Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 321 Review: In Memoriam

This week we mourn the loss of one of the world’s most beloved figures. Join me as I pay tribute to someone who has touched the lives of many in this latest Championship Wrestling From Hollywood review. Oh, Rocky Romero vs. Ryan Taylor. Plus the Scorpio Sky Experience returns?

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At Night 4 of New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax, the professional wrestling world was rocked after the actions of Bullet Club member Bad Luck Fale when he viciously murdered Daryl Takahashi by ripping him into pieces. The wrestling world has been sending their support out to the family of Daryl Takahashi and his best friend Hiromu Takahashi, and it is only fitting that pay its respects to the most beloved figure in the history of professional wrestling and take a look at the life of Daryl Takahashi.

(WARNING: Graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.)

The show starts off with the returning Joshua Shibata interviewing David Marquez. SCU decided to let Josh out of his exclusive contract to work for other promotions since they’re just silly in indy wrestling. Big David talks about how his fake son hasn’t been seen since the Red Carpet Rumble. Josh has concerns. I have concerns too about the mental state of Hiromu Takahashi after losing his best friend, Daryl.

There’s an updated video intro for the show now! It has all the current characters and such, and feature Tito Escondido as the main guy. Good work, CWFH!

United Wrestling Network Television Championship Match: Rocky Romero (c) vs. Ryan Taylor

This is such a random ass match, but fuck it. Better than a random Yuma match. The fake crowd noise was atrocious though. Daryl wouldn’t approve. The opening sequence was really good, as there were some nice grappling techniques displayed in this. There was a lot of limb work and some good striking exchanges too. The match had a fun pace to it, and felt like a modern-“Strong Style” type match in the sense that it ad good submission sequences, stiff strikes, and a story built around the match rather than some goofy angle. Rocky got the win with a Sliced Rocky to retain his championship. Really good match to start this episode of CWFH. Daryl would’ve approved of this.

Backstage, Joshua Shibata is with Peter Avalon and the classic Connection. Buddy Royal cut a promo and called out Peter for working with Ray Rosas at the Red Carpet Rumble. Then Peter walked off. Levi cut a promo on D’Marco Wilson and Guy Cool to build their upcoming match. Wonderful! (sarcasm) I can’t wait for that! (more sarcasm) I’m sure it won’t be predictable at all! (you know by now)

Anthony Idol vs. Jay Baker

If you’ve never seen Jay Baker before, he’s a skinny white dude. This was a total squash. Idol pretty much dominated Baker throughout the match and got almost all the offense here. Baker got some offense in at times and had a brief comeback, but lost after Idol hit him with the Falcon Arrow. Nobody kicks out of the Falcon Arrow. This wasn’t a bad match. Idol looked solid here.

Post match shenanigans: Joshua interviews Idol. He says he has come to the “entertainment capitol of the world.” I guess Port Hueneme is where the entertainment industry is at now .This was a good segment. Still, watching this, I couldn’t help but to think about how happy Daryl was when he went to Disneyland.

After a commercial break, Joshua is interviewing Tyler Bateman. He then calls out Watts to a match next week. Good to see CWFH actually trying to build up matches now. The promo itself wasn’t that interesting, but at least it built to something.

The Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) vs. D’Marco Wilson & Guy Cool

This segment was off to a bad start when Joe Galli kept spazzing out after getting a high five from Guy Cool. This was your standard tag match. Babyfaces get offense, heels work over one, hot tag. Classic Connection worked over Guy Cool in this and D’Marco did the hot-tag babyface fire spot that included a dive. Classic Connection won though. This was boring and predictable. The fake crowd noise, as always, was awful in this. I can’t dwell on negativity though, as this is a tribute to Daryl. Let’s remember happy times.

After a commercial, Joshua Shibata interviews the Pac 3. “Water Dicky” Clarence is back! Coach Flexo spit water in his face. Then they cut a random promo that accomplished nothing.

Scorpio Sky vs. Espiritu (Fidel Bravo)

So a match for the title Sky lost opened the show, and Sky is now the main event? What kind of shit is this? The opening sequence was pretty neat, and there was a cool spot where Sky elbowed Espiritu as he went for a Tope Sucida. Sky slowed things down a bit and worked over Espiritu’s body midway in the match, while Espiritu got some comebacks. Sky put Espiritu away with the Ace Of Spades to get the win in a surprisingly short main event match. This match was pretty solid overall, but the post match angle was a different story.

The Experience

After the match, Johnny Laquasto interviews Scorpio Sky inside the ring. It’s revealed that Sky and Rocky can’t go near each other. As Sky begins to speak, his music hit and Christian Cole returned to CWFH. Sky and Christian hug inside the ring. He cut a promo about the Scorpio Sky Experience stable, and introduced Big Duke who entered the ring.

Christian cut a promo talking about all the things they did as a stable, including being brought to the ring by some chick in a bikini. He puts over Sky heavily. Then he gets to talking about how Sky got the girls while Duke and Christian were always left behind. A lady in the crowd went “we know what’s goin’ to happen now!” Christian then calls Sky an “arrogant prick” and she goes “I knew it!” This eventually leads to Duke giving Sky a clothesline. A few guys clapped, while others booed to end the show. This was a really good way to end the show and a really well done angle.

Final Thoughts

This was a solid episode of CWFH. The opening match was pretty good, and the main event angle was really well done. Christian Cole cut a really good promo. I don’t know if Ty Matthews’ booking reign has began, but there’s a noticeable difference in the way things are done. The show still needs a lot of improvements, but this episode seemed more organized than usual CWFH episodes. I’m sure Daryl would’ve appreciated the effort.

Also, let us take one last moment to mourn the loss of our good friend Daryl. He was a simple cat. He loved big booty bitches, smoking fat blunts, trips to Disneyland, cracking open a cold one with the boys, and the time spent with his best friend Hiromu Takahashi.

R.I.P. Daryl. Gone, but never forgotten.

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