman

Every time I see this Suede Thompson guy, I always ask myself “now old is this fucking dork, 12?” He’s seriously the lamest wrestler in the business today. The commentators were talking about how Suede wasn’t gonna dance anymore and would take things seriously. A moment later, Suede contradicted those comments by dancing around like a 12 year old kid. Bateman had more variety when it came to his offense in this match. Usually he’s having basic matches with strikes, but he showed more here. Tyler Bateman got the win with a Death From Above. This was an okay match.

The Classic Connection (Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro) w/ the fake Marquez son vs. Ryan Taylor & Scorpio Sky

A few weeks ago Sky was betrayed by his old manager Christian Cole and former tag partner Big Duke. It was an afterthought in this match for some reason. Good job, CWFH. There wasn’t really anything notable in this match. It was your usually tag match from CWFH. Finish saw Buddy Royal get revered in a Figure Four Leg Lock attempt. The referee was distracted and Levi Shapiro hit Sky in the back of the head from the top rope and the Classic Connection got the win.

After a commercial break, Josh interviews Sky. He asked Sky what went wrong. Sky went on a heel-type tangent, and then says there’s only one person who you can count on, and that’s yourself. This was a good promo, but what the fuck are they doing with Sky’s character?

Ray Rosas vs. DJ Hyde (w/ Peter Avalon & the fake Marquez son)

Ray was attacked during his entrance by the fat man in a little suit. Avalon and the fake Marquez son were in the crowd. Ray got some offense early on, then DEEJ got control for awhile. Ray started to mount a comeback, but eventually was put away cleanly by DEEJ.  This show’s booking seems to have gotten worse since the Yuma days. Holy shit.

United Television Championship Match: Rocky Romero (c) vs. Tristian Archer

The fans were chanting “U.S.A.” in this, which was stupid since Romero is Cuban and Archer is French. This started out with a lot of technical wrestling and Romero getting the early advantage. Before a commercial break, Archer countered a head scissors attempt from Rocky into an inverted lung blower. After the break, Archer was in control of Rocky until Rocky countered a running senton from Archer. The finishing stretch had a slower pace. Rocky slightly botched a springboard dropkick attempt. Archer got some offense in, including a Tombstone Piledriver. It didn’t mean anything though, as Rocky put him away with a Sliced Rocky to retain the title. Rocky celebrates. End of episode.

Final Thoughts

This was a very boring and uninspired show. There was no real direction, and there was nothing that gave the viewer a reason to tune in next week. The talent on CWFH deserves better creative direction. This video below is more entertaining than this episode.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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